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Everything starts hard.

There’s two.

Ancient Recomaster opened a head for everyone.

The rest of them were on their knees and began to swear their loyalty to Lin Feng.

Without the General Assembly, all of the 13 powerhouse over realm were completed.

There are more than 13 more slaves than realm, and Lin Feng’s face is not smiled.

As for the general cultivator army, there was no chance to recognize Lin Feng as the main player.

But those cultivator troops, up to 130 million.

This is a tremendous force.

Although they do not qualify for Lin Feng to be dominant, Lin Feng will be able to tune them.

Let them die, for Lin Feng.

“O spirit who walked in the evil world, you would not have been tolerated in the worlds, but I will accept you with a broad chest, and now kneel on the ground and repent to me, and I will forgive you your sins on behalf of those who passed away.”

Lin Feng walked on foot in the sky, his voice, his ghost.

Lin Feng’s voice, like the Eternal Demon from the outside world, flourished a great deal of transition when his voice fell down in Void. Those fertile forces, the cultivator army, the source of which was kept in the cells of the constant moved towards day.

A lot of cultivator has been transitioned.


The black pressure cultivator army, all kneeling to Lin Feng’s head saluted on the ground, is the most loyal cultivator of Lin Feng.

“Get up!”

Lin Feng said it.

What the court is supposed to deal with here is basically almost the same.

In the universe, there are also a number of ancient monuments who have made a deal with secret mastermind World.

After hearing about the Great War, it is estimated that the legacy of these times has withdrawn.

So now Lin Feng doesn’t have to rush people to destroy them, even where the families are located, and eventually it’s estimated to be empty.

And after a war, Lin Feng’s vicious cultivator army needs some rest.

As for Lin Feng himself, it is equally necessary to close.

Lin Feng is still in a lot of business to deal with.

First, get five big fairies before the refining.

Secondly, refining got the Sacred Dragon Fairy before.

Thirdly, the fourth bloodline has been awakened with the populous stone of the town.

Fourthly, thirty third heavenly layer is being built using wooden tree owners.

It is estimated that it will take some time to finish these things, but in Lin Feng has time for Supreme Treasure.

Ten times more time can be saved.

Before closing, Lin Feng sent a lot of powerhouse, like old man like dry bodies, and red dust fairies, they all left.

And swallowed God left too.

Many of the powerhouses that transcend realm have also gone away, and they need the resources they will receive, as well as improved versions that go beyond Dan’s family.

After many people were taken, Lin Feng handed over many of the things in the court to Alonso.

Alonso’s power is still great, and he likes to deal with a lot of things, and his power is strong enough to serve people.

Lin Feng started closing in time.


On a planet.

From the depths of the planet, Zed qi tore up the stars, and the ghost sword came out, and it shouted, “Lin Feng, the son of this dignified creator, powerhouse at the main level, was planted in your hands, and I hate it.

A lot of powerhouse that goes beyond realm, and they can understand how depressed the sword is in the heart now, what kind of plantbase, like a ghost sword, hanging Lin Feng and the others, isn’t it easy?

But what about the actual results?

It was a ghost sword that had been planted in Lin Feng’s hands, and it was so depressing that even they didn’t get anything.

Some had previously received an invitation from Lin Feng, and Lin Feng hoped that they would be able to participate in the fight against the IAF, and that if Lin Feng had been promised, they would have benefited a lot.

But they did not respond to Lin Feng, but to the invitation of the Ghost sword, who clearly wanted to benefit and were reluctant to go to secret mastermind World Royal Family.

It’s pretty good if you hit the plate.

Just, these are all out of line, and eventually one in vain.

“Then why would Lord Lin Feng cunning be blackmailed for a while?” At this time, a single voice suddenly struck between the heavens and the earth.

“Who, come out!”

Ghostsword coldly said.

Void slightly trembled, a woman, walked out, and Lin Feng would be extremely surprised if he showed Lin Feng the woman.

Because this woman is not someone else, it’s Su Yuexi.

Su Yuexi, this woman has not appeared for a long time since she climbed up with Mount Tai’s governor, and now again.

“Something like ants, also with me?” Ghostsword cold looking towards Su Yuexi.

Su Yuexi said, “I am indeed an ant in front of the Lord of the Ghost, but the man behind me, who is far from even the sword.”

“Who’s behind you?” The ghost sword was cold asking.

“Mount Tai’s governor!” Su Yuexi slipped out four words.

When the name “Mount Tai” was heard, many people showed a shocking face, even the sword of ghosts, and the monarchs of Mount Tai, who, of course, knew how terrible it was.

That’s the last Reincarnation that breakthrough the powerhouse of the Creator realm.

And now.

What’s the powerhouse at the main level?

Both hands can count.

And the living creator is less.

“Can you get involved with Mount Tai’s monarchs? How can I not believe that!”

Ghostsword coldly said.

No wonder the sword doesn’t believe Su Yuexi, mainly because the status of the governor of Mount Tai is so extraordinary, so what kind of horror is this powerhouse?

It’s not what ordinary people can reach.

Su Yuexi took out a plate and said, “Do you know it?”

The sword looked for the plate, and only saw it as an azure plate.

And that azure plate painted an ancient fairy mountain.

That ancient fairy mountain, the “Mount Tai” in the Kunlun universe.

“This is the decree of the Mount Tai Government, and you are a real monarchy of Mount Tai!” Ghost swords are very surprised.

It doesn’t think anyone dares to make the Mount Tai government decree, which is entirely courting death cultivation base.

Since Su Yuexi even came out of Mount Tai’s decree.

The sword will no longer suspect the identity of Su Yuexi.

Su Yuexi said, “Since you already believe in my identity, then we should be able to talk about our cooperation”.

“Are you representing yourself, or are you representing Mount Tai’s government?” Ghost sword asks.


fact, the ghost sword says so, obviously.

If it’s on your own.

I’m sorry, you’re not eligible to talk to me.

If it’s on behalf of the governor of Mount Tai.

That’s right to talk to me.

And at this point, Su Yuexi’s face is smiling, but in the heart of the world, there is a natural killing plan for a ghost sword.

Su Yuexi was inferior, saying she was a very sensitive person.

She likes that aloof and remote feeling, and she likes to be the focus of others.

Don’t like being seen lightly by others, by others.

Throughout the years, Su Yuexi’s various drilling battalions were getting higher, and her motive was amazing, and Su Yuexi even received ancient weapons before.

Of course, her ancient weapon had been robbed by Lin Feng, which was a cause of ineffective power, but Su Yuexi did, in addition to Lin Feng’s hijacking of ancient weapons, go smoothly, go where she was not regarded as Goddess, even by countless people.

Su Yuexi’s identity has been even higher since he climbed up to Mount Tai’s governor’s relationship, and the powerhouse that goes beyond realm has seen her Su Yuexi and is very kind.

Su Yuexi enjoys the style of courtesy that transcends powerhouse, but now she eats cold in a ghost sword, the kind of aloof and remote gesture that makes her angry and therefore hates a ghost sword.

But now Su Yuexi is not an ordinary person, and she hides the killing plan of a ghost sword in her heart, but says with a smile, “I certainly represent Lord Mount Tai, the little son of Lord Mount Tai’s government in the wasted world, and now let’s go to waste the world.”

“Tell me what to do, and if I’m not interested, I’m lazy to run with you!”

Ghostsword says.

Su Yuexi Road, “Fight the Lord’s ancestors and Lin Feng and the others’ plan! I don’t know if Lord Ghostsword is interested in coming in.”

“Oh? Well, I’m going with you now, hopefully, this plan won’t make me feel disappointed.” The sword showed a smile.

And then the sword looked over those powerhouse that went beyond realm, and it said, “Who would you take me to the dump world?”

“I am willing to follow Lord Ghostsword to the dumped world!”

“I would also like to follow Lord Ghostsword to waste the world!”

One cultivator, who transcends realm, speaks.

But there are people who don’t want to go.

For example, Lindward said, “I’m not going, I’m not interested in this plan”.

Su Yuexi looked for Munwa in his eyes, and said, “So to speak, are you going to betray Lord sword? Do you know what happened to the rebellious sword lord?”

hmph! “

Linguia is not covered by coldly snorted, an intangible pressure, comedy, moved towards Su Yuexi.

Su Yuexi came back.

Her face is not very pale.

Lin Feng, I want to help Lin Feng deal with the Army, but I owe the sword a personal affair, so I promise to rob the court treasure with the sword, and now the mission fails, and there is no mood between us. “

Liu Munghua said he moved for a long way.

Nor did the sword stop Mujah.

“Well, we’re gone, and we have no interest in working with Mount Tai’s government monarchs, known as Tiger Search.”

After they left, there were also several powerhouses that went beyond realm, such as the devil’s children who were also leaving.

Su Yuexi, who had just been trained in Bermuda, hated Bermuda, said she looked for the ghost sword, “Are you indifferent to everything?”

The ghost sword looked cold at Su Yuexi, and inside it it was a little crush on this woman right now.

You think those people are simple?

Everyone’s not easy. What do they have to do?


ghost sword, though arrogant, has not yet been arrogant enough to commit a group that transcends the powerhouse, and these transcends the powerhouse’s own relationship, although some transcends the powerhouse without acknowledge allegiance, but then they can cooperate, and why do they undermine that good relationship?

In the view of a ghost sword, only a woman like Su Yuexi, the fox exploits the tigers might be foolish enough to get a bunch of powerhouse that goes beyond realm.

What are you doing without the Mount Tai government behind you?

Of course.

In these words, the sword will not speak to Su Yuexi, or will look behind Su Yuexi’s back at Mount Tai’s head, leaving Su Yuexi with some faces.

鬼剑说道,“不要与这些人lower oneself to somebody’s level ,咱们也走吧,我现在已经迫不及待的听到Mount Tai 府君的计划了”。

Su Yuexi gloomy face, nodded.

They didn’t stay, even if they left quickly.

Lin Feng naturally didn’t know that Lin Feng was now working in time to refine the five fairies he received, which were interesting.


first kind of fairy is called the Northern Fairy, the second one is called the South Flower, the Third Type Fairy is called the East Flower, the fourth is called the Western Fairy, and the fifth is called the Central Fairy.

Five big fairies, five old, five Elements, were created by the sacred pride, and a set of fairies, combined and carried out together, would be very effective.

Lin Feng not at all levels to rehabilitate five grand fairies, to the extent that only five fairies have been rehabilitated into the door, followed by Lin Feng taking out Sacred Dragon Cinder, who began refining Sacred Dragon.

Lin Feng is now the base of the Catholic realm first heavenly layer, the spiritual level being the level of realm third heavenly layer, and the level of fleshly body of Lin Feng, is indefinitely close to the level that transcends realm.

Lin Feng got enough Sacred Dragon fairy.

Just don’t know how much of these Sacred Dragon fairies can be upgraded.

In the next period, Lin Feng has refining all Sacred Dragon fairies.

After Lin Feng refining these Sacred Dragon fairies, Lin Feng’s realm was upgraded from the Catholic realm first heavenly layer to the Catholic realm fifth heavenly layer.

These Sacred Dragon fairies are sufficient to upgrade Lin Feng’s four realm.

Lin Feng’s spiritual level, from the Holy Lord realm III heavenly layer, has been upgraded to the Holy Master realm 8 heavenly layer.

That’s enough to upgrade five realm.

And Lin Feng’s fleshly body.

More than a shocking change.

His fleshly body, finally, goes beyond realm, breakthrough to realm.

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