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Gu Yuexi said, “In fact, in earlier years, my father was still very young at that time, because my father was a coward, and the family behind my grandmother was only a very weak family. My grandmother was just a coward, And I died when I was 10 years old, so I ca n’t feel the warmth of home in my family! ”

“And you should know that such an ancient family attaches great importance to the inheritance of bloodline. Although it is a child born to the same person, it is completely different for them.”

“I father, he is not only out of the way, innate talent is relatively not particularly outstanding, the training resources are not too much, I father knows, if this situation continues, he basically does not have The possibility of becoming a powerhouse! “.

“Any cultivator wants to be a powerful being. Who doesn’t dream of being able to stand on the top of cultivation to see sentient beings? My father also thought so, so I decided to leave the family and myself. Going out to practice, no matter what you can grow into, this is his choice, he will not have any complaints! “.

“And my grandfather has more than a dozen sons, and there are six or seven strong sons of innate talent. Sons like my father who are out and without innate talent are extremely undervalued. He left There didn’t seem to be any waves in the whole family, and then over the next many years, I father experienced many things. ”

“As far as I know, at that time I did n’t know how many times I climbed out of the Corpse Mountain Blood Sea and survived the hard life. This Life and Death experience has improved one ’s willpower and cultivation base. They are all very amazing, so although my father’s innate talent is not good, in the life and death experience, the strength has been steadily improved. ”

“After many years, my father began to gradually build up his reputation, but at that time, it is estimated that my father’s family has even forgotten him, let alone that he is still living in the World. After all, I Father was only a teenager when he left the family at that time, and his real rise is completely tens of thousands of years later. ”

“I father did n’t have too much affection for this family at that time, even after the rise, I have never contacted the family. And during the rise of my father, there is an extremely important character. This character is from Nanhai City. The first woman I ever loved, they were still young at the time, and she has always supported my father silently. ”

“It was just that when they were about to get married, there was a change in her family. In order to save her father, she helped her father block others’ blows and eventually vanished fragrance and crumbled jade.”

“This incident also caused extremely serious harm to my father. Fortunately, my father came out of the pain. Although she died, my father’s relationship with this family has never broken.”

Lin Feng never thought that so many things happened to Gu Wantong.

Lin Feng also worked out a piece of Heaven and Earth from his childhood.

So Lin Feng knows very well how many ordeals a teenage teenager has to go through before he can break through.

And imagine that his family must have great enemies.

After leaving the family, there is no family protection.

Will others take action against him once he knows his identity?

Lin Feng estimates.

He should have been practicing incognito all the time, so when he is strong, people in his family may not necessarily know that this powerhouse is his family. After all, that is how many years later.

And he must have shown himself at that time.

Lin Feng said, “Since your father has never been in touch with his family, why did he return to his own family? And then he still has power in his family?”

Gu Yuexi said, “The battle between top-level families or forces like this is also extremely fierce. Every year, many families or forces are destroyed by their hostile forces, including my father’s family.” .

“At that time, my father ’s family was attacked by hostile forces. At that time, extremely powerful characters appeared in the hostile forces. Although my father ’s family also had several powerhouses that surpassed the realm, the opponent ’s battle strength had already Reached the level of wasteland domination, so at this time the situation is extremely bad for my father’s family. ”

“At that time, many clansman died in the hands of each other, even my grandfather was seriously injured and dying. At this time, I got news from father, and he quickly rushed over. Fortunately, he stopped the other person in time, probably It was bloodline induction, and my grandfather recognized my father. ”

“He didn’t expect that the wasteland dominated powerhouse that was promoted within the realm turned out to be his son, and then my grandfather wanted to entrust the family to my father, but my father was a child Leaving the family, he didn’t have much affection for this family, and since he was a child, he has witnessed all kinds of difficulties that my grandmother suffered in the family, so he even has a little bit of hatred for this family. ”

“But my grandfather took his hand before death, and prayed that he could take charge of the family. If I was fatherless, he would naturally not accept the family, but after all, the blood was thicker than water, and my father finally nodded to agree Come down. ”

After hearing Gu Yuexi’s words.

Lin Feng couldn’t help feeling a bit.

It seems that Gu Wantong is also a very emotional person.

Otherwise it is impossible to promise him father’s request.

At the time, he had already established his own power, and he was still a wasteland-dominated powerhouse.

He does not take over the family.

He will live very freely.

When he took over the family, he didn’t just spend a lot of time rectifying many things in the family.

Even all the enemies of this family will become his enemies.

Taking over this family is not good for Gu Wantong, but he still does.

Lin Feng still appreciates Gu Wantong’s approach, because in Lin Feng’s view, the bloodline connection cannot be cut off anyway.

If a person who can even give up bloodline affection is willing to give up, then this person is definitely a person who is not worth trusting.

Imagine it.

You can leave your loved ones alone.

So who else does he care about?

A few conversations with Gu Yuexi, Lin Feng’s gains are not small, and I know a lot of Gu Wantong’s past things, which can promote their better cooperation.

It didn’t take long for Lin Feng to find a place to live in the outer city. This is a very special place.

It’s called Gonglin Xiaoyuan.

Compared to ordinary Inn, this place has a more elegant environment and a more emotional atmosphere. In addition, this place has a full range of food and entertainment projects, which enables one-stop service.

Guests living here can enjoy a variety of top services without having to go out.

Of course, the price of such a place is quite beautiful, but it’s nothing to Lin Feng. Who makes Lin Feng rich and imposing?

A very beautiful nun took Lin Feng and they came to the residence. This is a beautiful garden with elegant surroundings.

The nun gave Lin Feng and Gu Yuexi a token. They could walk through Gonglin Xiaoyuan, including the entertainment venues in Gonglin Xiaoyuan. This place not at all is too much interest and has no intention to go to these places.

After returning to the residence, Lin Feng took a good wash and then fell asleep.

After waking up, the night has come down.

At this time, Gu Yuexi came to find Lin Feng and called Lin Feng to go out to eat together. After all, they hurried for so long and didn’t eat anything good.

Basically eat hunger with something like Spirit Fruit.

Although these things can meet the needs of the body.

But many people may be eating themselves. These people prefer food. They only satisfy the needs of the body and obviously cannot satisfy them.

Lin Feng belongs to this category.

Gu Yuexi also belongs to such people.

Lin Feng said, “Let’s go to the food city of Gonglin Xiaoyuan to see how?”

“The food city in this place is really high-grade, but I think we should go out and eat. There are more people outside, and I don’t like this high-end place!”. Gu Yuexi said.

I heard Gu Yuexi say that Lin Feng ordered nodded.

Lin Feng and Gu Yuexi came outside, and Gu Yuexi proposed to anger the inner city.

So they didn’t stop in the outer city.

Rather, I went straight to the inner city.

The inner city is indeed more lively and prosperous.

After coming to the inner city, Lin Feng and Gu Yuexi first found a restaurant, then ordered a table of delicious dishes, and the two of them ate.

After enjoying this delicious meal, Lin Feng and Gu Yuexi are going to take a look at the temple.

It is the temple dedicated to the empress and the empress.

Gu Yuexi said, “This place is extremely famous, and now there are rumors that the night queen and the image of the night queen can be manifested every so often that some believers pray for it “.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but be surprised.

Both of these beings existed before the endless years. It stands to reason that they have already died, but if the other person has really died, then how can they manifest themselves?

This makes Lin Feng extremely curious.

When you take a look at that place in the temple, you may be able to discover some of them.

About half an hour later, Lin Feng and Gu Yuexi came to the temple.

The temple dedicated to the queen of the night and the queen of the night is extremely large.

When he came to the temple, Lin Feng could clearly feel that there was an extremely powerful divide force.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but have some doubts. What was going on with such a strong divide force?

Are there all night empresses and no night empresses? The two of them have not fallen at all?

If they haven’t fallen, why haven’t there been specific news from two people since the long years?

This is extremely confusing.

But no matter what it is, there is one thing that is certain, that is, this temple is really not simple.

This time.

Lin Feng frowned suddenly.

Because Lin Feng found that his blood was flowing quickly.

This is a whim.

Only in extremely dangerous situations.

The power of whim is revealed.

Last time this happened, it was the female Wraith who appeared on the Xuanyuan Starry Sky Ancient Ship, and Lin Feng had this feeling.

If you do it again, it’s time to grasp the immortality of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng just felt that way.

So what is the active activation of the whim ability now?

Are you staring at something terrible?

Lin Feng tried to release his divide sense and see if he could find something special or suspicious?

When Lin Feng’s divide sense shrouded the temple.

Nothing was found.

But the feeling of danger never disappeared. Lin Feng’s brows couldn’t help but frown tightly, and things were a little troublesome.

Gu Yuexi is a sensitive person.

Or to put it another way, women’s Sixth Sense is stronger. Although she does not have such a dangerous feeling, she notices some changes in Lin Feng.

Gu Yuexi asked, “Is there anything special that I found out that is not possible?”

Lin Feng said, “Don’t leave me too far because I feel that danger is approaching us, but I haven’t found out what it is that makes me feel so dangerous.”

After hearing Lin Feng’s remarks, Gu Yuexi Xi’s face could not help but show a very solemn expression.

She knows how powerful Lin Feng is, and Lin Feng has such a dangerous feeling.

So, to what extent the hidden existence is so powerful, it is unimaginable.

Gu Yuexi said with a little sullenness, “It’s too unsuccessful to come out at this time. It always seems to be contaminated by some terrifying existence.”

Lin Feng said, “Cultivator World is like this. No one knows when bad luck will happen, nor will it know when good luck will happen, so you don’t have to read these things too much.

Speak. Gu Yuexi ordered nodded.

Lin Feng thinks that the temple is not suitable for staying. After all, there are too many people in this place and it is easy to hide their breath.

If the secretly hidden existence really wants to be against them, it is obviously easier to shoot in such a place, so Lin Feng opens it and leaves this place quickly.

So Lin Feng said, “This place shouldn’t stay long, let’s leave this place.”

Gu Yuexi ordered nodded.

Lin Feng and Gu Yuexi quickly left the temple.

After they leave the temple.

The feeling of danger disappeared, which made Lin Feng extremely surprised.

According to Lin Feng’s speculation, since he is being stared at by an existence, this existence should continue to peep at him secretly.

But what does the danger now mean?

Are the extremely dangerous feelings that Murphy had previously related to the Queen of Never Sleep and the Queen of Never Sleep?

Or is it related to that temple?

Think carefully.

This possibility is quite high.

Gu Yuexi asked, “Did you have some answers to the previous things?”.

Lin Feng said, “Yes, there are some answers. I think this temple is a bit weird. Tonight I plan to explore the temple and see if I can find something special. Tonight When you’re in the apartment, you should stay well and do n’t come out and run around. If you get lost, I have to find you! “.

Gu Yuexi glanced at Lin Feng and said, “What do you mean by that? Are you still worried about the last time I was arrested and you tried to save me? Do you think of me as you? The cumbersome burden? You are not satisfied with a beautiful lady like me who is by your side? Others want me to accompany them, do they not have this qualification yet? “.

Lin Feng said, “Come on, are you beautiful? Is there a little self-knowledge?”

The last thing a woman allows is that she is ugly.

Lin Feng doesn’t directly say that Gu Yue is ugly.

But to Gu Yuexi, it actually means a thing.

So after hearing Lin Feng’s words, Gu Yuexi was about to explode.

She said angrily: “Lin Feng, I and you are not over”.

Then there is no ladylike fist moved towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng will certainly not lower oneself to somebody’s level with Gu Yuexi.

He quickly moved towards the front.

Gu Yuexi is following closely.

Many people have looked towards them.

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