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Late night.

Lin Feng came out of his residence.

He is going to search for the temple dedicated to the Emperor and the Empress, and see what the temple is all about.

Nanhai City’s inner city is called Night City.

Naturally for a reason.

Even in the evening, this place is extremely lively, people coming, people going.

Including the temple, there are many people.

But every day when it’s ugly (two in the morning), the temple will be closed, and the people inside must go out.

So when Lin Feng came to the temple, the temple was actually closed for a while, and the other places were still very lively, but after a day of noise, the temple finally quieted down.

The temple is blocked by a strong prohibition. It is not easy for outsiders to enter the temple. In addition, there are many masters in the temple. It is said that these masters belong to the nightly religion.

And this sleepless religion is the force that inherited from the sleepless emperor and sleepless queen.

It’s not clear if it’s really the same as the legend.

The powerful formation law prohibition, patrol guards back and forth, and even some magic treasures that penetrate through the sun, such as magic treasures such as Zhou Tianjing to guard the temple.

The probability of wanting to enter the temple silently is really not high.

But …

In the end, whether you can enter the temple depends on the individual’s ability. Lin Feng’s ability naturally cannot be said.

It’s very difficult for him to have the matrix ban here.

In terms of Lin Feng’s means, he can not only pass through the matrix law ban here silently, those pativating cultivators and insights into Zhou Tian can’t find the trace of Lin Feng.

If Lin Feng doesn’t even have this ability, it’s a bit of a joke.

Lin Feng put on invisible cloak. This treasure can still play a huge role in many cases, but not everyone is as powerful as a female grudge.

Women Wraith have discovered people wearing invisible cloak before, it does not mean that everyone can find people wearing invisible cloak.

Lin Feng smoothly entered the temple area.

The temple is very large, the outermost is the outer temple, and here are worshipped some small gods.

The courtyard of the outer hall is very large.

Almost hundreds of acres.

Many ancient trees are planted.

Crossing the outer hall is the nave, where some mythical characters are enshrined.

Most of them are mythological characters who have a relationship with Nanhai City or Sea Territory World.

The courtyard area where the nave is located is about the same size as the outer courtyard.

The largest area is actually the courtyard where the inner hall is located. The inner house is divided into two parts. The first part is the hall.

There are three halls, the left and right side halls, and the main hall.

Inside the main hall is the inner house.

It is said that the queen of the night, the queen of the night, and the place where their clansman lived, but it is now there and sealed.

The cultivator stationed in the temple, mostly in the courtyard where the nave is located.

After entering the temple area, Lin Feng’s blood flow accelerated again. He could not help but frowned his head slightly, and it seemed to be exactly the same as he had guessed.

The reason for this dangerous feeling is indeed related to the temple. Are there terrifying creatures in the temple staring at him?

Lin Feng may not be the reason.

But if it wasn’t for this reason, what would it be?

A team of cultivators patrolling the courtyard of the outer hall shuttles.

There are some cultivators who are quite powerful, but these cultivators are not an easy task to discover Lin Feng.

Lin Feng moved all the way towards the depths.

He soon crossed the courtyard where the first layer was located. He came to the courtyard where the second layer was located. After coming to this place, Lin Feng’s blood flowed faster and faster.

The feeling for Lin Feng is that the danger will come down anytime, anywhere. This feeling is very bad. Lin Feng even has the urge to immediately turn away from this place.

But …

Lin Feng finally resisted.

I’m here to investigate the truth. Don’t leave because the place is dangerous?

This is not how Lin Feng behaves.

Lin Feng continued to move towards the depths. He didn’t actually enter those temples, but only explored some situations outside, and Lin Feng had a strong feeling.

No need to enter the temple in the first double courtyard.

It’s easy to expose yourself.

The truth is in the third layer courtyard.

This feels strange.

But it’s so strong.

Why does this happen? Lin Feng has no way to explain in words.

But Lin Feng is a very confident person.

Now that I have this extremely special feeling.

So …

Lin Feng thinks that if you dig deeper, you might really be able to dig out some amazing secrets.

Soon, Lin Feng came to the third courtyard, which was more patrolled.

However, this courtyard is a little weird.

The reason this courtyard is weird is that at this moment, all the lights are out.

This courtyard has become dark.

The incense continues in the temple, Divine Lantern does not go out.

This is the rule.

The lights are off now.

What is this doing?

And Lin Feng felt that a wave of coldness swept through him, making him shiver.

This is extremely unusual.

After all, Lin Feng is too powerful.

A physical reaction like that of a powerful person like him seems to herald something.

“It’s like coming to Hell World, no, to be precise, it feels worse than coming to Hell World”, Lin Feng couldn’t help himself.

At this time, the cloudy wind is like a ghost wind from Hell World.

Lin Feng slightly frowned.

The overcast wind made him extremely uncomfortable.

Lin Feng feels like something is about to happen, but it’s hard to say what it is.

Lin Feng decided to wait and see.

There aren’t many conferences.

Lin Feng saw the shadow of one after another floating under the ground.

A closer look, not a shadow.

It’s an evil spirit, Evil Spirit.

The spirit of these evil spirits, Evil Spirit, is very powerful.

However, the divine force of this temple is so extraordinary that it masks the breath of these evil spirits and Evil Thought. This situation surprised Lin Feng.

But what surprised Lin Feng the most was that there were so many evil spirits under the temple, Evil Thought, what is going on?

Theoretically, the temple is a place dedicated to the Spiritual God. The existence of these evil spirits and Evil Thought should be extremely afraid of places like the temple, but the existence of these evil spirits, Evil Spirit, is not at all Fear of the temple is really evil.

And with so many evil spirits, what exactly does Evil Thought want to do? This is also a point that makes Lin Feng extremely confused.

Lin Feng calmly observed the next move of these evil spirits Evil Spirit.

These evil spirits Evil Spirit add up to hundreds of them. After the appearance of these evil spirits Evil Spirit, the cultivator patrolling this place is completely gone, and it is not known whether they are hiding.

These evil spirits, Evil Spirit, gathered together and began to incantation.

The incantation they read is very strange, and Lin Feng heard it for the first time.

He sound transmission asked the prince to see if the prince had heard of such incantation.

But Yaojun has never heard of such incantation.

With the existence of these evil spirits such as Evil Spirit, incantation, between Heaven and Earth has formed an extremely weird terrifying power, and this extremely weird terrifying power has all poured into the temple.

Lin Feng felt that a strong strength of Devouring suddenly appeared in the temple.

This kind of strength of Devouring makes Lin Feng a little moved.

Lin Feng can’t explain what this kind of strength of Devouring is all about.

He can’t check it now. What is the specific situation, he can only rely on his own speculation.

Maybe …

Is the idol of the night queen and the night queen the ghost?

It seems to be possible.

Idols are engulfing the power of the evil spirit incantation?

What and what is this all about?

Everything is so weird and evil, Lin Feng also feels very confused.

“What secret is hidden underground?”.

Lin Feng could not help thinking.

There is no way to check in the temple, because so many powerful Evil Spirits are together, the magnetic field in this place has been changed, and you will definitely find it when you go to the temple.

Lin Feng thinks that maybe you can go underground and take a look. These evil spirits Evil Spirit left the underground and came to the World on the ground. Now the underground World should be relatively empty.

So, it’s the best time for Lin Feng to check it out.

From this point on, Lin Feng quietly moved towards the ground and lurked away.

Of course Lin Feng also knows that he must not be taken lightly now.

You must be up to 120,000 points.


Lin Feng is very cautious even after diving into the underground World.

I’m afraid of some errors.

The underground world is very cold, and there is ghost qi everywhere, probably related to those terrible Evil Spirits.

However, these ghost ghost qi can’t cause any harm to Lin Feng’s body.

As he dived, Lin Feng felt his blood flow faster and faster.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but move slightly.

Is he approaching that horrible existence?

So his blood is flowing faster.

The terrifying existence that caused my whim is within the realm?

If so, be more cautious.

Otherwise, you will most likely be robbed.

About a quarter of an hour later, Lin Feng saw a black energy mask appearing below.

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