Immemorial Paragon Chapter 3461

3461. At the end of chapter 3461!

At the

    end of chapter 3461!

    Mo Qingyun looked at and found these people in front of him, largely divided into five battalions.

    In one of the strongest of these battalions, there are nearly ten gods in the land of powerhouse in addition to the quasi-priest of the person.

    Mo Qingyun, when observing this wave, put the evil eye on them.

    “The bandits are here too!”

    The evil will see that crowd horse, and his face will be ugly at once.

    The circle, which will be corrupt, will be enriched by moving towards the eyes of those people.

    The evil will see this detail, and he will be angry with gnashing teeth, “This unfilial son, in collaboration with this group of bandits, is just like an animal.”

    Now, listen to the wrath of evil, Mo Qingyun’s face flourishes out of surprise and remembers all the injustice in his heart.

    So it seems that the evil will be captured by the bandits, and perhaps there are some intuitions.

    When the bandits are beaten up, the other side moved towards evil, and it seems that all the lips come out and laugh.

    Soon, in that bunch of robbers, a god Late Stage powerhouse came out, and said, “Your guts are really small and fortunate to escape from our hands, or to hide in truth, and dare come here.”

    “Since you take the door on your own initiative, it’s no blame for us.”

    the man’s words fall down, he’s Silhouette, and moved towards the evil.

    At the time of Downton, a powerful goddess, moved towards the shadow of evil.

    As for Mo Qingyun on the side, it was ignored by each other.

    The situation of each other is surrounded by a grip of evil, demonstrating a sense of tension and cohesion.

    Today, he is the only god Early-Stage cultivation base, and he remains left with residual injuries.

    In the face of the opposite, it is absolutely impossible to be a rival.

    This will be understood by evil, as will Mo Qingyun.

    If the evil is captured by each other, it is not good for him.

    At this point.

    When Mo Qingyun was ready to do so, one of the five people on the city Lord Mansion side suddenly came out of one.

    And when he comes out, he stops the thieves who will break their hands, and he says, “Four Houses, stop!”

    Hear that person, three times the complexion turned cold, saying, “Three Young Master, I gave City Lord Mansion the face, and you’re back next to me, and I can count on you.”

    Four times the family warned three Young Master that his actions would no longer stop and that he would continue to fight evil.

    When I saw this scene, Mo Qingyun was somewhat surprised and someone came out to defend it.

    Looking at the youths who stopped four families, they would be a little touched by evil, and said, “Brilliant, you don’t have to worry, I’ll be fine.”

    Mo Qingyun, next to his own look towards development, will be invisible again.

    In his view, if Mo Qingyun did it, he would be fine.

    “Get out of here first!”

    See to see the evil look for himself, Mo Qingyun is reluctant to see him again and to leave with him.

    Soon, Mo Qingyun left thousands of metres behind and pulled away from four homes.

    Looking forward to the rapid departure of the Mo Qingyun three, the four families hesitated for a moment or did not continue their pursuit.

    Found that the four families had not recovered, and Mo Qingyun stopped.

    “Dad, child unfilial, I didn’t recognize you before, and I ask you to punish him.”

    The decision was made to recognize the evil, which will no longer remain calm and immediately kneel down.

    For previous reasons, while it will now be clear to kneel for mistakes, the evil face will remain unhappy.

    Unlike the idea of going to evil, Mo Qingyun looks forward to the brightness of the moment and says, “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.”

    Hearing Mo Qingyun’s words will expose the face of doubt, sweeping it all over Mo Qingyun.

    Obviously, his heart is analysing the relationship between Mo Qingyun and the immortality of evil.


    when you see this bright act, you will be unhappy with the evil face, coldly snort, and say, hmph! Young Master asked, you didn’t answer the truth. ”

    “Father, after you disappeared a hundred years ago, you will build up the power to usurp City Lord Mansion.”

    “He was a brother, and we didn’t care about it, and he was absolutely going to bear the burden.”

    “Only then we discovered that he was eager to usurp power, primarily to find the hidden treasure key.”

    “Then we found out that he had been working with the bandits, but that he had become a great deal, and I was afraid not to confront him.”


    Next, the current situation will be addressed to Mo Qingyun and again to Mo Qingyun.

    After listening, it will be bright, and it will be worse to look at the evil face, and the face will become tight.

    It was a month ago that the hidden treasure key would be found in enrichment and that its purpose had been fully achieved.

    And you know, at the end of the thing, you’re going to reveal evil, and the face becomes more dark, saying, “No wonder, a month ago, those bandits had a thousand zhang attitude to me, and I didn’t have any role to do.”

    The evil will understand this, and he will look to the people of the Star River, and he will say, “How can they come here when it will be enriched in partnership with the bandits, and when they open the hidden treasure alone?”

    Mo Qingyun’s heart is equally confused.

    The inclusion of these three forces would clearly confuse the situation, which would be detrimental to enrichment.

    The suspicion of the Mo Qingyun two will be somewhat elusive: “The three forces came, and I disclosed to them, deliberately let them come and confuse this water.”

    “With their tripartite forces joining them, the balance will be rich and the others one, and I can also fish in troubled waters.”

    It would be understandable to have this eloquent explanation, leaving Mo Qingyun out of doubt.

    Otherwise, it will not be possible to strike a balance with the strength of the bright one.

    To the Mo Qingyun, the current situation will be described, and the gesture of an inquiry will be clear, saying, “Father, Young Master, who is now hidden treasure, has become necessary, and what are you going to do next?”

    Turn it around to Mo Qingyun and listen to Mo Qingyun’s arrangements.

    Under the eyes of both, Mo Qingyun had a slight idea, saying, “I am not yet in a position to do so, if I do not do so, with the strength of both of you, I’m afraid it will not be possible to cross them.”

    “So we go into hidden treasure, and then I’ll find a way to restore the wounds to cultivation base for you.”

    As soon as Mo Qingyun is concerned, the evil heart will be rejoiced, and thanks will be extended to Mo Qingyun.

    To the Mo Qingyun people, Mo Qingyun was reluctant to postpone further time and fly to the entrance of hidden treasure, saying, “If there is no accident, they should enter hidden treasure, let’s follow.”

    Mo Qingyun said that he was in silhouette and flew back to the hidden treasure entrance.

    (This chapter is over)

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