Immemorial Paragon Chapter 3473

3473. Chapter 3473

    Chapter 3473

    It’s too early for you!

    Take it easy. Mo Qingyun came here under the black snow and black rain.

    And standing in front of the original government, the black rain is a happy face, and said, “The clouds, this is too strange for the original government, often collecting things from the very early years, strange and wonderful.”

    “In addition, there are often too early Monster Beast to buy as the most suitable ride.”

    Listen to the black rain, Mo Qingyun’s face shows a strong curiosity.

    In particular, the black rain said too early Monster Beast, giving him the strongest interest.

    Shortly ago, he just met a strong Monster Beast after the door of the Huang Mong Sea.

    Mo Qingyun’s instinct felt that he met that powerful Monster Beast and should be the first Monster Beast.

    Of course, in Mo Qingyun’s heart, there is a bold idea, besides thinking about it, that “Too early to have so many junior treasure in the government of origin, did they take over a little too early hidden treasure?”

    “This doesn’t know!”

    Black rain and black snow shake their heads, as if they were blind.

    It seems that they really don’t know, and that’s not exactly what they think about.

    “This is too early for the government of origin, you know?”

    Mo Qingyun thought about it and asked the two women again.

    The two women exchange an eye, and then shake your head, and look at Mo Qingyun, and say, “What’s wrong with the clouds?” Or do you know some of its secrets? ”


    Mo Qingyun shakes his head and says, “Just some curiosity and confusion, why did the original government get too early for treasure, and where did it come from too early Monster Beast?”

    “It seems to me that even if they find a little too early hidden treasure, treasure should have been empty for a long time, unless…”

    Mo Qingyun said here that his heart was exaggerated, taking into account a terrifying situation.

    Unless it’s too early for Master of the government, it’s too early for people in the universe.

    “Is it ancient?”

    Mo Qingyun remembered, before Xiaoyi told him, the ancient gods were just hiding.

    Mo Qingyun thought of that, and he had a plan in his heart, and decided to look into the original government.

    Although Mo Qingyun thought so, he didn’t say anything.

    Such matters cannot be promoted, and they must be said to be carried out implicitly.

    If it were to tell Black Snow Sisters, it would only hurt them both.

    “Let’s go in.”

    Mo Qingyun had thought about it, and he had taken the lead in the capital of too early.

    Too much space is available in the capital, and the building is very curious, similar to the holy continent.

    Mo Qingyun found this, and he became more certain about the inner guess.

    “Ice, ice, rain, it’s too early today. What else do you want to buy?”

    Black Ice Two Girls just got into the junior source, a young man in a sweater, and moved towards them.

    Looking at the nearest young man, the black rain gives Mo Qingyun introduced: “His name is Yang, the son of the original source government, who is usually responsible for some of the things in the original source government.”

    “If you have any doubts, you can ask him, maybe some harvest.”

    In the dark rain while speaking, Yang’s serious sentence came to Mo Qingyun and looked at Mo Qingyun.

    Double Mo Qingyun, and Yang’s serious sentence curiously asked: “Two girls, this young master never saw before, and I don’t know who he is. The Elder door from the Dark Heavenly Saint Sect?”

    Neither did the black rain think much about Yang’s interrogation, saying, “This is the clouds’ brother, not the children of my family, but clansman who has been separated from a little bit.”

    “Shortly ago, the clouds were invited by Elder, the Black Witch, to prepare for the recognition of ancestors and return to the fold.”

    As soon as the black rain says, Yang’s face has flourished, and look towards Mo Qingyun’s eyes are indifferent.

    Obviously, in his view, Mo Qingyun, an unidentified person, does not deserve too much attention.

    “Two girls, there’s a lot of good things this time, let me show you.”

    Talk to two women in the Black Rain, and Yang’s serious sentence greeted two women and walked to the capital of too early.

    Just to keep Yang alive, two women in black rain not at all, but to watch Mo Qingyun Road: “Young Master Yang, we’re here this time, mainly to accompany the clouds, so introduce him.”

    “With him?”

    Yang was surprised and slightly looked at Mo Qingyun.

    He had thought that Mo Qingyun was just following up on a riot, and that Mo Qingyun was the rightful owner.

    Although there is some light in your heart, it is an obstacle to the face of the Black Rain, and Yang is still passionate to say with a smile: “Young Master, if you don’t know what you’re interested in, I can tell you first that I’m going to wear you straight.”

    “Many thanks!”

    Mo Qingyun’s guest kit was grateful and said, “I’m interested in too early Monster Beast, can you show me a look?”


    Yang’s quick answer, straight moved towards the front, and said, “You’re lucky, a few days ago, there was a bunch of early Monster Beast coming, and I’ll show you.”

    See, Mo Qingyun followed Yang’s grave sentence with a curiosity.

    Not long.

    As a result of Yang’s serious sentence, Mo Qingyun crossed a few great halls and came to a tunnel.

    On the outside of the earth, Mo Qingyun heard it clearly, and there was another beast yelling at his ear, coming out of the earth.

    Mo Qingyun followed the station for a while, and as Yang became guilty,

    At the end of the road, a Earth Palace, there’s a lot of space in it, and there’s a lot of Monster Beast.

    These Monster Beast, mostly Monster Beast of the Sky, are only a small fraction of them from the outside world.

    Mo Qingyun swept his eyes and fell on a bunch of Monster Beast.

    Those Monster Beast, each with a strong body and a force of influence, have a horror in their body.

    Mo Qingyun saw them first, and thought of the Monster Beast behind the World.

    “This is Monster Beast?”

    Look at Monster Beast, Mo Qingyun, who was forced by the weather, asked about Yang’s death.

    Hearing Mo Qingyun’s questioning, Yang’s face changed slightly, and some surprised to see Mo Qingyun, saying, “I can’t see that young master is overlooking, and one person recognizes Monster Beast too early.”

    “Did MoYoung Master ever contact Monster Beast, have some knowledge of Monster Beast too early?”

    Mo Qingyun did not answer directly, but it was a joke: “Those who came here to buy too early Monster Beast, who didn’t have contact in advance, saw their courage and strength before trying to buy them back on a ride.”

    See Mo Qingyun say so that Yang’s serious sentence is first one, and then smile.

    And then he took Mo Qingyun, and went to see those too early Monster Beast.

    (This chapter is over)

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