Immemorial Paragon Chapter 3476

3476. Chapter 3476

    Chapter 3476

    “The clouds, you’re still wise, not as touched as we are.”

    “Before we joined the 100-year war, the first idea is to kill the enemy.”

    “No wonder before the grandfather let us hear you.”


    I heard Mo Qingyun, and all four women were admired.


    admired Mo Qingyun and the black suburb showed a hard face, saying, “Just, are we doing this, a little greedy to die?”

    “Everyone goes to kill with the people of the Holy Sect tomorrow, and hide, and if they are known, they will not be mocked.”

    Listen, the Black Diamond says that a couple of black girls are silent, and that’s what’s happening.

    Look at the performance of several women, Mo Qingyun shook the head, and say, “You think so much is so corrupt.”

    “How many more people can be killed with your power? Ten? A hundred? Or 1,000?”

    “Is the Holy Sect missing these gods and gods and powerhouse tomorrow?”

    In the question of Mo Qingyun, several women were silent and wondered how to respond to Mo Qingyun.

And by

    the strength of the Holy Sect community tomorrow, the king and the gods, who die of hundreds of thousands of children, will not have much influence.

    Without waiting for a few girls to answer, Mo Qingyun thought about it and said, “You have to think clearly, two Senior let you go to a hundred years of war, not to expect you to kill many enemies, but to show you your experience.”

    “And see if you can make fortuitous encounter, make your own cultivation base go further.”

    “If you breakthrough to Divine Venerable Realm, this is not a substitute for the gods and the gods, and then your role is much stronger than killing some gods and gods.”

    I heard Mo Qingyun say that a few women showed a shameful face and felt too naive to think.

    Although several women were persuaded, Mo Qingyun’s words did not stop and looked for the Black Snow Girls, saying, “Before I had a conversation with the Black Senior, I learned that you were two of his children, the best of them.”

    “Then you lineage, and you two are counting on you, if you two don’t see it, why don’t you lineage be gone?”

    Mo Qingyun’s exports, pretty face of Black Snow’s daughter, are now pale.

    In this case, they really didn’t think that now Mo Qingyun reminded them that they were really scared.

    Black life essence is not much, at least for decades.

    Today, fighting with the Holy Sect of the Blue Times, the Black House is still going to powerhouse, and life essence is losing faster.

    On that day, the darkness died in the battlefield.

    If the black meteor falls, the two of them will be unaware of their lineage.

    “The clouds, many thanks for your reminder, we know.”

    “The clouds, you tell us directly what we’re gonna do next.”

    “Yes, we all listen to you, you say what you do, we do what we do.”


    Understanding your situation, the Black Rain Two Women immediately show up.

    The two Hessis, while not talking, can also see their thoughts from their faces.

    At this point in their heart, Mo Qingyun has been recognized.

    They do not breakthrough Divine Venerable Realm, nor do they mean anything at this moment to kill any more people of the Holy Sect tomorrow.

    Besides, with their just breakthrough Divine King Realm base, they can kill several more people.

    “Get out of here and say it.”

    When I see the attitude of a few women, Mo Qingyun sweeps her eyes with a few girls.


    Mo Qingyun five have just left, and the Holy Sect and the Holy Sect will form two huge battalions tomorrow.

    The fighting between the two sides will be an immediate trigger.

    At this juncture, the darkness of the Holy Sect side, the metaphor of a few people, gathered together.

    “Have you seen Mo Qingyun?”

    The clandestine looting of the population and the discovery of the five Mo Qingyun people questioned the metaphors.

    When you hear the dark question, the metaphors are shaking.

    A few people negotiated and found Mo Qingyun missing, and their faces were ugly.

    They’re still thinking, waiting for the two sides to kill and let Mo Qingyun head.

    Today, several Mo Qingyun are missing, and this leaves their plans out.

    “That kid is really too cunning to let him slip away without God.”

    “This is a bicommunal battlefield, and they can’t reach much, and they’ll always let us find it.”

    Listen to the dark talk of several people, Snake and Dragon cynically, with cold colors on their faces.

    Look at the darkness of the eyes, the shadow of the darkness of the darkness, the cold face of the darkness of the sea, and say, “Stop talking about it, Mo Qingyun has run away. What should we do now? Do you inspire people to fight the Holy Sect tomorrow, or go first to find Mo Qingyun?”


    darkness is thinking, saying, “If this is the time to fight the Holy Sect community tomorrow, it will certainly lead to massive casualties, and now the casualties are too large, and will not be conducive to our search for the battlefield.”

    The Dark Sea ghosts have a few nodded people who agree with the idea of darkness.

    The metaphor is the first smile, said coldy: “I think it would be very helpful for us to pack Mo Qingyun first to fight the Holy Sect tomorrow.”

    This metaphor of export, the invisible eyes shined by several people, has given rise to curiosity.

    The metaphor is still a smile in the face of people’s curiosity and says, “At this point, we fight the Holy Sect community tomorrow, Mo Qingyun will be treated as deserters.”

    “If they are well pursued, they can also be said to be enemies, and once they enter the bicommunal battlefield, he hides into the local camps.”

    “Now he’s not here, not as we say as soon as everyone has this idea, they want to resist it.”

    Having listened to the metaphor, the darkness of the faces of several people flourishes.

    This metaphor hand is really too hard.

    The dark sea ghost looked at a metaphor, and pretty face came up with a snake scorpion, and said, “The metaphor, indeed, is still your most dangerous, and the way you think about it is always so vague.”

    “Just, the people who are gathered here now are only 8,000 out, and more than 2,000 more are not there.”

    “If the Mo Qingyun five are thus convicted, they are afraid not to be obedient and will be involved in the other 2,000.”

    The fear of the darkness of the sea, the metaphor smiled, and said, “This is not a simple thing, which is to count two thousand of them together, all of them on the guilt of deserters.”

    “Or Mo Qingyun escaped with two thousand of them, so that the offence would not have been established.”

    And when I hear the metaphor, the dark and the others’ faces show a admirable face.

    It’s not necessarily a metaphorical opponent to talk about conspiracy and adultery.

    A few people have agreed that they will no longer hesitate to bring together people who will fight the Holy Sect tomorrow.

    (This chapter is over)

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