Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 2544

The 2512 chapter is in the middle of the month (the finale)

“Chu Chaoyun !”

Xiao Chen startled, I didn’t expect Chu Chaoyun to stand up at this time when he needed help most.

What surprised him even more was the smile of Chu Chaoyun’s mouth… The Flame Emperor Ancient Tomb, his whole person was gloomy, his mind was uneasy, and he had not laughed so long.

“Don’t lie, kill this black loach!”

Clear Sun in the Sky, Chu Chaoyun is stunned by Xiao Chen, loudly said.

Xiao Chen lightly smiled : “Received.”

A time, Boundless Desolate Sea, Sun and Moon.

A round of Wind Moon of the Wings Of Time And Space, a round of Primordial True Fire Source, the magnificent Great Sun, has evolved a magical scene that the Desolate Sea has never had before.

There is a tacit agreement between the two.

Chu Chaoyun uses the source of Primordial True Fire to derive thousands of killing strikes, nonstop harassing Black Dragon King.

The Great Sun on the top of the head is Saint Lord. From the beginning of Martial Dao Era, Heaven Fire Source was collected.

Accumulated the entire Era time, for today, even if the Black Dragon King is rough and rough, the defense is amazing.

Still burning the pain, screaming again and again.

The roar of the anger is not only one of the annihilations that blend with Heavenly Dao, but it has evolved into an infinite offensive, and the continuous moving towards Chu Chaoyun is killed.

“Small beast, I killed you!”

Chu Chaoyun is a member of Primal Chaos Grand Dao, silhouette twinkling, Space-Time swings a ripple. Where it stands, a piece of Primal Chaos, even where the Black Dragon King can’t capture.

Black Dragon King’s horrible offensive looks scary, even if it is Yu Bo, it can hit Chu Chaoyun.

But it can’t hurt Chu Chaoyun, but it is played by it.

The anger was attacked in the heart, and the Black Dragon King was broken again and again, and Xiao Chen seized the opportunity. With Forbidden Treasure Heavenly Casualty, the Heavenly Dao killing intent is spurred by Heavenly Dao, and there is a variety of killing strikes in his hands.

Xiao Chen surpassed Era’s Perfect Blade Dao, which originally stabilized the Black Dragon King, but the other side had Heavenly Dao.

In itself, it should be robbed, annihilation Era’s Heavenly Dao incarnation, Life is almost endless, can not cause slaughter.

But now with this kind of heavenly Heavenly Dao killing intent, with the hands of Heavenly Dao, the offensive is very different.

Primordial True Fire, although the Black Dragon King burned, the pain was burnt, and even Soul was burned.

But it’s not fatal, but Xiao Chen’s offensive with Heavenly Dao killing intent is quite different.

Being able to get in touch with his annihilation Source.

Yunjuan Yunshu, rising to the moon.

Desolate Sea’s Vault of Heaven, the chilly Blood Moon, and the burning Great Sun, one after another, Perfect interpretation of Sun and Moon, this ancient vision.

I didn’t see much hope in the battle, and I reversed it instantly.

Fresh Blood Splash, Black Dragon Body Mortal Body, worn by a pair of blade light, the vitality is constantly lost.

Black Dragon King looked gloomy, and he had been roaring again and again, and he started to send a brief remark.

Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun looked at each other and suddenly found the heart. They all know that the Black Dragon King is going to prepare for the Jedi.

I already know that nature will not give it a chance.

“Primal Chaos Limitless, Eternal One Sword !”

“Maya’s Breaking Vow, Kill Without Mercy!”

Chu Chaoyun furiously shouted, Primal Chaos Grand Dao has expanded from its with the body, and its Mortal Body suddenly resembles a black hole. Primal Chaos, like the beginning of primordial chaos, World is not divided, Sun and Moon do not exist.


And in the Primal Chaos, a sudden shot of a sword light, turned into a blue rainbow lasing. This sword, divided into World, played Sun and Moon, Ivan immortal!

Xiao Chen spurred Heavenly Dao to kill, and gathered Endless’s Heavenly Dao killing intent, all in the body.

Within the body, the Vault of Heaven broke through a terrifying crack in the endless Endless Abyss, which seemed to have one eye slowly open.

If the sky is old, the Heavenly Dao is the most ruthless.

Who wants to die in the sky, has to die, kill… innocent!

The two men cooperated with each other, observed the words, took the lead, and made the tricks of all the places while hitting the Black Dragon King.


A touch of sword light and a touch of blade light, while wearing the Black Dragon King, the mournful Dragon’s Roar from Black Dragon King within the body, swayed between the World.

“puff!” Black Dragon King is distorted, spit out a black blood, and the life goes nonstop.

Hey, blade light and sword light in the Black Dragon King within the body, and then unscrupulously snarled, then mixed together and exploded.

In an instant, the black Dragon King Mortal Body could burst.

Land Of The Desolate Sea, Sun and Moon.

Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun, their faces are all tired and slowly approaching.

“Did you die?” Xiao Chen asked suspiciously, a little unbelievable, and the Black Dragon King was so destroyed.

Chu Chaoyun looks like a power, pierced Starry Sky, and saw a black light disappear into the field of vision.

“This Vast Sun Wheel should be the card left by Saint Lord.”

Xiao Chen looks at Xiang Tian, ​​the round and the moon with Vast Sun, look at towards Chu Chaoyun.

I have thought about it many times, Blood Moon is the card that Xiao Yun has derived from Wings Of Time And Space, and who is the Vast Sun Wheel in Desolate Sea?

When you think about it, there is only one answer.

Chu Chaoyun indifferent expression, whispered with a smile: “You are right, the cause and effect, after I completely exhausted, it is you.”


Tough barely fell, a sudden sound of Dragon’s Roar, Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun complexion slightly changed.

Looking up, I saw an unknown thing and kept falling.

From Starry Sky, a little closer to the Desolate Sea, and when it comes to seeing, the two complexes greatly changed.

This turned out to be a black Dragon Head, just a skull that actually enveloped the entire Desolate Sea.

“It’s the body of Black Dragon King. He uses Forbidden Technique. He can’t let him down, otherwise the entire Central World will be devastated!”

Chu Chaoyun turn pale with fright, said quickly.

The two were furiously shouted, and at the same time, they waved their hands and saw Sun and Moon take off. The Blood Moon and the Great Sun, while vacating, smashed the head of the Black Dragon King.

Hong long long !

The aftermath, the entire Central World, from Eight Great Empires to Blood Martial Dynasty, in Flames Martial Dynasty, Divine Martial Dynasty, Heavenly Martial Dynasty… all violently swaying and spinning, as if Doomsday was coming.


Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun, vacated, came to the innocent Starry Sky in an instant.

After seeing the Black Dragon King’s body, suck in a breath of cold air, Black Dragon King’s huge body, traversing Starry Sky.

Sun and Moon stars, in their bodies, the glass balls in the hands of children are generally small.

“Never let him appeared in Central World!”

The two immediately made up their minds, with the huge and horrible body of Black Dragon King, coming to Central World is definitely an irreparable disaster.

“Chu Chaoyun, do you believe me?”

Xiao Chen looked towards Chu Chaoyun and asked.

“If I don’t believe it, I will come to help you.”

The voice fell, Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun, while showing a smile.

I feel that each has said nonsense.

“I have a Yin-Yang Flame Chart. If you can control the Blood Moon and your Great Sun, you can repel the Sun And Moon Yin-Yang Chart.”


Needless to say, Xiao Chen waved the Yin-Yang Flame Chart.

A picture is unfolded in the hand, and then covered with the vast Starry Sky, Xiao Chen bears the brunt, and accommodates the Blood Moon.

Seeing that Black Dragon King was in the depths of Starry Sky, roared.

From the beginning of Benxi, countless stars fell apart and shouted, and the entire Starry Sky was shaking.

“Give you.”

When it was not possible to do so, Chu Chaoyun light shout finally succeeded in embedding Great Sun into Star Chart.

“Sun and Moon samsara, Endless Growth !”

Xiao Chen pushed the hand forward, and the time, Blood Moon and Vast Sun evolved into black and white. In this innocent Starry Sky, a Taiji Starry Sky Chart was formed into a light curtain forcibly hitting the Black Dragon King back.

Collecting the power of two people and deriving Taiji Starry Sky Chart.

Among Starry Sky, Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun work together to promote this picture, and in the Boundless Starry Sky, Endless dark dark universe, the Black Dragon King is constantly repulsing.

Black Dragon King’s huge body, constantly striking the Starry Sky map, still can’t stop itself from being forced back.

The two forces raged in Starry Sky, and there were constant bursts of stars that were crushed.

Crack crack !

A trace of cracks, appeared in the Taiji Starry Sky Chart, Xiao Chen quickly said: “Receive!”

Each of them recovered the Blood Moon and Great Sun, Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun, and Separating landed in a star.

The star Xiao Chen is in a desolate, no Spirit Energy. Looking at it, it is the infinite wisdom of the wilderness.

I want to vacate and meet Chu Chaoyun.

The ground under the foot suddenly burst, a black lance, appearing without warning, straight Zhijia.


Then, the whole star burst and the star nucleus exploded inside the violent Flame aftermath.

It was a minion of the Black Dragon King Dragon Claw, which smashed the star directly and almost hurt Xiao Chen.

Not finished yet.

When the stars burst, the Quartet Space continued to shrink, and there was a suction to pull Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen was shocked and knew that he was caught by Black Dragon King’s Dragon Claw.

Only the other party, Dragon Claw, is too big and will have Black Dragon in the future.

Immediately throw a blade, illuminate All Directions Starry Sky, forcibly cut off a Dragon Claw and jumped out.

The danger is still not stopped, in the depths of the universe, in Boundless Starry Sky.

The Black Dragon King, which was returned to the Forbidden Technique, broke out with great strength. Although Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun tried their best, they were too small in front of them.

“Chu Chaoyun, for my Protectors!”

Xiao Chen sound transmission, the Forbidden Treasure Heavenly Casualty is integrated into the Mortal Body Bloodline, and then constantly retreat.

“What are you doing?”

Chu Chaoyun See Xiao Chen, expression is dignified, the situation is somewhat wrong.

“This Black Dragon King was hit hard by you and me before, and the Forbidden Technique was used in desperation. It is actually an arrow at the end of its flight. As long as I successfully display the Forbidden Technique, I will be able to kill him once.”

“Then I will act for you Protectors. Before your Forbidden Technique is successful, I promise you will not be hurt.”

When the voice fell, Chu Chaoyun didn’t say a lot, biting his lips. Regardless of Life’s overdraft, the limit is applied to Primal Chaos Grand Dao, and countless stars are constantly moving toward them.

When it is about to be approached, it is crushed by Primal Chaos Grand Dao.

Under the Ten Million shape, Space is twisted and a piece of Giant’s black hole appears.

Chu Chaoyun’s face was pale and roared, and at the cost of overdrafting Life, he did not hesitate to push Primal Chaos Grand Dao.

With the horrible black hole, the Black Dragon King is blocked.

Black Dragon King felt a crisis, but in front of him, Hengdan was engulfing a black hole twisted by countless stars.

Even with his body at the moment, he still felt a little jealous at the black hole, and he felt the breath of Primal Chaos Gods and Demons.

Behind Chu Chaoyun, with the Forbidden Treasure, Xiao Chen, whose body is getting more and more dangerous.

The Black Dragon King must act, and it screams at the darkness of the annihilation Dragon Flame, constantly impacting the body of Chu Chaoyun.

Want to kill Chu Chaoyun directly, forcing him to give up and continue to maintain Primal Chaos Grand Dao.

But Chu Chaoyun allowed this wave of Dragon Flame to constantly impact his Mortal Body, which is still moving and continues to push Primal Chaos Grand Dao.

“Dragon Sect Forbidden Technique, God And Devil Disintegration !”


Xiao Chen has a bloody red eye and sees Chu Chaoyun, almost flesh and blood, against the attack of Black Dragon King.

Already anxious, angry can not be revealed.

At the moment, Forbidden Technique finally succeeded, and screamed, and Starry Sky rang a dragon’s Roar from ancient.

See Xiao Chen’s body, nonstop creep, and moment incarnation for antiquity Azure Dragon. Can still not enough, Xiao Chen continues to use God And Devil Disintegration, antiquity Azure Dragon to return to the ancestors, and will soon become exhausted, finally turned into Great Desolate Ancestral Dragon.

Ancient’s Great Desolate Ancestral Dragon appears, deep in the universe Starry Sky, some mysterious existence, feel shiver coldly.

The body of Ancestral Dragon is a bigger circle than the Black Dragon King, and Dragon Power is even stronger.

Black Dragon King in the heart suddenly burst into a panic, how strong he is, changing the Dragon Clan Bloodline with the body.

Seeing the fear of Ancestral Dragon, from instinct, hurriedly turned.

Unable to be alive, the Black Dragon King, who claims to be annihilation incarnation, fled.

“Want to go, no way!”

Xiao Chen screams, and the Heavenly Dao killing intent, which is derived from Heavenly Casualty Forbidden Treasure in Bloodline, is contained in a pair of Dragon Claw.


Great Desolate ancestor Long Fei rushed forward, one claw on the Black Dragon King’s body, this is an arrow at the end of its flight Black Dragon King.

With a scream, the huge body collapsed and exploded in the depths of Starry Sky.

With a single blow, Xiao Chen felt confused and had a lot of chaotic memories of ancient Ancestral Dragon.

Feeling that the head is going to explode, the whole body is irritated and twisted, and the stars are broken.

The side effects of Forbidden Technique are coming, and if Xiao Chen can’t keep his mind, he won’t be able to recover Mortal Body.

Until the Bloodline was exhausted, Divine Spirit fell and died.

Seeing the killing of Black Dragon King’s Ancestral Dragon, it was instantly insane, and Chu Chaoyun quickly retreat.

Almost, Xiao Chen hurt him.


Chu Chaoyun saw brows slightly wrinkle, after a half ring, gritted his teeth forward. The adventure is close to Xiao Chen, who has become the body of Ancestral Dragon. With Soul Power as the voice, Xiao Chen is constantly echoing in the mind of Ancestral Dragon.

Helping them keep their hearts, not to mess.

After a long time, just as Chu Chaoyun felt some despair, the eyes of Great Desolate Ancestral Dragon flashed.

The violent smell of the body gradually dissipated, and after a while it was huge to terrifying body, gradually shrinking, moving toward a star.

“came back.”

Chu Chaoyun smiled and said a word, then chased the past.

After half an hour’s clock, Chu Chaoyun saw Xiao Chen, who was exhausted and exhausted on the ground, in a desolate star.

“Can you stand up?”

Chu Chaoyun lightly smiled said.

“You are not dead, I can naturally stand up.”

Difficult to get up, Xiao Chen looked towards Chu Chaoyun, sighed in relief. Fortunately, this guy is really not dead. Before the Black Dragon King waved an annihilation Dragon Flame, it was directly sprayed on its Mortal Body to scare Xiao Chen.

“Now I haven’t died… but it’s almost the same.”

Who knows Chu Chaoyun, say a sentence, let Xiao Chen scream for a while.

“How? Hahaha, I thought your wisdom should have been guessed before, but I was still surprised.”

Wiping the fresh blood of the corner of the mouth, Chu Chaoyun’s face showed a bright smile, and the laughter was crisp and calm.

Xiao Chen couldn’t smile: “I feel that something is wrong with you in the Black Wind Ridge. I can probably guess the Great Sun appeared.”

Chu Chaoyun sighed softly: “Sometimes it is really helpless. I have never been able to get to this Great Thousand Worlds from Kunlun. I thought that the sky is high and the birds are flying. From then on, it is likely to have a new beginning. I didn’t expect to get rid of fate. The entanglement, the Heavenly Martial Dynasty of Kunlun Realm, was founded by Saint Lord. I am running his Bloodline. From the beginning to the end, I am a piece of chess he used to suppress you?”

“Is it strange? When Azure Dragon Clan was destroyed, Azure Dragon Palace kept Inheritance Fire Seed flying to Kunlun and did not escape the Saint noted of Saint Lord. He followed Azure Dragon Palace and came to Kunlun to establish Heavenly Martial Dynasty in Heavens. This hand layout is underway.”

“My destiny, from the beginning, was implicated with him. He gave birth to me, he died, and from the very beginning he was the one he used to fight against you. When I learned the truth, I almost collapsed. I saw you at Flame Emperor Ancient Tomb, and I stopped talking a few times. At that time, I really admire you, obviously I can’t help myself, but I still dare to draw Blade and dare to make my own choice.”

Xiao Chen said: “Actually, I…”

“Don’t talk, listen to me… In the future, you can’t hear much.”

Chu Chaoyun interrupted Xiao Chen’s words, and the eyes were slightly stunned, revealing a faint smile. Softly said: “Before one day, I was still swaying. In the end, I was involuntarily obedient, obeying the general trend, and secretly left the card left by Saint Lord. Kill you and become the new Lord of the Era. Or, don’t resist, it’s good to die in your hands.”

“In Dragon God Square, you give up the Dragon Emperor and give up the destiny carried by Divine Dragon Empire. At that moment, I know that I already have the answer, even if I can’t help myself, people can have their own choices when they are alive. And they will all have their own insistence.”

“I don’t want to do Lord of the Era, I don’t want to be a chess piece. I just want to be myself, be Chu Chaoyun, be your best friend of Xiao Chen.”


When the voice fell, Chu Chaoyun laughed and laughter filled with the joy and joy of Endless. “It turns out that I am right, I am in the heart of pleasure, I have never been so happy since birth.” Over.”

In the face of Chu Chaoyun who is laughing and laughing, Xiao Chen in the heart can’t smile, obviously it is Endless Desolation.

Chu Chaoyun said serene, he does not become the new Lord of the Era, and the Saint Lord will die.

Saint Lord died, flowing around Saint Lord Bloodline, and Chu Chaoyun, who is connected to his fate, died as well.

Xiao Chen In his life, there are friends, lovers, and Honored Master, but there is never a person like Chu Chaoyun.

It is both an opponent and a friend, so deep.

But right away, this person will die with the death of Saint Lord…

“Go, I will do the last thing for you, Saint Lord rigorous schemes and deep foresight. He still has the same card to slap you. I will help you come back and easily break your own cause and effect.”


“follow me.”

Chu Chaoyun turned to the moment, squatted and almost fell.

Obviously, in the face of Black Dragon King’s annihilation Dragon Flame, he overdrafted Life to resist, and it was not as easy to show at the moment.

The two came to Starry Sky and didn’t go far. They accidentally found a body floating.

“Zhen Yuan?”

In the previous step, Xiao Chen saw the appearance of the body, and the expression was slightly complicated.

Black Dragon King was killed, and as the host of Zhen Yuan, Soul and Black Dragon King completely merged and died.

Xuan Bei Grandmaster, the embarrassment of the year, seems to be impossible to complete.


For Zhen Yuan, Xiao Chen doesn’t have much sympathy, the evils we bring on ourselves are the hardest to bear.

After half an hour, under the leadership of Chu Chaoyun, the two entered the broken Void God World.

The once-popular Void God World is now empty and there is no anger at all.

All Void Gods have been death, with the annihilation of Martial Dao Era falling.

The two came to Holy City and step by step into the Temple of Xu.

In the depths of the temple, on the throne of the high platform, a dead man with a mask lay down weakly.

If the air is a hairspring, the life is Ethereal.

He sensed the footsteps, no blinks, and a weak voice: “Chaoyun…you are back, Xiao Chen, have you been killed?”

“Well, Xiao Chen was killed by me, I will be the new Lord of the Era.”


See throne on the original madness of the hair, the old man who is weak, a shivered, squatting and sitting up excited, are shaking.

Like alive again, lively dragon and animated tiger, fiercely open their eyes.

Just see Chu Chaoyun, booth eyes, like a white fox crafty’s said with a smile: “Sorry, I lied to you.”

Crack !

The voice fell, a touch of sword light flashed, and Chu Chaoyun’s sword killed the coveted Saint Lord.

Going forward, Chu Chaoyun searches for it under his throne.

The face is bright, take out a thing, turn around and say: “Give you, puff!”

After the words were not finished, Chu Chaoyun spit out a Fresh Blood, and the pale face appeared more terrifying.

“Dragon Head !”

Xiao Chen took over the things thrown by Chu Chaoyun and was shocked. This is the Qingshan Dragon Head he had been searching for.

Chu Chaoyun violently coughed a few times, said with a smile: “This old man is very sinister. If I can’t kill you, he will threaten you with this object. If this thing is destroyed, even if it is to the new Era, Azure Dragon Lineage will also have no day to come.”

The Saint Lord is dead, Chu Chaoyun, whose life is connected, disappears with the speed visible to the naked eye.

But if you don’t know, look toward towards Xiao Chen: “Is there wine? I suddenly remembered that I have known you for so many years and have never officially had a drink.”

Xiao Chen took the Burning Heart and poured a cup.

“It’s a pity that I can live for myself, but I am going to leave soon. But it’s okay, I have done this, you and I are born to be confidants, there is no fate, there is no old man with a mask, only awkward and friendship, My sword is waiting for your knife!”

Chu Chaoyun held up wine glasses and touched it.

The crisp clinking sound just remembered, Chu Chaoyun coughed and spit out the fresh mouth Fresh Blood.

Fresh Blood falls in the cups of the two, and the blood of the wine is red, and the people who see it are distressed.

“Dirty…Xiao Chen, change a cup for a cup…”


Chu Chaoyun, who changed the cup, suddenly couldn’t hold the wine glasses with his hands, and with the sound of the floor glasses breaking, the softness fell down.

It was like falling asleep, with a smile, closed his eyes.

“Chu Chaoyun !”

Xiao Chen took a step forward and caught it, shouting aloud.

But Chu Chaoyun, who is so handsome and handsome, has a smile on his lips, but he has really fallen asleep forever.


Close the double-eyed Xiao Chen, a tear in the corner of the eye, tears falling in the cup, melting in the bloody Burning Heart.

Xiao Chen had a drink, but the wine was said to be Burning Heart, but it did not make him feel bad.

There is a pain, called pain to Peak, no heartache.

Five years later…

When Xiao Chen handled the trivialities of Great Thousand Worlds, he went to Kunlun with Liu Ruyue, Ao Jiao and Mo Chen.

On the occasion of the farewell, Xiao Chen looked towards Starry Sky and spread his hand.

Let yourself Soul Power integrate World Grand Dao, softly said: “I want World Men, all have a gentleman’s heart, heaven and health, self-improvement; I want the world’s women, have an upward heart, not let the eyebrows, can be higher than the sky; I May everyone in the world be like a dragon, have a Pure Heart, not for longevity, just to chase dreams, not to regret!”


When the voice fell, Xiao Chen floated out of a crystal clear, brilliance striking seed, a little bit of Xiang Tian empty.

“Xiao Chen Big Brother, what is this?” Mo Chen asked softly.

Xiao Chen softly said: “This is my heart of Era, also a seed, and I want Divine Dragon Era. I hope everyone is like a dragon, all have Pure Heart, not for longevity, just for dreaming. “”

“Why can’t you ask for a long life?”

“Because longevity represents all desires, and longevity only lives for desire, not for yourself. Such a person is more alive than death. If everyone is born, then Era will end sooner or later.”

Liu Ruyue, Mo Chen and Ao Jiao, three women, seem to understand and understand.

Xiao Chen said with a smile : “Don’t think about it, let’s go, let’s go back to Kunlun.”

Just when I saw the night sky, the bright moon of Xiao Chen, Xiao Chen’s smile had a bitter taste.

When the bright moon was in the past, Zeng Zhaocai returned…

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