That night.

When the black wind is high.

Chen Xi sneaked into the east wing from the guest room without disturbing anyone.

After returning home this time, he still has a lot of things to deal with urgently.

In the first place is Qin Ruoying, so in the second place…

Nature is sister-in-law.

Qin Yuqing is lying quietly in the east wing, and the furnishings in the room are almost exactly the same as they were two years ago.

Under the protection of Chen Xi’s restrictive seal, let alone the thief, even Wang Chunju can only see her daughter through the window.

Although Qin Yuqing’s temper is not good, her heart is still very soft, absolutely belongs to the kind of outer soft, so even Chen Xi sometimes suddenly thinks that sister-in-law is quite cute.

Therefore, even without Qin Yongyan opening, Chen Xi has decided to wake up the sister-in-law tonight.


He is a brother-in-law, and tonight, under the eyes of his wife, sneak into the sister-in-law room…

Yingying is his lover after all, so Chen Xi does not need any medium at all, and can find Qin Ruoying’s ghost directly from thousands of ghosts.

Sister-in-law and he can not have this kind of mind, then Chen Xi needs to find her divine soul through some medium.

This medium is naturally the body of Qin Yuqing.

Qin Yuqing is still wearing the white training wear she wore before she was in a coma.

After Chen Xi stepped in, the first thing that caught the eye was the two towering ‘mountain peaks’.

The wife was in the opposite room, but as a brother-in-law, she touched the sister-in-law room in the middle of the night.

Although he is doing good things, it is a bit strange.


In the case of Chen Xi’s cultivation base, what is the difference between sister-in-law wearing clothes before him?

Of course, Chen Xi is not a sinister, so he immediately converges on the divine consciousness, and then closes his eyes to arrive at Qin Yuqing.

Chen Xi sat kneeling next to the sister-in-law, placing the soul on her forehead, and the divine soul entered the soul again.

As the saying goes, it’s good to be alive and mature.

With the experience of the previous two, Chen Xi has become a familiar one.

Still the space of consciousness.

But this time…

Chen Xi ‘see’ the consciousness space is not the same as the last time, but it turned out to be the first time when the prime chaos was not opened.

The dimly lit aurora and the green river are gone.

There are only thousands of unconscious ghosts floating in the primal chaos.

After the arrival of Chen Xi, thousands of ghosts are like escaping from the gods, and immediately flee.

Upon seeing it, Chen Xi did not have any doubts.

After he poured True Essence into Qin Yuqing, Qin Yuqing’s eyebrows appeared a glimmer of light.

Then, a gloomy ghost flew out of the thousands of ghosts, then went straight to Chen Xi and began to revolve around his divine soul.

Chen Xi took a closer look and determined that there was Qin Yuqing’s breath in the ghost, and wrapped it with his own divine soul and took it directly out of the soul.

After Chen Xi released the sorrowful sorrow, the sinister soul disappeared into Qin Yuqing’s forehead.

Followed by, Qin Yuqing’s eyelids trembled slightly.

Upon seeing it, Chen Xi’s face did not show any joy, but suddenly he frowned.

Because he found out…

The whole process went smoothly and it was incredible.

Not the same as when I was looking for the Yingying divine soul.

This time, it feels like Soul is taking the initiative to give Qin Yuqing’s divine soul to him. How can Chen Xi not be surprised?

After all, the soul is a congenital treasure.

Even if he was born out of the middle, Chan Xi would not be surprised.

Thinking of this, Chen Xi immediately took the soul of the hand and began to seriously think about everything he saw in the soul.

Why did he spend a lot of effort to find a part of the Yingying part of the divine soul, but now it is so easy to find the sister-in-law divine soul?

and also……

What happened to the Styx that I saw last time?

Why does Yingying’s divine soul appear at the end of the Styx?

I have been in a hurry to get back to Qin Ruoying’s divine soul, so Chen Xi didn’t care too much about these details, and thought that these pictures were just his projection of consciousness.

Qin Ruoying is extremely heavy in his mind. After this idea is projected into the consciousness space, Qin Ruoying’s divine soul is naturally at the end of the river.

But the problem is…

Soul is not his magical treasure!

How could it be influenced by his consciousness to put Yingying’s divine soul at the end of the Styx?

Moreover, when he brought out the Qin Ruoying divine soul, the resistance was even greater, and even Yingying was missing some of the divine soul.

Why did you bring out the sister-in-law divine soul, but it has become so easy and smooth?

Chen Xi thinks that the more he feels wrong.

The abnormality of the world is the demon.

It is really weird.

How many secrets does this mirror contain? !

Thinking of this, Chen Xi is ready to let the divine soul go out again and go to the soul to find out.


at this time……

Qin Yuqing suddenly opened his eyes.

The state of the sorrow is unconscious, so Qin Yuqing’s memory still stays in front of his coma.

Therefore, when she opened her eyes and saw Chen Xi sitting on the bedside of such a big lama, Qin Yuqing was stunned.

Chen Xi’s thoughts were all on the soul, and I didn’t notice that Qin Yuqing was awake.

Although nearly 30 years old, Qin Yuqing still has not released the Huanghua prostitute, and even his hands have not been touched.

It is now three more hours.

Chen Xi A big man suddenly appeared at her bed, so how can Qin Yuqing not be shocked?

Did the brother-in-law secretly sneak into her room?

What makes her face to see people in the future?

Sister-in-law’s temper is violent.

After being stimulated by this, I went on the spot and went straight to Chen Xi’s waist!

This foot…

She used a 12-point force.

You know, Qin Yuqing has already stepped into the Celestial, which is a genuine Golden Core stage.

At such a close distance, plus Chen Xi is unprepared.

Therefore, when Chen Xi reacted, her legs have been successfully 踹arrived Chen Xi waist…

‘Hey! ‘

Just listening to a muffled sound, sister-in-law’s right leg immediately fractured.

Later, her whole person was like a rag doll that was thrown away by hand. On the spot, she was shot by Chen Xi’s bodyguard Astral Qi.

If Chen Xi took her back with True Essence in time, I was afraid that Qin Yuqing would have to break several walls to fall to the ground today.

“Oh, that…”

Chen Xi tried to explain a few words, but Qin Yuqing didn’t give him the opportunity to explain it. Instead, he pointed to the door and shouted: “Roll! Get out of the way!!!”

“OK, don’t be excited, let me go out…”

Obviously it is to do good things, but the result is like being caught by the current thief…

In this regard, Chen Xi had to shook his head helplessly, and then ran out of the east wing.

Misunderstanding by sister-in-law has been unlucky enough.

Who ever thought…

Chen Xi just walked out of the east wing, and it ran into the eyes of Qin Ruoying coldly.

How sharp is Celestial’s eyes and ears?

Qin Yuqing has just made a sound here, and she has already got up to check the situation.

After seeing Chen Xi coming out, Qin Ruoying didn’t say a word. After the door was closed, he went back to the house to appease the little guy who had just been awakened.

Chen Xi stood helplessly in the yard.

Look at the east wing room and look at the west wing room. I only feel that my heart is wow and cool.

This is just great.

He is really yellow mud in the arrived pants –

It’s not awkward.

There was hardship in my heart, and Chen Xi had to look depressed and put a soundproof restrictive seal in the yard…

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