For those who are too small, the solar system is the supreme forbidden place in ancient myths and legends.

The so-called forbidden land is naturally a place where everyone is indifferent and even talks about change.

Even if nobody is guarded, there has always been a lot of people, so many people may not have been to this life.


Although many people have not personally visited the forbidden place to explore, but if they mention the terrible things in the forbidden land, they can also open their mouths and even describe the details more than those who have seen them.

There is a saying in the old saying: Three people become tigers, and people are awesome.

This is the terrible thing about rumors.

After the story of the good things, the Tianshu relics became synonymous with today’s horror.

Especially when a Tianzun lived and fallen in front of everyone’s eyes, the various rumors about the Tianshu ruins seem to have been confirmed.

Tianshu relics.

Heaven respects the land.

Even the great figures of the Tianzun class can’t step into it. Who would have to succumb to their own lives? Do they have to go to the restricted area again?

Unless she doesn’t want to die.

Therefore, when the infatuated girl confirmed that her Eastern brother had entered the Tianshu relic, she would be so desperate and helpless.

Is this love?

Who knows?

Anyway, if you fall in love, there is no reason to say it.

Perhaps after she grows up, she will laugh at her stupidity today, but she will never regret today’s decision.

After all, she just happened to be at the age when she was in the beginning of her sin, and she met the person she liked.

The girl gently closed her eyes.

Then, with a calm smile, the driving star rushed to the meteorite belt not far away.

She has even prepared for the next moment that she will be broken and the divine soul will be destroyed.

But never imagined…

She closed her eyes and waited for a long time, until she opened her eyes again…

What caught the eye was not filled with death and sinister death, but a silent and peaceful innocent star.

We looked up and the stars in the sky were all stars.

The universe is large and the solar system is small.

There is only one star in the entire solar system, and that is —


Because it is too far away, so in the eyes of the girl, the sun is like a star, so silently hung in this dark sky.

She looked back at the rear of the Otto Nebula, and the densely packed comet covered her view, like a scorpio, completely separating the Taiwei and Tianshu relics.

“This this……”

The girl stood in the bow and looked around and looked incredulous.

She actually broke into the Tianshu relics so easily? !

After a long period of calm, the girl finally accepted the fact.

Since she is fine, then it means –

The Tianshu relics are not as dangerous as the legendary ones, and the Eastern brothers may have explored them in depth!

The girl instinctively wants to catch up.

But after thinking about it for a while, she violently turned the bow and turned to the Otto Nebula.

“It’s too big…”

“If I want to find my brother in the East by myself, this is tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack…”

“No, I have to bring this news back!”

Unlike the greed of greed, the girl simply does not care about the ultimate ownership of the Tianshu relics.

Therefore, when she determined that the Tianshu relics were not dangerous, she wanted to bring the news back in the first time, so that more people could help her find her eastern brother…


And while the girl rushed back to Taiwei, Chen Xi was not idle.

Tiandu and his party were placed on the back of the moon by him.

So from this moment on, the sky is really floating in the sky.

What needs to be noted here is…

Because the moon revolves around the earth, the moon itself is still autobiographical.

In addition, its revolution period is the same as the autobiographic period, so no matter where you stand on the earth, you can only see the same side of the moon.

As for the other side that cannot be seen, we are called –

The dark side of the moon.

In order to prevent Yuxi Tianzun from stealing to the earth, Chen Xi also laid a large seal on the back of the moon.

Tiandu’s high-end combat power is still a lot, and the power of gathering people may be able to break this battle.


This place is too close to the earth. Even if the jade scorpion wants to violent to break the formation, Chen Xi can come over and stop it for the first time, so after laying the large formation, Chen Xi will completely let go.

Arrived at this time, Yuxi Tianzun seems to have accepted his life.

Since the collapse of the big world, the days have been forcibly relocated to the solar system, the jade gods respect the whole person like a defeated cock, and all the time is dejected, and it is no longer the past.

It stands to reason that such a proud person like Yuxi Tianzun should not completely lose his fighting spirit because of a failure.

Chen Xi guessed what must be hidden.

Therefore, he arranged the Tiandu group of people to the moon, fulfilled his promise to be kind to the remnants of Tiandu, and then took the soul to find Yuxitian to respect the new chat once.

Chen Xi made a good intention to extort confessions, but he did not expect…

Yuxi Tianzun is much faster than he imagined.

I don’t know if Chen Xi is passionate. In short, he feels that Yuxi Tianzun is not too hostile to him now. Instead, there seems to be a lot of words to tell him.

What are you cherishing?

I am afraid not to be jealous.

The two flew side by side to a circular mountaintop nearby.

Looking at the planet with the fluorescing blue light not far away, the tone of Yuxi Tianzun was no longer arrogant, but it was inexplicably a little more sorrowful.


As early as 10,000 years ago, the Taiqing ancestors left a rumor that the heavens will eventually be destroyed.

At that time, only the soul can guarantee that the incense will continue and spread.

In this regard, the Tiandu dynasties of the Ten Dynasties are naturally convinced.

It is precisely because of this that when Yuxi Tianzun learned that the aura of the lower bound began to recover, he began to plan to build a soul bridge, ready to lead everyone back to Earth.

The ancient cultivate to Immortality was forced to leave the earth, and they are now returning.

Everything should have been done according to plan.


Chen Xi’s was born, but it caused Yuxi Tianzun to be forced to activate the large formation of the sun, the moon and the stars.

And everything that happened later completely refreshed his three views.

Until the moment of Jiu Xinglianzhu, Yuxi Tianzun was only able to find out…

Things are not as simple as the imagination of the past.

Taiqing Shengzu must conceal what secrets! !

In fact, there are not many records about the large formation of the soul and the sun and moon stars in the ancient books left by Great Ancestor.

Even Chen Xi, an outsider, can see at a glance the extraordinaryness of the large formation of the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Therefore, all generations of Tianzun thought that the large formation of the sun, the moon and the stars is the last straw for the Taizu ancestors.

Who ever thought…

The cost of activating large formation is so painful?

Don’t tell me This is the so-called card?

Do not need the enemy to do it, and you will destroy the roots first?

Since this time, Yuxi Tianzun has been thinking about why the Taizu ancestors were so arranged.

Combining the records of the classics that I once read in the Emperor’s Temple, coupled with my previous personal experience, Yuxi Tianzun suddenly remembered a terrible rumor circulating in the ancient times.

The content of the rumor is actually very simple, that is…

The reason why the Taiqing ancestors led the ancient cultivate to Immortality to the big world to establish the capital, is not to save the sorrows of the fire, but to satisfy his own private!

This ancient cultivate to Immortality is regarded as the god of the Taiqing ancestors…

It is simply a despicable villain! !



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