After the little guy settled down, Chen Xi left the campus.

As soon as he walked out of the school gate, he looked up and saw Qin Ruoying wearing a white dress, so he stood on the side of the road and waited quietly.

In fact, Chen Xi has said that the transfer of children can not use two people, but Qin Ruoying does not care about him at all, and it is necessary to send Niannian to school as a thing that he must do every day.

“Yingying, okay, where do you want to go today? I will accompany you.”

The people have not arrived yet, Chen Xi’s voice has spread far and wide.

After thinking a little, Qin Ruoying shook his head gently, and then responded very lightly: “Don’t go shopping today, go home first, I have a few questions about practice. I would like to ask you.”


Hear this, Chen Xi was so happy, so he quickly rushed over and said: “What is the relationship between the two, you need to ask the word?”

Qin Ruoying gave him a blank look and didn’t talk.

When I saw it, Chen Xi didn’t think so, but he happily reached out and took a taxi.

After this period of time, Qin Ruoying’s attitude towards him has improved a lot.

On the one hand, it is because of the enthusiasm of the family.

On the other hand, it is entirely because she has gradually discovered many traces of her existence in her daily life.

Such as the familiarity of walking in the alley, the blossoming flowers in the yard, and the photos in the cell phone, these things seem to be all the same –

She is the hostess of this family.

Therefore, Qin Ruoying’s attitude towards Chen Xi’s has gradually improved.

Although she hasn’t thought of any memories of the past, at least she has regained the feeling of the original cultivation under the reminder of sister-in-law.

In addition, she seems to be able to faintly regain the intimacy of Chen Xi when she was in cultivation.

Qin Ruoying’s many changes, naturally also looked at by Chen Xi.

So every time I think about this problem, he can’t help but have a slap in the heart.

If you continue to develop at this rate…

It is estimated that it will not take long before he can climb the Yingying’s bed again? !


Today, there was no stroll around, so when the couple returned to the Sihe Courtyard, the time was only nine o’clock in the morning.

As soon as Chen Xi pushed the door open, there was a bang in the yard.

It is sister-in-law and her two sandbags.

After the actual combat of this period of time, Zhonghua and Yizhi also made great progress in the boxing effort.

In the case of the two men joining hands, it is even possible to easily get through two or three hundred rounds under the hands of Qin Yuqing.

Chen Xi didn’t bother them. After a slight nod to the sister-in-law, he followed Qin Ruoying and went straight to the west wing.


Although Chen Xi did not interrupt their meaning, but Zhonghua immediately jumped out of the battle circle at the moment he appeared, and then quickly came to him, and said in a hurry: “Mr. Chen, thank you for this time. The care of the younger generation, thank you for the gentleman!”

Hear this, Chen Xi has to stop for a while.

He licked Qin Ruoying’s back and stunned his face.

In the end, I only had to sigh for a long breath, then I asked impatiently: “What?”

It’s no wonder that Chen Xi’s attitude is so bad.

After all, he only has to enter the West wing every day.

Was it so delayed that it would not directly affect the time when he and Yingying chat to cultivate their feelings? !

Chonghua was shocked by such a bad attitude as Chen Xi.

After a moment of stunned, he seemed to have the courage to brave. He quickly bowed his fist and said to Chen Xi: “The younger generation has been away from home for a long time, and next month is the year of the mother’s motherhood…”

“On such an important day, I hope that Mr. will allow the younger generation to go home to visit his mother…”

“The younger generation understands that I am wearing a sinful body. It is a death and alive.

“This request seems rude, but please read the filial piety of the younger generation, and allow the younger generation to go home for three days to filial piety!”

“If Mr. is not at ease, the younger generation can make an oath here, and this trip will be speeded back quickly…”

“If there is a violation, Xuanyuan Zhonghua willing to be thunderous, and will not return to Samsara after death!”

It may be feared that Chen Xi would not agree, so Zhonghua is like a bamboo tube, and all of a sudden he wants to say something.

After that, the kid was like a child who made a mistake, and squinted his head and stared at Chen Xi.

“Mother is 100 years old, so do you want to go home to be filial?”

Hear this, Chen Xi did not respond immediately, but looked at sister-in-law thoughtfully.

Although the little devil was captured by him, he had already handed over the two to the sister-in-law.

Look at this situation, this kid seems to be accurate. He is better than Qin Yuqing to talk, so did not ask Qin Yuqing’s opinion, he rushed to ask him for approval?

Chen Xi didn’t talk here, and there was a bit of anxiousness when he was there.

So, he immediately knees on his knees and leaned over and shouted: “I still hope that Mr. Wang will read the filial piety of the younger generation, and allow the younger generation to go home! If not, the younger generation would rather be on the spot than live on the spot! ”

The words that Zhonghua said in a word called a throwing voice, Chen Xi listened, but it was ‘hehe’ and laughed.

“Hey, are you threatening me?”

After hearing Chen Xi say this, Zhonghua suddenly jumped in his heart and suddenly remembered Chen Xi’s character.


Mr. Chen has always eaten soft and does not eat hard, and he has to ask him for another way!

Thinking of this, Zhonghua immediately changed his strategy and turned to Chen Xi with a kind of grief and anger.

Seeing that this kid is no longer snoring, just staring at himself, Chen Xi is too lazy to tease him again, so he immediately asks Qin Yuqing: “Since they are in charge of you, then you think it How should I dispose of it?”

Hear this, I haven’t waited for Qin Yuqing to open my mouth, and there is a trace of despair in Zhonghua’s face.

Everyone has been together for so long, Chen Xi will greet them both to sit down and have dinner together, but Qin Yuqing?

In addition to beatings every day, except for beatings, they almost never looked at them.

Therefore, when I heard Chen Xi ask Qin Yuqing’s opinion, Zhonghua had no hope in mind.

What can’t be revived is that…

Qin Yuqing’s answer is 10,000 times better than he imagined.

“Everyone has parents. Since he has this filial piety, this request is not excessive…”

“But the two of you remember…”

“This trip can’t be delayed for too long. I heard that it takes four days from Earth to too little…”

“If that’s the case, let’s put your two days off.”

“If I haven’t seen you back after seven days…”

“I miss you, we should be very clear about what the consequences will be…”

After that, Qin Yuqing didn’t go back to the east wing, only two of them were still stupid in the same place.

This promised? !

Zhonghua’s face was sluggish, and Yizhi’s eyes blinked, and he could not help but wonder if he was wrong.

It’s not his old mother’s life. I didn’t expect him to go home with him to visit relatives. !

Qin Yuqing actually agreed? !

Seeing that they both met the ghost’s expression, Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile, then turned and walked into the West wing.

If you think of Zhonghua and Yizhi as students, then Qin Yuqing is obviously the head teacher of both of them.

The mischievous bad boy has always been not like the teacher.

The two of them also have self-knowledge, so if they want to ask the class teacher to sign the fake note, they would rather fake a fake note and will not step into the class teacher’s office.

This is the common prejudice of bad boys for the class teacher.

In fact, how can the class teacher discriminate against every child in his class?

So don’t look at sister-in-law, beat them both every day…

In fact, she can be hot in her heart…

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