Chen Xi The webpages that I browsed at the moment are of course not the pages that ordinary people can open with just a few Baidu.

This is the legendary dark net.

Given that Martial Arts Federation blocked the incident, Chen Xi thought about flipping the wall to the darknet to see if there was any top secret on the Internet that was not known to the public.

If you eat melon, it’s natural to have a good time.

The result is just as Chen Xi expected…

Since Reiki began to recover, countries around the world have basically taken corresponding actions.

However, in the management of the cultivation sector, the capitalist countries have far less control than socialist countries like China.

Therefore, many Western countries, especially the long-standing traditional countries such as Britain and France, have already had many large-scale cultivator organizations.

Cultivation means extraordinary ability.

For anyone, it is simply a temptation to refuse.

Therefore, in this short period of two years, the foreign cultivator organization is developing with almost a viral spread.

Among them, the Knights Templar and the Wizards Association are most famous.

Chen Xi The website ‘Solomon’, which is being viewed at the moment, is the world’s largest dark net built by the Knights Templar.

In addition to regular firearms and opium trades, you can also buy a variety of unconventional ‘commodities’, such as: beauty, slaves, heads, and even military aircraft tanks that are absolutely impossible to obtain in conventional channels. It is also available here.

Of course, the premise is that you have enough money.

In addition to these things, the most noticeable one is naturally the cultivation cultivation method.

This is also a special commodity that has only appeared in the last two years.

It is estimated that Yujingzi is stupid in the middle of the mountain. He does not know how to use modern technology flexibly. Therefore, he just passed the teaching under the Tiananmen Gate, and the dark network has already taught him the cultivation cultivation method. Come out.

Five million copies, no limit.

In other words…

As long as one person chooses to pay for the purchase, the Knights Templar can make up five million.

If a thousand people buy it, the Knights Templar can make a blank of five billion!

What is this concept?

It’s no wonder that Chen Xi will be surprised.

After all, the cultivation method is written on paper. How much is a piece of paper?

Although his Origin Nurturing Pill is also very expensive, it is also costly.

Chen Xi has to purchase raw materials and process them themselves.

If this is the case, it seems that it is more cost-effective to sell the cultivation method?

The dark net is not Taobao. Naturally, the detailed sales data will not be listed, so Chen Xi does not know how many copies of the cultivation method are sold.

However, Chen Xi speculated that the cultivation method should not sell as much.

Because it is incomplete, if you follow this cultivation method practice, you can only practice to the peak of Qi Refining, and there are still hundreds of thousands of miles away from the Foundation Building.


Chen Xi never thought of…

So far, the number of people who bought this cultivation cultivation method has gone far beyond what he can imagine.

Chen Xi underestimated the attractiveness of the cultivation cultivation method to ordinary people and underestimated the degree of foreign desire for China’s heritage.

If there is not a Martial Arts Federation standing outside, almost turning China into a metal barrel, fearing that a killer has already flown into China, with a large-caliber sniper rifle to go to the famous mountains and rivers to search for the ancient heritage.

In this world, the strength of the ancient heritage like the island of Yuyu is still too little, and more is the refinement of Yujingzi.

Is the Foundation Building stage weak?

That is equivalent to Chen Xi.

For the average person, the Foundation Building stage is second only to Celestial!

Even in accordance with Martial Arts Federation’s strength evaluation criteria, the Foundation Building stage is at least an A-level Expert.

What is this concept?

A broken cultivation method can make an ordinary person become an A-level Expert, but now it only sells five million. Don’t tell me still sell expensive?

Of course not expensive.

Therefore, the farce of the Yujingzi Tiananmen Square and the missionary mission, the whole world has boiled up.

I have to say that the Martial Arts Federation is really shirking in order to maintain China’s law and order.

It is no wonder that the news from abroad has become less and less in these years, and all of them have been blocked and blocked by Martial Arts Federation in advance.

Even so, if you continue to develop according to the current trend…

It is estimated that it will not take long for China to move out of the closed-door policy until Martial Arts Federation completes its first five-year plan…


In addition to trading, the most useful function of the dark network is actually –

Information and information exchange.

It is both the world’s largest cultivator forum and the world’s largest news site.

Chen Xi probably browsed the news channel and found that it was all about the cultivator.

For example, a knight of the Knights Templar did a certain time with a big brother of Brahman, or a certain white robes of the Bureau of Onmyō and a wizarding association.

If the two sides are in public, the actual video will be listed on the website.


“I don’t know if there is my name on it?”

“Search and see…”

Chen Xi is like opening the door to the new world. After a whole day, he didn’t do anything. He sat in the yard with his computer and browsed the website while drinking tea.

Unlike regular websites, dark web search content requires money, and it can be hundreds of pieces at a time.

Therefore, Chen Xi spent a long time, and finally passed the supervision of China’s network police, successfully tied his bank card to the arrived dark network.

As the sound of successful consumption continued to sound, Chen Xi found several news about him in a short while.

“Hey, what about it?”

“Mr. Chen, the real name is unknown, the age is unknown, Chinese, the strength evaluation Ex, the third in the list…”

“Main experience: After the Chinese Taihang, a sword defeated Cloudy Ghost Sect Sect Master Xu Feng.”

Equivalent to Chen Xi’s other deeds, the Taihang Mountain and Xu Feng battles have come too far, so it is not surprising to be included in the dark network.

In addition, Chen Xi also found a few information about himself, but the source of the information seems to be less reliable, so the dark network posted unconfirmed labels.

“The third in the list?”

Chen Xi paid attention to the so-called ranking, so he tried to click on the word list. I didn’t expect the page to pop up the paid window.

“Do you have to pay? Go crazy?”

After silently speaking, Chen Xi still paid the money honestly.

Later, he saw an a list of detailed lists that were only reviewed by the Templars.

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