IBSDAR Chapter 553

Why did Chen Xi not teach Niannian swordsmanship directly, but let her start from martial arts like ordinary people?

that is because……

Chen Xi didn’t want to make Niannian too different.

Perhaps many people can’t understand this point of view, but as long as they think about it, it’s easy to understand.

People are a group of living things.

Chen Xi is no exception, Niannian is no exception.

If a person has no friends, how lonely is she?

The feeling of loneliness that lingers in the heart at times can sometimes kill a person.

Like other kids, Niannian has many friends.

Little Yu, who grew up in the same yard, twin brothers who grew up on the same street, then Li Sanduo and Li Yuyue of the same class.

Chen Xi is old.

Niannian is still very small.

Her friends will only be more and more.

However, how many friends can keep up with her fast pace?

It is a good friend who grew up together…

In a blink of an eye, Niannian leaped a genius aura and jumped one level at a time in school.

Niannian is already in sixth grade.

The brothers who once had a close relationship with her are still in the third grade.

This change was not obvious at first, but as Niannian gradually adapted to the sixth-grade life and began to try to integrate into this new environment, it was doomed that she had to say goodbye to her yesterday.

Once intimate, nowadays it is getting farther and farther.

Not because of who and who has changed.

But because…

Everyone is growing up again.

Compared to Immortal Cultivator’s long life, ignorant childhood is too short and precious.

Chen Xi did not want to let Niannian’s childhood be deprived of the inherent idea of ​​’cultivation as early as possible, because it would only lead to the child’s childhood loss.

Think about it, isn’t Qin Yuqing a typical case of childhood loss?


“Sister! keep it up! Beat him!”

In the crowd, the brothers did not care about the strange eyes of the students around them, and screamed and shouted for Niannian keep it up.

The two of them have already shouted loud enough.

However, Niannian was too focused, so that she did not hear the shouts of the brothers.

This is the first time she has played against others.

To say that she is not nervous in her heart, it is obviously impossible.

Therefore, after taking off the gloves on his hands, Niannian immediately put the posture of the elbows and hands around according to Chen Xi’s usual teaching.

What is a cloud hand?

In the ancient scrolls, the clouds are often rotated in the wind, and the classic movements of the dance also have a very elegant ‘cloud hand’ combination. This set of cultivation method is like a combination of cloud brushing and dance movements, so it is named: Yunshou.

What needs to be mentioned here is…

Wudao has the distinction of foreign boxing and inner boxing.

The external boxing is heavy in the external force, and the inner boxing is heavy in the internal force.

There is no difference between the two.

Because the martial arts are ruined to the environment, they need to be integrated inside and outside, so that they can break through to the Grandmaster.

And this, which is what the older generation often said: practice the bones and skins, and practice a breath inside.

The moves of Luohan Boxing are mostly fierce and vigorous, and it is the standard foreign boxing routine, so Hao Jie’s offensive looks like a sharp feeling.

As the so-called expert takes a take action, I know if there is any.

Niannian has just put up his hands and the referee on the side has been hooked up.

Looking at this situation, this child seems to really have something?

Just because the gloves were too inconvenient, Niannian was taken up by Hao Jie KO, so she was naturally not convinced.

The round did not count!

Come back!


Fighting with a little sister, this makes Hao Jie feel that there is no light on some faces.

However, after the other party fell down, there was still a look of disappointment, which made Hao Jie suddenly annoyed.

The little devil of this age is the most important face.

Not satisfied?

Then hit you to the service!

Therefore, just as the referee whistle sounded, Hao Jie rushed toward Niannian as if he had eaten gunpowder.

Perhaps I want to take advantage of this, so Hao Jie did not use Luohan Boxing this time, but directly took out his fame stunts –

The volley flies!

“Hao Jie?!”

Seeing Hao Jie leaping high, the volley rushed toward Niannian, and the teachers suddenly could not sit still.

With this foot going down, Niannian can’t be directly flew out of the ring by him?

The headmaster is still watching it!

How is this child so uninformed?

From Hao Jie’s accelerated running and jumping, and then to the teachers’ words and drinking, everything happens only between the electric and the flint.

But when everyone thought that Niannian would be kicked by Hao Jie, the unexpected scene suddenly happened.

In fact, if the reaction is very fast, Niannian can completely avoid Hao Jie’s flashy flying cornice.


However, she did not evade it. Instead, she immediately bent her knees and then swung her arms like a riverside willow branch. It seemed to be chaotic, but it was profound.

as predicted.

Just as Hao Jie’s right leg was about to smash Niannian’s moment, Niannian suddenly hugged his right leg with his hand, and then by the strength of Hao Jie’s leg, he turned around in the same place, followed by Directly throw out Hao Jie in the air!

“Hey! Get up! You are pressing on my feet!”

It may be because of the excessive force, Hao Jie’s body fell on the mat, and also rolled a few laps on the mat until it hit the audience, it finally stopped.

‘call out! ! ! ‘

“Hao outstanding world!”

“Chen Nian wins!”

After the sharp whistle sounded, the referee announced the results of this round of comparison.

No one thought that Hao Jie would actually lose in this way.

The teachers didn’t understand the curved roads. They only thought that Hao Jie was trying to make a handsome man, so he accidentally flew out of the ring.


The referee on the side understood the key, so he directly judged Chen Nian to win.

What is wrong with this?

In the face of Hao Jie’s flying cockroaches, Chen Nian not only did not evade, but seized the opponent’s mistakes at the crucial moment, and took advantage of the opportunity to successfully use Hao Jie’s strength for his own use. The son threw Hao Jie out of the field.

This is a test, not a duel.

It is the performance of the two sides to score.

Niannian does not add a point to the crisis, does not evade and adds one point, and correctly responds to add one point.

What about Hao Jie?

The load was not forced, and the result fell out of bounds…

This kind of performance can basically be directly negative.

Above, it is the judging criteria of the referee.

With this hand, Chen Nian won the deserved.

Well, it’s natural that it’s not more than brute force, it’s better than the brain.

Flying vacant?

The handsome style is handsome, but…

Can you kick in?

The referee has his own criteria for judging, so after the results of this round of trials were announced, he immediately indicated that the players in the next round were in place.

Although the teacher did not understand the power, he heard the referee’s judgment, but he took the lead to cheer for Niannian.

I really didn’t expect it.

This little girl can still win Hao Jie? !

Everyone is congratulating Niannian.

But at this time…

A very discordant voice suddenly rang.

“Unfair! There is a shady!”

“The referee blows the whistle!”

“I don’t accept it!”

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