205 waits, and phrase appear.

See, it's not my fault! I'm just overlap this unfortunate accident! "

 Bowman was brought in one room of the Royal Palace, pronouncing it in front of everyone.

 A kind of parasitic plants that consume a nutrient, rather than anything out of potential to improve the behemoth of and seems to be attached to the golems armed. A guy was fused into that back.

 But runaway started the takeover armed Golem of parasitic plants. Also the effect of the "collar of slavery" fusion Golem, no instructions off had apparently. Going out rampage was the culture at the same time all the Golem, was rushed to the city.

"Anyway for the Golem, as is the parasitic plant was still the pilot. It forced to grow, behemoth by I'd made pretty unreasonable fusion. Is in the discretion of the objections of the researchers.

 Told me about watching the materials seized from the laboratory of Bowman's Knight Order length limit.

"What that… Did not consider this potential? And your thoughtless actions produced much of the victim. "

"Runaway due to parasitic plants are low I'm! Who can anticipate taking over the consciousness of roughly golem! What? This runaway accidents! I'm not bad! I'm not destroyed the city! "

 In the words of Audrey, the Governor General reverse Gill Bowman to respond. The sound is not responsible for any excuse. Institute of fleeing, first and foremost, Shivering in the warehouse seems to have.

"Did you have a need to improve golem right now? In Brunhild Dukedom ability to borrow that phrase, should be almost was going to tell. Tomorrow in all State Government never took formal announcement that become was not "

 Oh, what had been decided so far. Settled in the hilly province of Audrey, the Governor General, not seven to four in some States to involve to Brunhild that direction seems to be had.

 Road Ma is divided and the central State, hilly province, in the mountainous province, Lake State, Rivers State, Plains States, blacksmith in the this hilly province, in the mountainous province, Lake State, Kaji in favor, Central and Plains States is opposite, Rivers State is still neutral and opinion divided was said.

 Tomorrow's State Governors meeting in formal never take will determine the policy of the country it was.

"By losing to the Dukedom frame gear, Calderoli question in the investigation of the armed Golem. And is not the national budget should be used to no avail. Always descend to strengthen armed Golem at the very least not phrase here and research.It's probably "

 Turning cold eyes and limit his open mouth, Bowman WinCE and body flinched in surprise. Then what? Did that sort of thing to continue their own research of what?

"So they can't be to talk about it anyway so Golem. And I'm all alone I done. Too weak.

 Elzie's words don't Bowman was looked up. Facial mix of astonishment and sadness there were floating.

"Down that strengthened the armed Golem. All alone? So… "

"Never should be used, cannot be controlled. It is this guilt is heavy, Bowman's Professor. Have taken the liability created by this scourge, and improved the Golem at the discretion. Dismissed from her post of all, is Professor of deprivation on the mine went in the mountainous province. It is nice, the statewide Governor? "

"Oh, yeah, that's a. Take responsibility.

 Statewide Governor silently to the stern voice of Audrey, the Governor General, had large eyes small nod, spending a big smile.

 It would do so. It's having left the institution, appoint a person who produced this damage is he even the Governor of the central State. My COP-out, as did not know when it will not.

 To be dragged to the Knights to the outside of the room taken Bowman. It's dead out in the fray this time. Achievement until now has been considered from wonder's death.

"With statewide Government. From the city of the central province, claim for the evacuation of residents. Emergency disputes as soon as possible. Take out the ride.

"Just a little wait. In evacuating, if anything would you do? Not ain't gonna inhabitants of the town! "

"In this stage, what foolish thing. Is apologized that youre fired, just take responsibility and compensate. What happens if you did nothing but know the appearance and later found. There is large problem? "

 That run express to the city, ordered his subordinates because I wanted that question statewide Governor falter, said Hill, the Governor General, but she said.

"Evacuates all residents claim publicly his Majesty King, Hill States lime rude et Minas, central region, from here. With the domestic deployment of the frame gear permits limited. Statewide Governor, good. "

"Oh, Oh. of course"

 Statewide Governor nodded and told Audrey, the Governor General will remain rich. So then which country leaders who did, I don't know.

 Well, be ready anyway in this phrase to engage.

"Thank you. With all their might ask today to deal with. Will be deployed our frame gear near the phrase occur anytime soon, so.

 It's not amusing even if in time to appear tomorrow. Not be better to hurry.

 Quickly I put the Royal Road Ma immediately back to the castle of Brunhild, organized forces. Knight Order long Rain, Norun, Deputy Head of the and Nicola, each one 19, along with the aircraft's platoon of 20 aircraft is three. This and stationed in the field, striking in 3 shifts.

 Brunhild becomes lax, Yamagata and the remaining Knights and Baba's and I's but would be okay if.

 There are 18 heavy knights Chevalier and 2 I lend out the machine’s black knight night baron Have them wait in. ||| UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END ||| And whether or not to be strapped leading Knights of other countries to the scene do not know or indeed any come Road Ma.

||| UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START ||| Our fiancee fiance ” < / rp> girls wanted to sort out together, but for the time being, Suu and Rin refrained from doing so. ||| UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END |||

Suu the insecurity still stand on the battlefield not familiar with it (though there is no need at all stand), Rin is pilot flame gear..

||| UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START ||| Elzie is a dedicated new model body gelhild, Yae and Hilda are crystal materials swords and swords, Rou is a crystal material dagger sword, Yumina and Linzie are Black knights equipped with rb> Tougant Flagarach night barons .

 This time, Rosetta and Monica is back in emergency situations, such as when the mini Robo and frame gear prepare themselves.

"To think this time equipped with the weapons by amorphous materials to all frame gear from fairly favorable arimasu!"

 Amorphous materials in the battle in the Yulong stink from a. But not rotted.

 Accompanied by a frame gear Division of Brunhild, road Ma phrase occurrence site spread in front of the forest away.

 In front of plains, had chained the mountains beyond. Quietly flowing clouds and birds singing. The atmosphere from this battlefield will be unafraid.

"Well, once this place Honjin to?"

 Just before the Woods Saturday arranged to transfer some Babylon Professor was away and gently dumped by magic "Hangar" container houses a remote location.

 This container houses are decorated as "storage" space magic, while wider than I thought. Of course when you are kept at room temperature and can be used as a resting place for the Knights of the watch. A NAP blanket is being prepared, so even if I would.

 Walls shook in number but the one Conference, you allocate for 2 meals and the like. Oh, women-only house mother prepared a.

 Occurrence from nearest road Ma evacuation finished properly, where men would we. If that happens, headed straight for here to come should be.

 It you can see the emergence of the phrase even if telephoto lens mounted in a frame gear away. Fortunately, there is no shielding Hirano's around here and.

"Did you come"

"But it's that if we can come. Must come over to set the stage, and many said help here.

 Available tables and chairs container houses with flat roofs, with Nicola put chess in face to face. I do other than monitoring;

 Map search and check out the evacuation road Ma's progressing steadily.

"To fight this double-edged who do not join? "

"I ~, pilot flame gear is double-edged SIS not from wish. That person, other than the sword nuts so… "

 Do I say something and are not interested in flame gear itself. I've become quite a force if 乗rikonasereba.

"But said would be participating. I wonder if it's not I who gave the sword of amorphous materials, working in its own way.

"I join the…In flesh and blood? "

In "flesh and blood"

 Nicola's expression, the moment, pocan and was soon shaking their heads low,

"If his Majesty the elder or…"

 And the smaller tweeted.

 But I don't, and ties of blood.

 To be honest, this fight is worry too much is not. That was also the time that number is less than on the Yulong's is.

 It's just that only the presence of senior anxiety. Previously crocodile-like guy might be doable, but still like that charged particle cannon that shot the damage is immense. Why, much to raze the capital of Yulong far away. I don't know believes the measures, to be effective, so I couldn't say.

 ” Meteor Rain Meteor zapper , of course, I also prepared the crystal material properly.

 However, there are many worse accuracy on enemy ally and not difficult to use in terms of magical power, and no I'm a. Rough terrain and wreak havoc.

 I can't do as a pre-emptive strike to the occurrence of the phrase of the ants and the situation do not know what will happen, but I want to avoid waste of such magic.

 So making the base, eyes without incident one day has gone by. The evacuation of the town seems almost over. No reaction to find the man. But I wait for the emergence of the phrase.

 二日 eye never changes. Late, but now if the occurrence should be avoided at night. And hard to see from them is translucent. While thinking that dawn and three days of morning came.

 Report finally arose from the person upon being Braised stew for breakfast, watched the monitor frame gear.

"See the crack in space! Has the phrase is! '

 Who rang the alarm on the Honjin were NAP nanny, we each got to their aircraft.

 We still have a little of time. During that time I was around international phrase occurrence report and were preparing their frame gear to the field and transfer pump.

 Crack location rollout for a total of 200 aircraft frame gear shape and ready for the interception.

"Your Majesty! The crack will spread! '

 I could fly a vision in "long sense" and crack of space spread little by little the phrase body part protruding from the inside.

 Breaching it and at the same time, eventually cracking the glass breaking sound rang out around the phrase they occur one after the other in situ. Space was destroyed and eventually the phrase all it went back to the original.

"Most is lower and intermediate species.If the advanced species? "

"Senior class takes time ago the occurrence. It was so before the filter? "

"Oh, so…I had! "

 Suddenly answer to unlock "long sense" and was standing next to Ende. Unknown …… That's still more elusive.

"Somewhere, finding 30 hours until the advent. I'd like to backin them so far.

 Ende is called the Dragon Knights of the monochrome, slides in the hand. Then get on board quickly. An impatient guy.

"Search. The number of phrase you can see? "

"During their search. 8141 body placed in a '

 Yulong at 13,000 was from about 6% as at that time??

"In the intermediate species is what body?

"Search start. … ….End. Intermediate species, 809 body placed in a '

 Or about 1% of the total. In former times it was a. I wonder if there is any law.

 The relay then summoned the Valkyrie have had a camera. Reach the throne of this picture and understand the situation. Don't look especially road MEA leaders and such. Later in the Yulong lash and even thought it was trouble.

 The Honjin hold a spare frame gear and Rosetta, Monica, Flora, Rin. Emergency escape magical destination also be set here.

"Touya's the phrase we started'

 Yumina voice heard from the receiver installed in the ear. If something was Gerhard Elzie and Black Knight type I to communicate is that because you'll soon see.

 Says "long sense" to activate again your forward and Yumina, certainly coming here and began marching.

 Prior to and the flying manta ray type.It was a new type of. Dolphin.And no one says killer whales.Come the flies on orka type. From the large and intermediate species.

"OK, so start?"

 "Storage" out of a great sword double blade length 2 m also, the left and right.

"All aircraft battle begins! According to each Commander, annihilate the phrase, do mopping! '

"Oh-oh! '

 Frame gear forces Vettel to the herd of the phrase, and rumbling.

 To the I "fly" to annihilate the phrase type the flight took off.

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