Inextinguishable Martial Venerable Chapter 5038

Gu Fei had a single-armed sword king, Supreme Yin divine fist, Han Dong, Knife Wang Luo Lie, and the tree monster king.

The four Deity kings took Gu Fei’s orders and disappeared day and night. It only appeared until now. When they appeared, Gu Fei knew that things had succeeded.

Among the Barbarian Sovereign camps, there is the Dao of Formation expert, and a super great formation enveloped the birthplace of Barbarian Sovereign.

The operation of the super great formation, that is the need for the huge world of Spiritual Qi, where is the super-great formation of Spiritual Qi? Nature is the spirit vein from the depths of the Void and Earth.

As long as the earth spirit vein is temporarily cut off, the source of the Spiritual Qi of the super-great formation can be broken. Although it is temporary, it is enough to affect the entire super-great formation.

At this time, Qian Beast King fled when they saw the momentum and turned around.

But did they escape? ?


Gu Fei moved, and the shocking sound of the sound broke. He flew in the Void speed, and immediately caught up with the thousand Beast King. The right hand grabbed forward and the five fingers were directly buckled in the heavenly spirit of the thousand Beast King. on.

“Do not kill me……”

Thousands of Beast King is really a big surprise. Even if he can’t borrow the power of super great formation, it is still the king of God King middle rank. This Gu Fei has taken a take action and buckled his heavenly spirit. This guy also It’s too strong!

“Give me a reason.”

Gu Fei is lightly said.

“I would like to serve you, let you drive.”

Thousands of Beast King’s voices were shaking, and he was afraid that Gu Fei’s right hand, which was buckled on his head, spit, and he could die.

“Very good, I am using it.”

Gu Fei nods said.

“Master, small person is willing to go through water and tread on fire.”

Thousands of Beast King were surprised and happy, I can’t think of this guy so easily.

“I am not afraid that you betray me anyway, I am now forbidden law on your body, your Life and Death, only between me.”

Gu Fei then said.


Thousands of Beast King had just been secretly happy. Now, after hearing Gu Fei’s words, they immediately forced it. It was really joy turns to sorrow. I thought I could fool Gu Fei. Who would like to be more embarrassed and give me a forbidden law.

I saw Gu Fei right hand pinch the seal technique and scored a dao talisman text into the body of the thousand Beast King.

After Gu Fei finished, he went directly to Cha Mei Ying Wang.

At this time, Chi Mei and the black mist city lord have long since escaped.

His Spirit Sense has locked Chi Mei’s Eagle King, he treads on Eight Desolate steps, showing the under the heaven speed, and soon he sees the back of the Chi Mei Eagle King who was desperately trying to escape.

“What, how fast is his speed?”

Chi Mei Eagle King saw Gu Fei chasing him up, suddenly scared to death.


A pair of wings suddenly stretched out from the back of Chi Mei’s eagle king. The next moment, Chi Mei eagle flew high and the speed suddenly doubled.

Chi Mei Eagle King desperately escaped, and his distance from Gu Fei immediately took a lot.


Gu Fei then exerted his strength. At the next moment, his speed also more than doubled, and the distance between the two was immediately closer.

“This guy……”

Chi Mei Eagle King knows that it is impossible to escape without losing Origin Qi today.

He glanced in his heart, slammed his tongue, and then his life source qi and blood burned, and a bloody glow directly enveloped him.


Chi Mei turned into a bloody glow and disappeared into the Void, and the speed was fast.

“Hey, come this hand?”

Gu Fei has some accidents. This guy is proficient in the blood technique and stimulates his own potential by burning his own qi and blood.

This secret technique, Gu Fei also understands, but he does not use this secret technique, because once the secret technique is applied, even if it can kill the opponent, he has no half life.

Because of this blood-staining secret technique, it is the life of the person who uses this secret technique!

Although Gu Fei did not use this blood-staining secret technique, but exhibited the Ascending The Heavens secret technique, Ascending The Heavens secret technique, Gu Fei’s speed also soared.

I saw him step by step, and instantly disappeared into Void.

Gu Fei immediately caught up with the bloody glow of Chi Mei’s transformed into, and then stepped on the bloody glow.

Void vibrates, and the blood shadow is directly stepped down from the sky above by Gu Fei.


A loud noise, the blood shadow drops from the sky, directly on the ground.

“In front of me, are you still to run?”

Gu Fei drops from the sky, it is a fall.


The dust was flying, and with a loud noise, the ground was unexpectedly being a big hole from Gu Fei, and the Chi Mei Eagle King disappeared directly.

“unable to withstand a single blow !”

Gu Fei disdained said.


Just then a dull roar came out from the black hole in the ground. The next moment, a person silhouette rushed out of the black hole and rushed to Gu Fei.


Chi Mei Eagle King went crazy to Gu Fei take action.


Gu Fei flew up and kicked the guy out and went straight into the woods.


Gu Fei took a step and came to the sky in an instant.

The next moment, Chi Mei rushed out of the woods, and saw him smashed, blood on the body, and a blood on his lips.

“What are you doing with me?”

Chi Mei Eagle is depressed to almost vomiting blood.

“Do you want to live or want to die.”

Gu Fei carrying his hands and looking at your Chi Mei Eagle King opposite.

“Crap, can live who wants to die.”

Chi Mei Eagle King angrily said.

“Then you want to live, well, you are my slave now, I will let you live.”

Gu Fei didn’t talk nonsense with this guy.

“what did you say?”

Chi Mei Eagle King is hearing this and frightened and angry.

“Don’t be my slave, then die!”

Gu Fei said that he would take action.

“do not!”

Chi Mei yelled at the Eagle King.


Gu Fei did not continue to take action.

“I am willing to serve.”

Chi Mei Eagle King bowed his head and had to bow his head. He would die without bowing his head. If he can live, who is willing to die?

Chi Mei Eagle King is not so pedantic.

“haha, good, very good!”

Gu Fei laugh heartily took the action and directly scored a forbidden law into the in the the body of Chi Mei.

“Now, your life is mine, your Life and Death is only between me.”

Gu Fei continues to say.


Chi Mei Eagle King is hearing this, and suddenly his face is gray.

Gu Fei didn’t pay any attention to this guy. He wanted to chase the black mist city lord, but this guy was cunning very much and escaped into the black mist city.

At this time, the army of Gu Fei and the army of Chi Mei eagle stopped the close quarters.

Gu Fei directly ordered Chi Mei and King Beast King to take their respective army to the black mist city.

Thousands of Beast King and Chi Mei, in order to make meritorious deeds in front of Gu Fei, are vying to attack their black mist city with their respective army.

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