Inextinguishable Martial Venerable Chapter 5039

“He broke the super great formation, how did he do it?”

Tian Wu Priest has been paying attention to Gu Fei. She thought that Gu Fei would be bad luck, because the entire Manor Imperial City territory is surrounded by three great cities.

This is nothing, the most terrible thing is that the entire Barrier Imperial City territory is under the supergreat formation.

No one is more aware of the power of super great formation than the priest Priest, because this super great formation is laid out by their Witch Clan’s formation Grandmaster.

It can be said that in this super great formation, whoever masters the formation disk, who is invincible, and the three great formation disks are in the hands of three great city lord.

Now, the three great formation disks are in the hands of Gu Fei.

Heavenly Priest is curious, even if she can’t break this super great formation!

The current super great formation is already in the hands of Gu Fei.

Heavenly Priest is also depressed!

“Miss, what do we do now?”

Asked the acolyte next to the priest Priest.

When someone is present, the acolyte will not call the priest Priest “Miss”, but the nickname “Tian Wu adults”, but when no one is, it is actually called Miss.

Because this acolyte grew up with the priest Priest, the relationship is very good.

“This may be an opportunity for our Witch Clan.”

Tian Wu Priest Wu Ling Xue pondered then said.

“Miss, you don’t tell me think this Gu Fei can compete with Barbarian Sovereign?”

Attendant Xiao Zi was surprised by the said.

“Who knows?”

Wu Ling Xue said.

At this time, Gu Fei surrendered to Chi Mei Eagle King, and also surrendered a thousand Beast King, Chi Mei Eagle King and Thousand Beast King’s army directly looked towards the black mist city to kill.

“The two bastards!”

I learned the news of the black mist city city lord and I was frightened and angry.

The army of the black mist city did not have any movement at all, so there was no loss. However, there was no loss in the army of the Barbarian beast of Thousand Beast King.

In the mountains, countless barbarian beast barbarian beasts rushed forward, and there was a mess in the past.

Thousands of Beast King’s true dragon bones drove the barbarian beast to the black mist city, over the top of his head, black and pressed, all flying ominous birds.

At this time, Gu Fei can just watch the play directly.

Chi Mei’s Eagle King and Black Feather were both killed by Gu Fei before the two armies. The remaining infantry and Gu Fei’s army had a big fight and the losses were very heavy.

However, now he is taking the infantry with the take action.

Chi Mei led the tens of thousands of infantry and soon succumbed to the black mist city, shaking the city.

The black mist city lord actually closed the city gate and did not play.

“Do you coward?”

Above the high heaven, Gu Fei actually saw this scene.


Suddenly, the roar of barbarian beast came from the distant mountains.

Then, Gu Fei saw countless barbarian beasts, covering the mountains and the plains, and rushed directly toward the black mist city, as the tides were overwhelming.

“the host……”

Thousands of Beast King hurriedly came to see him with his younger brother.

“The tigers meet the master!”

The wild tiger hurriedly fell down to Gu Fei in Void.

“Get up!”

Gu Fei is lightly said.

At this time, Chi Mei Eagle King has begun to attack the city.

Countless Skyhawk’s war soldiers rushed toward the city wall of the black mist city, and the archers put arrows at the back, suppressing the black mist city war soldiers of the city.

The war soldiers of the Eagle City set up the ladder to look at the city to climb.

The black mist on the head of the city braved the arrow rain, and lifted the stone to look at the war soldiers of the Eagle City that climbed up from the ladder.

The Tianying City war soldiers in the stone screamed and fell from the ladder.

A tragic siege war began.

The black mist on the city head was also in the middle of the arrow and was shot directly on the city.

Chi Mei saw this scene, very impatient, directly roared and killed to the city gate. Countless arrows rain on the city head from the sky to shoot at him.

However, the Chi Mei eagle’s on the body emerged with a layer of light, all the flying arrows were sent flying.


Chi Mei Eagle King did not slow down, unexpectedly is a collision on the city gate.


A loud noise, the entire heavy city gate was directly crushed by Chi Mei Ying Wang, he directly into the black mist city.

“act recklessly !”

An old voice rang in the black mist city.

The next moment, Chi Mei screams, unexpectedly is flying directly out of the city, which is faster than the speed at which he broke the city gate into the city.

“Chi Mei , accept death !”

I saw a person silhouette striding out from the city gate, it was a white haired white browed old man, the old man on the body, the Origin Qi wave is very powerful.

“Fire days?”

Chi Mei Ying Wang stabilized his body shape, staring at the old man, and frightened and angry. Under the excitement, Zhang mouthed a mouthful of blood.

In the fire, Barbarian Sovereign sat down with the Battle General. He followed Barbarian Sovereign to the ten directions and laid the boundless territory for Barbarian Sovereign. The Fire Element divine ability is extremely powerful.

No one can think of the fire in the black mist city.


The fire took action, and a fierce flame light directly slammed toward Chi Mei.

Chi Mei Eagle King directly escaped.


The blade light landed on the ground, leaving a blade trace of a dozen feet directly on the ground.


Chi Mei Eagle King startled.

“weng! ”

Void loud cry, one after another blade light directly to Chi Mei Eagle King.

Chi Mei Ying Wang directly fell to the next Wind, he was also frightened and angry.

“You two are going to help him!”

Gu Fei is the younger brother of Thousand Beast King and Thousand Beast King.

“Yes, master!”

Thousands of Beast King and the Tigers went straight to death.

“Fire day, take my fist!”

Thousands of Beast King screamed at the take action, only to see him struggling with a punch in the fire, and a giant fist shadow appeared in the world.

The shadow of the fist is like a mountain, falling directly toward the fire.

“All come to die, I will fulfill you.”

The fire was roaring. The next moment, countless blade light rushed out of his hand and slashed toward the three great powerhouse hiding the sky and covering the earth.

Three great powerhouse was directly forced back.

“This guy is very strong.”

Above high heaven, Gu Fei saw this scene, and there were some surprises. This guy, called the Fire Heaven, could even be an enemy, but also had the upper hand.

Chi Mei, the eagle king, they are great war fire, and soon, their on the body is hanging.

At this time, there were several forms on the city, among which a person silhouette unexpectedly is the second son of Barbarian Sovereign who escaped before, and the pretty man next to him, followed by three old man.

These three old men, each of the aura on the body are extremely powerful, each seemingly not weaker than the fire that is taking action.

No wonder this guy dared to appear here, and the feelings were moved to the rescue.

And that black mist city lord actually cautiously waited beside the pretty man.

Unexpected people suddenly appeared, which made Gu Fei somewhat surprised.

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