Inextinguishable Martial Venerable Chapter 5043

The first Divine General under the Imperial Throne is his nephew and the first son, Man Xiong.

Man Xiong is the most valued son of Barbarian Sovereign. Otherwise, Barbarian Sovereign will not take his third son, Man Yao, to the quite Imperial City to defend Ancestral Land.

It is because Man Yao poses a threat to Man Xiong’s status. Although it is a small threat, it is also intolerable by Barbarian Sovereign, so Man Yao is taken to the quite Imperial City.

Man Xiong has been following the Barbarian Sovereign from the South, and has made a great battle. No one of Barbarian Sovereign’s sons can stand with him.

Even the weapons of Barbarian Sovereign have been passed to Man Xiong.

It was a smashing knife, an ominous blade that had been contaminated with Sovereign’s blood. When Barbarian Sovereign and the wizard’s great war were used, it was the knife that defeated the wizard.

There is a knives in the hand, plus Man Xiong is the powerhouse of the semi-Sovereign Realm. He naturally has the capital of self-confidence. He naturally leads the 30,000 Azure Dragon army and directly kills the black mist city.

Man Xiong, not only the first son of Barbarian Sovereign, but also the commander of the Azure Dragon army, the 30,000 Azure Dragon army, enough to sweep the entire Southern Barbarian, even Witch Clan’s Witch army, lost to the Azure Dragon army.

The Azure Dragon Army was the first army of the Southern Barbarian. It was once the opening of Barbarian Sovereign and the great slaughter.

The current Azure Dragon Army is still the first army of Southern Barbarian.

Just as Man Xiong led the 30,000 Azure Dragon to the black mist city, Gu Fei actually oversee the black mist city and then removed the remnants of the black mist city lord.

If you want to control the black mist city with the quickest means, you must use strong means to suppress all opposition forces in the city.

In less than half a day, the black mist city was purged by Chi Mei and the others, and many of them were hiding in the dark black city city lord.

Soon, Gu Fei completely controlled the black mist city, the Skyhawk City, and the three great city, and the super great formation was also modified by him.

Originally this super great formation, which is biased towards defense, but now, this super great formation is not just as simple as defense.

Gu Fei joined the killing formation, and even if it was Sovereign arrive in person, he also had a battle.

“Master, Heavenly Priest is coming out, you see or not!”

At this time, the old Priest suddenly came in from the outside of the city lord main hall to Gu Fei.

“Bring her in!”

Gu Fei sighed a bit and said to the old Priest said.

“Yes, master!”

Old Priest took the lead.

Soon, a white-clothed woman wearing a silk hat walked into the main hall behind the old Priest.

“Please sit!”

Gu Fei swings to the left seat below the throne.

Heavenly Priest went straight to the seat and sat down.

“What are you coming to me?”

Gu Fei asked.

“I want to send you a good fortune? I don’t know if you dare to pick it up.”

Heavenly Priest looked at Gu Fei said on the throne.

“A good fortune?”

Gu Fei hearing this actually very disdain, what good fortune he has not seen?

“Don’t you want hegemony under the heaven?”

Heavenly Priest looked at Gu Fei said.

“Yeah, what about it?”

Gu Fei is very puzzled.

“What if I support you with Witch Clan?”

Heavenly Priest said.


Gu Fei hearing this startled , Witch Clan Support yourself? How is this possible, to know, the current Witch Clan is still subject to Barbarian Sovereign.

“My Witch Clan wants to form an alliance with you.”

Tian Wu Priest then went on.


Gu Fei is amazed. What is the main Intent that Witch Clan is playing?

The alliance is not a joke. If you let Barbarian Sovereign to know Witch Clan to form an alliance with yourself, then Witch Clan may have a catastrophe.

“Can you think about it?”

Gu Fei looked at the priest Priest with a dignified look.

“Well, don’t you wait for me?”

When the priest Priest said, he got up and said goodbye.

After the departure of the priest Priest, Gu Fei called the numerous hand to discuss this matter. Soon, Chi Mei Ying Wang, Qian Qianjian, Qian Beast King and the others gathered on the main hall.

“What, Witch Clan wants to form an alliance with us?”

Everyone hearing this is startled.

“Master, the alliance with Witch Clan has a lot of benefits for us, I see.”

Qian Qianjian sank a bit, then said.

“Yes, Witch Clan’s power is really big, even the current Barbarian Sovereign, there is no way to take Witch Clan!”

Supreme Yin divine fist Han Dong said.

“Then you seem to support an alliance with Witch Clan.”

Gu Fei swept the crowd on the main hall, said.

“Yes Master.”

裘 剑 小心 小心 careful said.

They are now weak, but once they form an alliance with Witch Clan, they have to know. Before Barbarian Sovereign, the wizard ruled the entire Southern Barbarian.

“This alliance is not so easy to settle.”

Gu Fei sighs, no good, Witch Clan will be allied with him?

All of this is a matter of interest. If there is no interest, who will find Gu Fei to form an alliance?

“Please come to see you.”

Gu Fei is waiting for the old Priest said.

“Yes, master!”

Old Priest took the lead.

Soon, the priest Priest is coming again.

After the priest Priest sat down, Gu Fei opened the door to the said: “Speak your conditions!”

Under the heaven There is no free lunch. No one except their own loved ones will help others for no reason, especially the Great Clan like Witch Clan.

“Under the heaven!”

The priest Priest said these four words.


The thousands of swords on the main hall, they are afraid this startled, Witch Clan actually wants to divide the same with the owner, such conditions, the owner will promise?

“haha ……”

Gu Fei hearing this actually laugh heartily got up.

“Like this, if you can marry me, I will divide the heaven with your Witch Clan.”

Gu Fei is half joking about the priest Priest said.


The numerous God King hearing this on the main hall, all staring at the priest Priest.

Through the ages, it seems that there has never been a precedent for marrying.


The Priest hearing this is suddenly frightened and angry, but there seems to be a bit of joy in the depths of the heart. This kind of mood is too difficult to describe.

“No, that’s it.”

Gu Fei was originally joking with the priest Priest.

The priest Priest sinks for a while, suddenly said with a smile: “You still don’t know. The first Divine General under the Imperial Throne is killing the 30,000 Azure Dragon army here!”


The numerous God King hearing this on the main hall suddenly changed big face, the first Divine General under the Imperial Throne, that is the first son of Barbarian Sovereign Man Xiong, he actually led the Azure Dragon army.

No one was shocked when I heard the news.

“What do you mean?”

Gu Fei is still dull.

“It doesn’t make much sense. If you can survive in Man Xiong’s hands, how can I marry you?”

When the priest Priest said, he stood up and bowed directly to Gu Fei, and turned and left.

“This chick…”

Gu Fei looked at the back of the priest Priest, can’t help but think deeply, Barbarian Sovereign first Divine General led the Azure Dragon to kill, this is definitely not a good thing for him.

However, Gu Fei is not very worried, because he has super great formation, can borrow the power of great formation, who is afraid?

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