Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2029

Su Ji heard this, Wei

Slightly laughed, then said:

“The condition is that I

After the head-mounted dragon soul is stripped, you have to

Leave the dragon soul to me. j

Ji’s tone barely fell, stand

He immediately rejected Chi’s proposal.

Including the dragon soul of Su Yangjun

Hand it over to another ruler, the station is no

No matter what, I won’t agree.

But I just refused to boo Ji

One picture, just listen to Bo Ji and then continue


“Don’t you want to refuse me

After I peel off the dragon soul

She renews me a more suitable one

Physical body, so you can always agree

Bar j

Standing hearing this, falling into the field


Because no matter what

Is to give the spirit that was stripped out

The soul seeks the body.

Best-case scenario

Of course it is the original Su Wan

You can have the current body

Body, and as the “Dragon Rose” Su

Seeing the king is to have and this body

A body with the same strength.

But if it’s me Harvey

Break to strip Su Wanjun within the body human

The soul, then you can’t let people

Su Wanjun like this has the original body


And no matter which Su Wanjun

Must die once as a generation

You know, Harvey resurrected

District classes are not without side effects

It’s like You Ji, she replied

After living once, in addition to being angry

Besides, the personality has changed obviously

Pi is afraid to die again.

The one as “Dragon Soul”

Jun Su’s own personality is good enough

Crazy, if you let Chi not be afraid

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