Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2030

If you are afraid of death, I am afraid that it will be fixed in the future

Will there be a group of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering

It’s coming.

So, if you can be straight

Then strip the dragon soul out,

The best choice.

I thought about it and watched

Yi Ji said:

“You will be stripped

Dragon Gui prepares a new body.”

Bo Ji hearing this, ordered nodded


“Xue Ran. j

Station hearing this, very confused

“Why do you do this right

What good do you have?

Zhu Ji listened and laughed at her marriage

“I treat my offspring well

Ugly, is it okay?


Tuo paused when he heard what Bo Ji said.

Shi Tianfang did not understand what Zhuo Ji meant


At this time, just listen to the dragon god

Tuwu said:

“Mother is from Dragon Race

Nose rent, this “Dragon Soul” is me

The rear window of our Dragon Race, so mother

It’s normal for adults to treat her well

Pi had a thing. j

When I heard the words of Dragon God,

Jia was stunned.

“Wait for you

Is it Tuan?

I feel like I just said that

The amount of information is a bit big

And the Dragon God’s words were

Replied with a calm down:

“I call Chi mother Dachi

Bo Ji who is by the field listened,

Also said in a very calm tone

“Small dragon is my child

Son, do you have any comments

Exploring the harm, immediately point to the meaning

Ji shouted

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