Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2031

“You are taking advantage of me in disguise


Of course I have opinions

Just now Ryushentian took charge of himself

Called “Brother”, but now this generation

Counting it down, I am inexplicable

The wonderful one became a few generations of Zhu Ji


Pi Guo, I found out soon after turning

Your betting point should not be


“Wait for the apostle

child is a god”

This is the first time I have seen you

The apostles have descendants

Na Ji Ji heard the words of standing,

It is said with a smile:

“I have been until 5000 years

Only after the former small dragon got out did I know how to use

The child born as a mere person will be a god

Standing when I heard Bo Ji’s words, Tuan

I finally understand why Long Huang is big

Lu Jinhui only appeared in 5000 years of spirit strength

I finally understand why?

Dragon Race only appeared in the last 5000 years


It turned out that it was all because of boil

Ji 5000 years ago, Halong

the reason.

After thinking about this,

Immediately full of curiously asked:

“Who is his father, small dragon?

I just said this

Insulted immediately.

Because this is the Tomb of Longmeng

So the father of Dragon God must be

Ba Jing is dead.

At this moment, Cong Naoji’s face

The sadness that suddenly flashed out

Look, Kuo really asked Tian if he

The question of the direction.

r. . . . “

I’ve seen Zhu Ji have been redundant

Silently, he quickly changed the subject,

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