Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2032

“If it’s not convenient

Don’t say anything, let’s come

Talking about how to take the dragon soul from Su Wan

Take it out of Jun’s body.

Standing now, even if it’s Pi Kanao

Ji’s expression can feel her

The sadness and pain in my heart.

After Su Ji heard the words of the station,

Weng Wei recovered and calmed down

Sorrow in the middle, and then said


“Want to strip Dragon Rose to me

What’s difficult to say about Binpi

Love, as long as it is purer and more pure than her

The powerful “strength of Dragon” blocked

Chi within the body “Dragon Soul” and the body

Contact, you can directly remove the dragon soul from

Chi pulled out. j

When I heard this, I suddenly felt

There are some problems with this Nori.

Tian Mohe” is purer than the earth

A stronger strength of Dragon

The Dragon God said he could not make Su Wan

The dragon rose within the body is stripped out

Is it true that Su Wanjun’s “Dragon is weak

Purer than dragon species, beans

Want to be strong

But I was standing still thinking

When, boil Jiba to walk warmly

When I reached Su Wanjun’s body,

Gently stroked Su Wanjun’s

Cheek, then said:

“It’s too late, we

Let’s get started. j

After all, Zhu Ji’s hands


The dragon is weak.

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