Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2033

Su Wanjun, who was trapped by the vines, saw that Zhu Ji walked in front of him, and immediately struggled frantically.

“hateful! You old woman, don’t touch my mother! ! ! Su Wanjun felt unprecedented pressure and fear from Zhu Ji’s body at this moment.

As soon as she said this, she immediately burst out an extremely powerful Strength of Dragon, trying to break free from the shackles of the vines.

And the vine that contained the Life Law one after another, under the eruption of Su Wanjun’s strength of Dragon, broke apart one by one.

However, Luo Tian is a Demi-God-like existence, and Su Wanjun’s strength of Dragon exploded with this body at this moment, still unable to tear off all the vines.

“Hey, don’t mess around, it will be all right soon. 』

While talking, Zhu Ji gently tapped the finger full of red strength of Dragon on Su Wanjun’s forehead.

In an instant, Su Wanjun only felt her eyes white, and her whole body was in a daze.

When Su Wanjun was awake again, she saw nothing but a blank piece of white in front of her eyes.

“Hey! Actually back here again. 』

Su Wanjun knew that the vast white space in front of her was her own subconscious space.

But when Su Wanjun just realized this, she immediately felt a threatening object, slowly walking towards her.

And this object full of threats, it is Zhu Ji.

At this moment, I saw the enchanting Bouji, walking towards Su Wanjun step by step with sexy steps.

Su Wanjun saw Zhu Ji coming oncoming, a look of jealousy immediately appeared on her face.

At this moment, Su Wanjun’s instinct told herself that the farther away from this woman, the better!

However, when Su Wanjun realized this, the oncoming Bo Ji had already body flashed and came directly to Su Wanjun.

“Oops! ! 』

Zhu Ji’s speed was too fast, and Su Wanjun had no chance to react.

In the next second, I saw Bo Ji stretch out with one hand and a claw directly into Su Wanjun’s abdomen.

But after Su Wanjun hit this claw, there was not at all any scars on the lower abdomen.

After all, Su Wanjun is not a physical body, but a pure manifestation of consciousness.

Immediately afterwards, I saw that Su Wanjun pulled out a humanoid body composed entirely of power from Su Wanjun’s body.

The whole body of this humanoid body is condensed by the strength of dragon of red, and the outline has several points of Su Wanjun’s appearance.

However, this humanoid energy body was not at all completely separated from Su Wanjun, only the upper body was pulled out by Zhu Ji, and the lower body was still within the body of Su Wanjun.

Su Wanjun saw that her strength was gradually leaving her body, and immediately shouted:

“What a joke! ! 』

After Su Wanjun shouted, he grabbed the energy body that was about to be dragged out of the body by Zhu Ji, and then pulled it back into his body for a few points.

Upon seeing this, Zhu Ji frowned suddenly, and at the same time, the strength in her hand increased a bit.

However, even if the strength in Zhu Ji’s hand increased, the human body formed by the strength of Dragon was still slowly retreating back to Su Wanjun within the body.

Su Wanjun frowned when she saw that she was gradually gaining the upper hand, and grinned furiously, saying:

“how? ? Could it be that your strength of Dragon is not as pure as mine, and not as strong as mine? ? 』

Ju Ji said just now that only by using a stronger strength of Dragon than Su Wanjun, can Su Wanjun’s strength of Dragon, or “Dragon Soul”, be taken out of the body.

However, at this moment, Su Wanjun was unable to extract Su Wanjun’s power from her body.

1200•This body is yours now. (under)

“Smelly girl, shut up! 』

When Su Wanjun heard Su Wanjun’s words, Zhuo Ji became obviously angry. After she said this, she immediately stretched her other hand to the sky, and then came out countless red chains formed by the strength of Dragon.

Suddenly, I saw the countless red chains dropping from the sky, blocking all of Su Wanjun’s limbs.

Su Wanjun was sealed by the chain, and the hand that was pulling the energy body also loosened.

“Motherfucker! ! You old woman, if you can’t fight me hard, just play yin! ! ! 』

Su Wanjun was previously sealed in the subconscious for a long time and could not fully adapt to the body in reality, so it was impossible to use all the strength of dragon.

But the current Su Wanjun is not only purely conscious, but also in her own subconscious, so she can fully exert the full power of “strength of Dragon”.

Su Wanjun can obviously feel that if the two sides are simply competing for power and dragging the human-shaped energy body, she can definitely drag the energy body back within the body.

However, she didn’t expect that, Zhu Ji used her other hand to release the chain formed by the strength of Dragon, completely blocking her four limbs.

“Who is going to fight with you, I still have business to do!” Seeing that Su Wanjun no longer poses a threat to herself, Su Ji said with a cold laugh.

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