Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2034

In the next second, Su Wanjun pulled out the energy body formed by the strength of Dragon within the body with a strong pull.

This red humanoid energy body is the body of Su Wanjun’s “strength of Dragon”, or her “soul”.

And at the moment when the “soul” was pulled out of Su Wanjun within the body, I saw the frenzied Su Wanjun 2 with white eyes and his whole body like a broken puppet, falling on the white ground.

At this moment, I saw Zhu Ji transform the human-shaped energy body into a red energy ball, tightly holding it in her hand, and looking at the red energy ball with hopeful and expectant eyes, and said :

“Finally… found me…”

Zhu Ji looked at the soul of Su Wanjun in his hand, as if looking at the long-awaited treasure, and couldn’t put it down.

After Zhu Ji finished speaking, she was about to leave Su Wanjun’s subconscious. However, before she left, she slowly walked to the iron cage not far away, then flicked her finger to open the door of the iron cage, and said to the other Su Wanjun who was full of horror inside:

“Now as agreed, this body is yours. After speaking, Zhu Ji turned around and disappeared into this white subconscious.

Back to the real world,

I saw Zhuo Jizheng holding the “Dragon Soul” just taken out from Su Wanjun within the body in love with her eyes full of expectation.

v Seeing that Zhu Ji’s expression was a little weird, he immediately said:

“I won’t leave here before you inject this dragon soul into a new body.”

Bo Ji hearing this, slightly laughed, replied:

“Don’t worry, I will inject this dragon soul into a stronger body that is more suitable for her. 』

While talking, Zhu Ji slowly lifted the dragon soul in her hand, letting it rise into the endless darkness above.

However, at this moment, Su Wanjun, who was in a semi-conscious state, opened his eyes slightly, then looked at side v, and said in a weak voice:

“Little vv…Go get the dragon soul back…I can feel, then…that woman, it’s time to refining the dragon soul…”

Just now Zhuo Ji’s consciousness had been staying in Su Wanjun’s subconscious, so Su Wanjun could vaguely read Zhu Ji’s thoughts.

At this moment, Su Wanjun was extremely convinced that this Jiu Ji wanted to refining the dragon soul as a material to fill other souls!

1201. Tomb of Longzu (Part 1)

“Little vv… Go get the dragon soul back… I can feel it. That…that woman…is going to transform the dragon soul. 』

Su Wanjun tone barely fell, v immediately flew out with a vigorous stride, with the brilliance of silver white, chasing the dragon soul shining with red rays of light and rushed out.

v completely believes in Su Wanjun, so when Su Wanjun said that there was a problem with Bo Ji and asked him to chase the dragon soul back, he acted immediately.

However, even if v has used the fastest speed currently available, it is still one step late.

The red dragon soul that has risen into the darkness has dissipated into the darkness at this moment and disappeared.

v You can see things in the dark.

At this moment, in v’s perspective, the dark sky is not empty, but the top of the Longzu Tomb, which is a “cave roof” with thick rock layers.

And that dragon soul just hit this “hole top” before it disappeared.

v As soon as he saw the dragon soul disappearing at the “top of the cave”, he immediately stared down at the place where Zhu Ji was, and said angrily:

“What did you do with that dragon soul??”

At this moment, Zhu Ji’s face was full of joy that could not be concealed.

And when she heard the words of v, she immediately replied:

“Don’t listen to this little girl talk nonsense, of course I have infused the dragon soul into a stronger and more suitable body according to the agreement. 』

At this moment, even if he stayed in the Apostle Hall for 100,000 years without going out and was not good at observing words and expressions, he saw that there was a problem with Zhu Ji, “Ji Ji, you know the power gap between us!!”







When Su Ji heard the words of v, most of the joyful expression on her face disappeared.

“I don’t want to use military force to bully a woman, so I give you a chance and tell me what the hell is happening.”

The tone of v is very serious, full of pressure, and there is no room for negotiation.


However, after hearing V’s words, Zhu Ji chose to remain silent and did not answer.

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