Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2035

But at this moment, v suddenly heard the “crack crack” sound from the top of the Dragon Tomb.

The sound is like the sound of rocks rubbing against each other.

is it possible that the roof of this cave is going to collapse? ? ?

In the next moment when the idea of ​​v was born, the “top” of the Dragon Tomb shook violently.

At the same time, the ground under V’s feet swayed continuously.

v As soon as he noticed the “earthquake”, he immediately flew to Su Wanjun’s side, and used the palm full of Source Power to pull away the vine that bound Su Wanjun, and then clamped her to her waist, carrying She quickly rushed out of the Longzu Tomb.

As for the ball, v is not worried. Even if the tomb of Longzu explodes in place, the ball will only have a small layer of skin at best.

However, the reaction speed of the ball is not slow. v As soon as this front foot took Su Wanjun out of Longzu’s Tomb, the ball followed up.

v After moving quickly to a relatively safe location, he immediately turned and looked towards the nearly collapsed “Dragon Tomb” behind him.

However, this dragon tomb is far from collapsing as v thought.

At this moment, I saw that the thick ice layer above the Longzu Great Tomb was cracking inch by inch, turning into chunks of ice and rock, crashing down downwards.

At the same time, I saw an extremely huge dragon head slowly rising from the collapsed ice layer, roar towards the sky.


There is no way to describe how big this huge dragon head is.

1201. Tomb of Longzu (Part 1)

If the head of the True Dragon previously turned into by the Dragon God is 3 v high, then the dragon head that caused the ice to collapse is the size of 50 Dragon God’s heads.

Just a head is already so huge, you can imagine how terrifying the size of its body is.

At this time, V finally realized that the Dragon Ancestor Tomb was not in the ice cave, nor in the cave, but under the body of this giant dragon! ! !

And the “top of the cave” in the former Longzu’s tomb was probably just a small piece of “skin” on the belly of this giant dragon!

At this moment, when v looked at the giant dragon slowly breaking out of the ice in front of him, and when v felt the vaguely overflowing power of the giant dragon, an idea that even he himself could not believe was born in his heart.

The impossible size of the dragon is so huge, so the giant dragon in front of me is not the so-called Dragon Race, nor is it True Dragon!

The creature in front of me is a creature similar in appearance to a giant dragon, and is one of the ten strongest lifeforms in the world.

He is the fifth apostle, [the source of destruction], Dihe. Just when V realized that the giant dragon in front of him was Di He, who was in the shape of a mountain range, he saw that Zhu Ji took the dragon god and walked to a short distance in front of V, then looked at V and said:

“Didn’t you just ask me who the father of the small dragon is?” I can tell you now, the father of the small dragon is Dihe. 』

v Except after seeing all the apostles once 100,000 years ago, I have never seen them again, so I don’t know how they changed.

At this moment, when the giant dragon faintly overflowed with the power of “destroying the origin”, v discovered that the giant dragon was actually Dihe.

After Zou Ji finished speaking, he didn’t wait for V to speak, and continued: “4000 years ago, Di He died in battle to protect this continent. But fortunately, I saved Dihe’s soul at the last minute, which didn’t let his soul dissipate completely. 』

When the apostle falls, the soul will not be reincarnated in the underworld, but will dissipate within the realm and become a part of the world.

“But it’s a pity that even if I tried my best, I only saved a part of Diher’s soul, not at all. 』

A complete soul has “7 souls and 6 souls”. As long as one lacks one of them, it is not a complete soul.

“So, do you have to use Jun’er’s “Dragon Soul” to fill Di He’s soul?”

v Hearing this, I already understand the idea of ​​Zhu Ji.

“That’s right! Dihe’s soul is the soul of the apostle, the soul bred from this world, so it can’t be filled by any soul! To fill his soul, one must use the souls of other apostles. 』








v Hearing this, I was shocked.

Bo Ji hearing this, slightly laughed, then looked at v and said:

“Didn’t the small dragon tell you just now?” ? The ancestor of this girl is very thorough. The strength of Dragon is so strong that even the small dragon who is a dragon god can’t hold it down. 』

v After listening to Zhu Ji’s words, he immediately understood the question in his heart.

Previously, Zhuo Ji said that the Dragon Soul could be pulled out with a stronger strength of Dragon than Su Wanjun, but the Dragon God said that he could not pull out Su Wanjun’s dragon soul.

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