Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2036

This point shows that Su Wanjun’s “strength of Dragon” is actually stronger than Dragon God.

But now that Jing Zhuoji said so, v finally woke up.

Su Wanjun’s return is not to return to an ordinary Dragon Race, but to return to their noses, return to Bo Ji, return to Di He! ! !

Although her within the body does not yet have Source Power, her body already has the aptitude to become an apostle! !

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“Jun’er’s body has the aptitude to be an apostle!?” v After thinking about what Zhu Ji said, he immediately looked towards Su Wanjun, who was still in a state of confusion behind him.

v Although he understood the meaning of Bo Ji’s words, he still couldn’t believe the answer he got in his mind.

Does Su Wanjun’s body possess the aptitude to become an apostle? ?

How can this be! !

You know, the apostle is the strongest lifeform bred between this Heaven and Earth. It is the existence of more than 1000000 creatures.


wrong! !

Just when v couldn’t believe the answer in his mind, he suddenly realized a question that, although very important, has been forgotten by him.

At this moment, I saw Bo Ji Serene looked at v and said:

“This girl’s within the body is flowing with my blood, flowing with Dihe’s blood, so her body has the aptitude to be an apostle, which is normal. 』

As Zhu Ji said, Su Wanjun is a member of Su Family, with the bloodline of Dragon Race flowing in his body. And the nose of Dragon Race is exactly the two apostles Bo Ji and Di He.

Therefore, Su Wanjun should not say that she has the aptitude to be an apostle, even if she is an apostle, it is not surprising.

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However, v is still full of disbelief at this moment, unable to figure out the reason for this.

“No, there is a problem here! Why, as the son of you and Dihe, the Dragon God is only a god, not an apostle?”

If Su Wanjun has the aptitude to become an apostle, then the Dragon God, as the direct bloodline of Zhu Ji and Di He, should have the aptitude to become an apostle.

However, the Dragon God is only a god, not a


Bo Ji hearing this, slightly laughed, replied:

“Perhaps no apostle had fallen, so it’s not the small dragon’s turn to become an apostle. 』

v It can be seen that Bo Ji is lying and fooling herself. Even if the Dragon God does not have the apostle to fall, he cannot obtain Source Power and cannot become an apostle, but his body should also have the aptitude to become an apostle.

However, as one of the gods in this world, the Dragon God has lost his qualifications to be an apostle from the very beginning.

It’s like Midison who once usurped the throne of Havis and tried to gain “Source Power” to become an apostle.

As a god, as a certain energy aggregate, he will be swallowed by Source Power at the moment he obtains Source Power, and then disappeared.

Therefore, as the “spirit strength” supplier, the Dragon God does not have the aptitude to be an apostle since the beginning.

v After thinking about this, I knew that Zhu Ji was fooling herself, so he didn’t think about it any more, but glared at Zhu Ji and said:

“Return the dragon soul immediately! If not.”

v Having said this, he immediately unlocked the Third Layer seal on his body, exploding with the original brilliance of silver white.

The meaning of v at this time couldn’t be more obvious.

Although Zhu Ji is a female, if she does not return the dragon soul to v, v will not be polite to her.

However, Zhu Ji is also an apostle and one of the ten lifeforms at the apex of this world.

Therefore, when she heard v’s threat, she just smiled grimly, and then said:

“Then I will take a look today, is the power of your first apostle legendary infinite? 』

After Zhu Ji said, the whole body immediately flashed with the original brilliance of green.

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