Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2037

At the same time, she saw the horns that True Dragon had on her forehead, and the white dragon scales on her snow-white skin.

1202. Late. (under)

v Seeing Zhu Ji’s behavior, he was a little dazed. He thought that Zhu Ji would succumb to his power and return the dragon soul to himself.

But how he didn’t expect, Zhu Ji would choose to go to war with himself.

Is this because Ji Ji is beginning to float, or is he unable to handle the knife?

You know, when I first met with Bo Ji 100,000 years ago, Bo Ji did not dare to look directly into his eyes.

Just as v was thinking like this, I saw that Zhu Ji had already preemptively, single-handedly condense a huge round blade shining with green brilliance, continuously rotating, and then directly G out with one hand, toward the position G where v is. come.

The Source Power that Aoji masters is the flow of air, the source of wind.

Therefore, the continuously rotating brilliant round blade is an energy aggregate composed entirely of the origin of wind.

But this brilliant round blade is different from general energy aggregation


Regardless of the previous Monster Sovereign bullets released by Monster Sovereign, or the spirit strength balls released by Su Jin, those are simply gathering energy together to form a spherical aggregate.

But at this moment, the brilliant round blade displayed by Bo Ji,

It’s a flat, spinning aggregate.

While this brilliant round blade is spinning, it will make a “pull and pull” sound, as if it had cut everything around the blade, including the air, and it was incredibly sharp.

In fact, this continuously rotating round blade is cutting everything close to it.

In the next second, when this brilliant round blade appeared in front of V, V only felt that every inch of air around him was carrying a sharp blade, and only felt that every breath of air inhaled into his body was mixed with sharp blades.

Although the radiant round blade released by Aoji does not contain too much Source Power, it cannot produce a violent explosion and raze everything to the ground.

However, it can cut off anything close to it.

If v was not protected by the silver white brilliance that is also Source Power, I am afraid that his body would have been torn to pieces by the power radiated by the brilliant round blade in an instant.

At this moment, I saw V Wei frowns, exhausting all his strength under the seal of the Third Layer, blocking the attack of the brilliant round blade.

However, the sharpness of that brilliant round blade was completely beyond V’s imagination.

I didn’t expect how much, this does not include much Source Power’s brilliant round blade, which can cut through all the power under the power of the Third Layer.

Thinking of this, v closed his eyes slightly, then whispered:

In an instant, all the silver white brilliance on v was transformed into the dazzling Star River.

At this moment, V’s whole body seemed to be surrounded by Star River, extremely magnificent.

In the next second, v used the palm that was wrapped around “Star River” to grab the flat brilliant round blade, then threw away with one hand, and threw the brilliant round blade back in front of Bo Ji.

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Seeing that the shining round blade she threw out was thrown back by V, Su Ji immediately reached out to catch the shining round blade and put it to her side.

This brilliant round blade is condensed by the strength of Zhu Ji, so it will not hurt Zhu Ji himself.

At this moment, I saw V looking at Zhu Ji with cold eyes, and said:

“I’m not interested in playing the game of throwing frisbee with you here, so quickly get the dragon soul out of Dihe’s body!”

Although this dragon soul is the soul of a quasi-apostle, she does not have Source Power, so v is afraid that if it is taken out with her own power, it will hurt the dragon soul itself.

Therefore, the only feasible way now is to ask Bo Ji to take out the dragon soul.

However, after hearing V’s words, Zhu Ji said: “It’s too late, the dragon soul has merged with his soul from the moment it entered Di He’s body. Unless you wait until the integration is over, otherwise it will not end in any case! 』

After Zhu Ji finished speaking, a cold smile appeared on her face.

1203. I am not going to die. (on)

Once the dragon soul enters Dihe’s body, it will immediately fusion with his broken soul, thus giving birth to a complete


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