Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2038

Therefore, from the moment Zhu Ji put the dragon soul into Di He’s body, there was no way to turn back.

v Hearing Zhu Ji’s words, his face immediately became gloomy, because he was very clear in his heart that what Zhu Ji said was true.

Although Di He’s soul is mutilated, it is still the soul of a true apostle, possessing power that other souls in this world do not have.

And that dragon soul is just a “quasi-apostle” soul that has not yet obtained [Source Power].

Therefore, if the dragon soul meets Dihe’s soul, it will only be swallowed and merged.

v When I thought of this, a cloud of anger rushed to my head.

You know, in V’s heart, all of this is, in the final analysis, his own fault! !

If it were not for him to want Su Wanjun to regain his body, the dragon soul would not be taken away by Zhu Ji.

If he hadn’t thought about separating the Dragon Soul from Su Wanjun, he would not have come to this Long Ancestral Tomb.

If v not only possesses the purest and most powerful power, but if v also has the strength of Dragon like “Ji Ji” or “Di He”, he can strip out the dragon soul by himself.

However, in fact these are just v’s subjective self-blame that’s all.

Even if there is no v, Su Huang will still try his best to collect the tomb remnants and then come here.

Even if there is no v, the Dragon God will still become Su Wanjun’s Spirit Beast, and then find that Su Wanjun is the “Dragon Soul” they are looking for.

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And if v did not choose to separate “Dragon Soul” from “Su Wanjun”, then Su Wanjun could only be sealed in the subconscious forever and become a real bird in the cage.

Therefore, even if v is extremely self-blaming at this time, in fact, all this is the fate that “Su Wanjun” and “Dragon Soul” cannot escape.

However, v at this moment does not think so.

Because he chose to come to the Longzu Grand Tomb, he chose to extract the dragon soul from Su Wanjun’s body, and it was also him who chose to believe in Ju Ji.

v Thinking of this, I unlocked my seal again


At this moment, the incomparably magnificent “Milky Way” lingering in v’s body all flooded into v’s within the body in an instant.

At the same time, I saw V’s black hair turned into a shining silver white in a blink of an eye.

Ju Ji looked at the v in front of her, still showing a grim smile, and then said:

“This is similar to the Vellman in my memory has several points of. 』

After Zhu Ji said this, he immediately dispersed the brilliant round blade, and then re-condensed Cuigreen’s [Wind Origin] in front of him, and gathered it into a huge spiral-shaped cone.

Immediately afterwards, just listening to a loud “bang”, the spiral cone formed by the origin of the wind, with a strong hard to describe wind, blasted towards the location of v.

v Seeing the spiral cone rushing forward, he did not dodge, but immediately condense an energy ball shining with silver white brilliance in his hand, and then directly moved towards the direction of the spiral cone and threw it over.

If it is Source Power with the same strength, I am afraid that the moment the energy ball touches the spiral cone, it will be pierced through the entire hole and then dissipated in the air.

However, the energy ball shining with the silver white brilliance is not the same power as the “source of wind”, but is completely condensed by the “Source Power” of v. It is completely superior to the “source of wind” in power. “the power of! !

In the next second, when the silver white energy ball collided with the spiral cone, the emerald green wind source was instantly dyed with the silver white star brilliance.

And that huge spiral cone was swallowed by the silver white energy ball in a flash, completely disappearing from everyone’s vision.

However, the energy ball shining with silver white light not at all stopped because of the disappearance of the spiral cone. At this moment, I saw it follow the original violent trajectory, and went straight to the direction of Zhu Ji.

In the next instant, this energy ball, which seemed to condense 1000000 stars, burst directly in front of Zhu Ji, as if all 1000000 stars burst in an instant, extremely shocking.

1203•I am not going to die. (under)

At this moment, Su Wanjun, who was gradually waking up from the side, was opening her round mouth, staring at her big round eyes, watching the battle between V and Ju Ji, she was completely stunned. Ground.

Su Wanjun always thought that v was the strongest Spirit Beast, but the energy ball that v just released was obviously beyond the scope of spirit strength, and it was another dimension.

And when Su Wanjun looked at V in a daze, she saw that the dragon god who transformed into a human form slowly walked in front of Su Wanjun.

When the Dragon God approached, Su Wanjun immediately hid behind the yawning ball, and then stuck out a small head from behind the ball’s round body, looking at the Dragon God and said:

“You… what are you going to do? ? Don’t think that you are a dragon god and I am afraid of you. I tell you, if you dare to move me, I…I…』

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