Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2039

“I’ll call the little vv to beat you!”

Su Wanjun originally wanted to say this, but she stammered and couldn’t say it in the end.

Because at this moment in her mind that is not fully awake, even if v has power beyond imagination, it is still her own “Spirit Beast”


The dragon god in front of him is in charge of the existence of 1000000 Spirit Beast and is the true master of Spirit Beast.

Therefore, in Su Wanjun’s half-bewildered mind at this moment, the power of the dragon god in front of him must be stronger than v.

However, before Su Wanjun said this, she heard Long Shenkou say:

“Don’t be afraid, I won’t do nothing to hurt you. On the contrary, I am here to protect you from their fighting. 』

Su Wanjun heard Dragon God’s words and was stunned for a while, and then asked conditionally:

“why? ? Why are you here to protect me instead of helping that woman play a small vv? ? 』

“Of course it’s because of your milk…cough cough…” Dragon God said halfway through this, and immediately changed his words: “No why, just because you are the first apostle. 』







As a party god, the Dragon God certainly knows how terrifying existence v is.

Therefore, he is impossible to die anyway, to oppose the strongest First Apostle in the legend.

As for Dragon God’s mother, Zhuo Ji, she naturally knew that she was no match for v.

However, in order to revive the most beloved person in her heart, Zhu Ji still had to stand on the opposite of v.

Su Wanjun heard the dragon god this remark, and curious rays of light flashed in his big round eyes.


She has heard this term. It is a legend that is stronger than the Dragon God and stands at the apex of this world.

And she couldn’t imagine that her little vv turned out to be a legendary apostle, and she was also the strongest first apostle.

At this moment, when Su Wanjun stared at V with curious big eyes, the silver white radiance that looked like a Star Explosion crack in the distance had gradually dimmed.

At the same time, I saw the previously arrogant Bo Ji, kneeling and sitting on the place where the silver white radiance disappeared, all over his body, covered in bruises.

1204. Get out of me. (on)

Under normal circumstances, v will not do anything to women.

But Bo Ji deceived v and melted the dragon soul as material to fill Di He’s soul, which completely angered v.

Although v and the “Dragon Soul” met within a few days and didn’t touch too much, the dragon soul was still the original soul in Su Wanjun’s body.

In v’s heart, the “Dragon Soul” who has not known him for long

, Is the same existence as Su Wanjun.

Therefore, v can’t forgive Zhuo Ji’s behavior of “melting” the dragon soul anyway.

even more how, Zhu Ji is not a woman in the true sense, she is an apostle, one of the ten or two lifeforms standing at the apex of this world

Besides, V didn’t “beat” her, just condensed an energy ball composed of Source Power, and “boomed” the past.

At this moment, I saw the silver hair fluttering V, slowly walking towards the bruised and bruised body, kneeling on the ground Zhu Ji, and then said in an angry tone:

“Don’t pretend to be dead here. With your strength, you can completely block the blow just now?j

You know, even Jelly Fes, who is ranked 9th, can resist the power under his 5th floor seal.

And Zhu Ji’s battle strength is a superior existence among the apostles, so

She is absolutely impossible to take the blow she has just now.

However, after hearing the vthis remark, the whole body [wounded Zhu Ji] said with a bitter smile:

“You may not believe it, this is my best effort.

v When I heard this, I certainly chose not to believe it.

You know, Ji Ji just deceived herself dozens of minutes ago.

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