Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2040

“Don’t think about playing tricks anymore. The Source Power simply you just released is not much. How could it be your full power.”

Whether it is the flat and sharp shining round blade or the huge spiral cone, the Source Power contained in them is not the power that Ji Ji should have.

The reason why those tricks can have amazing formidable power, but only to change the form of Source Power, maximize its formidable power.

p It’s a pity that I didn’t lie to you this time, this is my best effort. 』

Zhu Ji raised her head to look at the silver white radiant V, and revealed a very helpless wry smile.

Zhu Ji didn’t lie to v this time, the power she showed just now was really her full strength.

The current v, I am afraid that just by raising his hand, Zhu Ji can be completely wiped out between this Heaven and Earth.

However, v still chooses not to believe in Bo Ji.

As soon as Zhu Ji finished speaking, he saw V stretch one hand in front of Zhu Ji, and the original brilliance of silver white began to gather in front of her eyes.

Suddenly, I saw countless stars-like powers converging in V’s hands, as if an entire galaxy was in V’s hands, it was extremely magnificent.

Do you think I will still believe you? j

v The Source Power condensed in the hands at this moment is several times as much as just now.

If Bo Ji is still the same as before, without displaying her real power to defend, I am afraid that she will be bombarded by v in an instant.


v While talking, he continued to condense the Source Power like a star in his hand.

On the other hand, Zhu Ji was kneeling on the ground, looking at the radiance of the source that gradually converged in V’s hand, revealing an expression of desperation.

1204. Get out of me. (under)

However, just as V was about to take action, I saw that the Dragon God who was standing aside and protecting Su Wanjun rushed to V’s body at an extremely fast speed, stopped between Zhu Ji and V, and then loudly shouted.

^The first apostle! ! I know that I am not qualified to intervene in the fight between you and your mother, but I still have something to let you know. After listening to the next words, please decide whether to kill

Kill Lord Mother! 』

However, v will no longer believe the mother and son at this moment.

“You will let me! You Ji can catch my blow. But if it were you, there would only be scattered ashes and dispersed smoke!

Dragon God is a god who supplies spirit strength to humans on Longhuang Continent, so v understands the importance of the existence of Dragon God.

Therefore, v will not obliterate the Dragon God at will.

And the most important thing is because the Dragon God chose to protect Su Wanjun who was on the side when he was fighting with Zhu Ji just now.

After hearing the vthis remark, the dragon god immediately shouted:

“Mother’s power has started to decline 5000 years ago. Now she really can’t take over the Source Power you are holding!!a

v Hearing what the Dragon God said, not at all put away the power in his hand, but looked at the Dragon God and said:

The power of the official apprentice is obtained from this world, how can it be weakened? j

v Unable to believe that the Source Power possessed by the apostle will weaken.

even more how, or a high apostle like Zhu Ji.

However, after hearing the words of v, the Dragon God said: p First Apostle, have you ever thought about how my father Dihe fell as the fourth apostle? ? 』

When Dragon God said this, V’s brows were immediately frowned


How did Dihe fall as the 4th Apostle? ?

At this moment, V realized that he had ignored an extremely important issue because of his “anger”.

How did Dihe fall? ? ?

v Thinking of this, he slowly put away the condensed stars in his hand, then looked at the dragon god in front of him and asked:

Tell me how did Diher fall? ? 』

The dragon god saw that v finally put away the vast power in his hand that was like a star, and then he let out a long relaxed breath, and then said: p Actually, Mr. Mother just said that my father was 4000 years ago, in order to protect Only when he lived in Longhuang Continent was he killed on the battlefield. 』

v Hearing this, he immediately frowned and asked:

“Which apostle did you protect it?”

If Di He could fall, it must have been done by other apostles.

Because the dead apostle can only be killed with Source Power!

And combined with the previous information obtained from Jelifis and Capacis, I am afraid that as early as 4000 years ago, there were apostles who wanted to refining the humans on the Longhuang continent to obtain more powerful Source Power. Up.

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