Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2041

However, just when V was convinced of this idea in his heart, the Dragon God shook the head and said:

“Sir Father did not fall in the hands of other apostles.

“Impossible, a dead apostle that only an apostle can kill. j

Only with Source Power can the apostle be defeated, and only with Source Power can the apostle be killed!

Therefore, only apostles can kill dead apostles.

However, v has just said this, and I heard that Zhu Ji, who was kneeling on the ground, coldly said in a slightly mocking tone: p You Vellman has stayed in his apostolic temple for 100,000 years, so naturally I don’t know this. Changes in the world. 』

v Hearing this, I couldn’t refute it.

Because I did stay in the Temple of the Apostles for 100,000 years, I only learned about everything in this world through books left by the world.

If it is something that the world does not know, then v naturally will not be understood.

“Did Na Dihe fell on who’s hands??j

At this moment, v’s heart is full of doubts.

What kind of creature can actually have the power to kill the apostle?

At this time, I only heard the Dragon God speak 4 words slowly

p Void creatures. 』

1205. Unbelievable facts (on)

When v heard the four words “Void Creature”, the first thing that came to mind was the hidden history that Wei Nier described in the underground of the Republic of Merrill.

According to Wei Nier’s narrative, after the third generation of humans produced Hanging City, they were drawn into the void by the vortex flow generated in the space, and they have fought with the creatures in the void for dozens of centuries.

vat first didn’t know that there were creatures in the realm of the void, until v recalled the “Void Lord” he met in the realm of the void when he was looking for Fire Qilin in volcanic crater and Kerr. if.

However, if you look at these events in combination, there is a problem with what the Dragon God said.

“As far as I know, even the human beings of the third generation civilization can fight the creatures inside the Void for dozens of centuries. As the fifth apostle, how could Dich be killed by the creatures inside the Void??j

You know, according to Wei Nier’s narrative, the “Hanging City” produced by the third generation of humans has stayed in the void for a whole civilization.

And for dozens of centuries, they have been fighting against the void creatures.

“Nonsense! How can humans fight against creatures with Source Power!”

Just after V raised his own question, Zhu Ji, who was sitting on her knees, immediately yelled out, as if what V said insulted her.

At this time, the Dragon God also said: p First Apostle, I do not believe that humans have the ability to fight Source Power. 』

v After hearing this remark of Zhu Ji and Dragon God, I immediately fell into a deeper confusion.

“Source Power? How could a creature inside the Void have Source Power??j

v It’s not that I haven’t met the creature inside the Void. Although the creature is called “Void Lord” by Hastan, it is actually extremely weak. v went in and just unlocked the Second Layer Seal, and slashed it with Hilf. That Void Lord was cut into countless pieces of meat.

“You Vellman has been staying in your own apostle hall, how can you know that the creatures in the void have mastered Source Power!”

Zhu Ji said this with a deep complaint in her tone.

Because Zhu Ji was very convinced that if V could help, Di He would not die.

However, when v heard what Zhu Ji said, he didn’t think too much, nor did he feel any self-blame.

Because it’s not because he doesn’t want to come out, but because he really

Can’t get out.

Do not watch the new festival ♂100 ♂ degrees

v After hearing what Zhu Ji said, he thought for a while, and then continued:

“This still doesn’t make sense, because I just met a creature in the void not long ago, but his body is not at all Source Power. Moreover, although the third generation human beings speak annoyingly, I still believe that they do I stayed in the void for so long.j

When Wei Nier narrated the encounter of the Tianyi tribe in the Void Realm, there was no contradiction, and she also said that the environment and situation in the Void Realm was perfectly clear, which did not deviate from what V saw with his own eyes.

Therefore, v believes that 90% of the history narrated by Wei Nier is true.

As for the remaining 10%, there are some blowing ingredients in it.

1205. Unbelievable facts (below)

When the dragon god heard the words of v, he immediately shouted: “Impossible! Back then, the void creatures opened the door to the realm in this northern polar region, coming like a locust hiding the sky and covering the earth, wanting to destroy the entire Longhuang Continent, and even the entire world of human beings. “Qiao Lin Xian ⒎ ⒊ Shun Fuki Mu α Jun Qian Ju thick Γ.

When Dragon God said this, he was extremely excited.

Although the Dragon God is jealous and afraid of v, he does not allow

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