Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2042

v Deny the fact that the void creatures have Source Power.

Because the father of the dragon god Dihe, it was because of fighting these void creatures that he finally fell.

And if v says that those void creatures do not have Source Power, it is denying Dihe, denying Dihe’s sacrifice in order to save this World and protect humanity.

^It was here that Sir Father and Mother were here, and they fought against the disgusting “locust” for 10000 days and 100000000 nights. It was not until the last “locust” was killed that Sir Father died of exhaustion. , Died here! ! 』

vLooking at the look of Dragon God so excited, not at all denies what the Dragon God said again.

Because at this moment, when he saw the excited expression of the Dragon God and heard the tone of the Dragon God that was completely opposite to the previous attitude of fearing himself, he finally believed in the Dragon God and Bo Ji.

“What kind of Source Power does the void creature have?

There are twelve kinds of Source Power in this world, so v wants to know what kind of Source Power the void creature that this can make Dihe fall has.

v Saying this is an admission of the fact that the void creature has Source Power.

When the Dragon God heard v’s words, he slowly calmed down, and then changed to the previous respectful tone again and said to v:

“The Source Power possessed by the void creatures is the [Destruction Source] possessed by Sir Father.”


v Hearing Dragon God’s answer, countless question marks were born in his heart.

“The same source of destruction as Dihe?? Are you sure?

The dragon god hearing this, nodded said:

“I am very convinced that I was present in the war 4000 years ago. The power used by the void creatures is the source of destruction owned by Sir Father.”

v Hearing this, I was completely confused.

This Source Power is the power given to the apostle by this world, and it is a unique and unmatched existence.

If Dihe does not die, then other creatures are impossible to master [Destroy Origin].

Unless it is like the 3rd Apostle Lopusuo, sending his Avatar to other creatures within the body.

Or, like Xiaoyan, directly hand over the power to Kerr.

However, Dihe said that everything is impossible to distribute his own Source Power to the enemy!

The Dragon God looked at v’s unbelievable expression, and continued, “Although I can’t believe it, it’s true.”

After Dragon God finished speaking, he suddenly seemed to remember something, and said:

“By the way, my sister Lin Tians was also there, so if you still don’t believe me, you can ask your younger sister.” “What? What is my younger sister’s name??” v Now again Confused again and again!!!

Isn’t your younger sister called S Jess? ? ?

This is based on the way of naming a certain tribe in the first generation of humans.

But why is it suddenly called “Lin Tian S”? ? ? and!

Have you heard this name anywhere? ? ?

When Li Xiangyu fainted, he called his name more than 100 times. It seemed to be Lin Tian S! ! ! !

and many more! ! this


100 degree



For any inquiries, We’re here to answer you.

For any inquiries, We’re here to answer you.

Li Xiangyu seems to have said that Lin Tian S owes him a lot of money!

But just when v was speechless about his younger sister, I saw that Su Ji who was kneeling on the side looked at v in surprise and said: pVellman, did you just say that you met inside the not too long ago? Void creature? 』

vhearing this clicked nodded, replied:

“Yes, I…”

But v before he finished speaking, Zhu Ji immediately said:

“Oops. oo』

1) Dog crying words: I made a mistake in writing yesterday. Dihe is the fifth apostle, not the fourth apostle.

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