Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2043

1206. Moral commanding heights. (on)


When Zhu Ji said these two words, his face suddenly showed an expression of horror.

After hearing what Zhu Ji said, the Dragon God immediately widened his pupils and looked a little panicked.

He was angry just now because v denied his father Diher’s actions, so he didn’t pay attention to what v said.

But now, when Zhu Ji said this, Dragon God realized the seriousness of v.

vLooking at the horrified expression of Zhu Ji and Dragon God, immediately said

Are you too to make a fuss about nothing? That void creature was nothing more than a bunch of sticky tentacles, which had already been chopped into flesh by me. “

As early as when Volcanic Crater and Kerr were looking for Fire Qilin, v chopped the “Void Lord” into pieces.

However, as soon as v finished speaking, Zhu Ji immediately endured the pain in her body and said:

p is not that simple! This kind of void creature can quickly regenerate a new body as long as it leaves a little residue! I’m afraid the one you met was a fish that escaped the net back then. 』

vLooking at Bo Ji’s nervous expression at the moment, I can’t help saying with a smile:

7 You are not even afraid of me, I am still afraid of those void creatures??”

v At this moment, I only feel that this person is too nervous. She is obviously fearless in the face of her Source Power, but now she is afraid of a void creature that even the Tianyi tribe can fight against for dozens of centuries.

However, Zhu Ji hearing this is saying: p I am afraid of you of course, but you have existed in this world for 100,000 years and are the first lifeform between this Heaven and Earth. So I believe that you will not destroy this World. 』

100,000 years ago, when Zhuo Ji saw V for the first time, she was shocked by V’s hiding the sky and covering the earth, like the stars of Laihe.

But at the same time, Zhu Ji also knows that v is definitely not going to be ridiculous. If you want to succumb to the dazzling horror of the horror, then you can do it.

p However, those void creatures are different. Those void creatures are not creatures of this World, they are like locusts, wherever they go, 10000 things are ruined.

Moreover, Dihe didn’t compete with those “locusts 039” in strength back then; it was because the number of those “locusts” was endless and could not be killed no matter how to kill them, so Dihe finally exhausted all his power and life force. , Fell here.”

v Hearing the words of Zhu Ji, the expression became a little serious.

v Remember, this generation of Longhuang mainland civilization is faulty. And the time when this fault appeared was about 4000 years ago

Based on this calculation, I am afraid that the catastrophe that caused the civilization of Longhuang Continent to break 4000 years ago was the attack of the void creatures. As the 5th Apostle, Dihe died here at that time.

After Di He died, in order to protect his body and soul, he built this Long Ancestral Tomb in the northern polar regions, waiting for the chance to bring Di He back to life.

But when v thought of this, there was another doubt in his mind.

“Dihe alone can’t match those void creatures, but can’t you also be the same? Your Source Power is stronger than Dihe!”

Zuoji is the 4th apostle, and Dihe is the 5th apostle. From the order of the apostles, we can see that Zuoji is better than Dihe

After hearing vthis remark, Bo Ji showed a helpless expression on her face, and then said with a bitter smile:

“I have already told you that my strength has declined a lot, but you have never wanted to believe me that’s all. 』

1206. Moral commanding heights. (under)

v At this moment, when I heard Zhu Ji say this, I had to think about the reason why Zhu Ji’s strength declined.

You know, even if Bo Ji is lying to herself, she has no reason to see her husband Di He fall and not save her!

Moreover, if Bo Ji was to obtain the Source Power of Di He, then why did she not absorb Di He’s power during the 4000 years of Di He’s fall, but kept guarding his soul and body, waiting The day when Di He was resurrected? ?

Seeing that V’s face was always in doubt, Su Ji continued:

4 You don’t have to guess the reason. The reason why my strength declines is entirely because I gave birth to a small dragon. 』

After Zhu Ji finished speaking, she quietly glanced at the Dragon God on the side, and then said:

To be more precise, it is because I gave birth to an entire Dragon Race. 』

v Hearing this remark, she frowned and said:

“The power of the apostles will decline if they give birth to offspring?”

v I really don’t know, after the apostle gave birth to offspring, Source Power would decline.

^Well, that’s almost what it means. Dihe’s power has also declined a lot, but not at all I am so obvious. 』V After hearing the narration of Bo Ji, he immediately thought about the reason why Bo Ji and Di He would decline in power.

After a while, v seems to finally understand the original. “Source Power” is the most fundamental power of this world, and this

Whether it is human beings, birds or beasts, or plants, they are all born from “Source Power”.

Therefore, even if the creatures in this world cannot bear the pure Source Power, their bodies contain some Source Power.

The “Dragon Race 2;” was born from the combination of the two apostles, “Bao Ji” and “Di He”, which shared the original “Source Power” of the two people.

And because the entire Dragon Race is directly divided into the source power of Zhu Ji and Di He, so the power of Dragon Race is so powerful, and the “strength of Dragon” can be so overbearing.

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