Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2044

Because the Source Power of their within the body is directly taken from the apostle, it is much higher than the content of other creatures within the body.

Do not watch the new festival ♂100 ♂ degrees

As for the existence of the Dragon God, I am afraid that because the Dragon God is the first descendant born of Zhu Ji and Di He, he not only obtained the degraded strength of Dragon, but also the degraded strength of Dragon. “Spirit strength”.

v Thinking of this, I suddenly recalled a word Harves said to himself when he was in the underworld.

“Unfortunately, I also look forward to your apostle named 039;Infinite 039; what will happen to your child after giving birth.”

Harvey’s idiot may have been understood long ago. After the combination of the two apostles, Ouji and Dihe, the dragon god and a new race were born.

And v is also sure that Harves knows that Bo Ji and Di

He’s power declined because of this.

If not, Harves would never say this.

I am afraid that Harves is also curious, as “infinite”, after the birth of the next generation, the power will not weaken. At the same time, I was curious as to what kind of powerful race the descendants of v would be.

Just when v recalled these, I just listened to Bo Ji looking at v and said:

p You should also understand now that Dihe has contributed to humanity, to this continent, and even to this World. Therefore, I don’t think it is the wrong choice to capture the dragon soul and bring Di He back to life. 』

After Zhu Ji finished speaking, she continued without waiting for v to speak: °*If you have a sense of responsibility for this world, you shouldn’t spend time with me here, but should immediately go to the Void Realm and take that a fish that escaped the net completely wiped out. 』

At this moment, Su Ji did not leave any room for V. She stood on the commanding heights of morality in the world and stood on the side of justice.


v After hearing this remark, I hesitated a little.

However, at such a moment when v hesitated, he saw that the “Di He” who had just broken out of the 1000 meters ice layer unexpectedly condense in his mouth a “primitive bomb” shining with orange red brilliance, and directed it towards Zhu Ji and The location blasted over.

1207. impossible. . . (on)

Ten thousand zhang Under the ice valley, there is no direct sunlight, it should have been pitch black.

However, at this moment, only a huge energy ball shining with orange red light, like the sun, illuminated the valley floor of the entire ice valley.

This orange red energy ball that looks like the sun is nothing else, it is the “source bomb” condense from the 5th Apostle Dihe’s [Destruction of the Source].

And this “primitive bomb 039; at the moment when the condense came, it shot directly in the direction where V, Zhu Ji and the others were.

Suddenly, like a scorching sun falling, like a meteor falling to the ground, this huge original bomb, just like this, strokes the shatter void, with endless quacks in front of him and the others.

Zhu Ji was still in place at the moment, without reacting.

Because she couldn’t believe that Dihe would condense such a powerful source bomb against herself.

The Dragon God immediately shouted from the side: p Master First Apostle, if you don’t save your hand, Master Lai and Mother will only fall. 』

v Hearing the words of Dragon God, he slightly raised his head and looked at the huge 〃 blazing sun 039, which was approaching in front of him; then said in a very calm tone:

“You two’s account will be calculated later! j

v After saying this, he immediately body flashed and came to the falling scorching sun. Then he raised a punch and hit the center of that Lieye directly.

Suddenly, the scorching sun disappeared, and Star River shone. I saw a circle of extremely dazzling Star River burst out of V’s fist, directly engulfing the falling scorching sun, and engulfing the origin of destruction shining with orange red light.

At this moment, when the Dragon God saw this scene, his body and mind were greatly shocked.

He knows that v as the first apostle is the strongest existence in the world, but how strong he is, there is no bottom line in the dragon Divine Heart.

At this moment, the Dragon God finally understood how powerful he was as the first apostle.

In the heart of the Dragon God, his father’s [Destroy Origin] is sufficient

But now, v just punched, and exploded the original projectile condense by [Destruction of the original] into the air.

From this we can see that v’s this fist is enough to be awkward.

What’s more terrifying is that Dragon God still feels faintly at this moment. The power displayed by v in front of him is not his full strength.

Back to v here,

At this moment, I saw that v broke up the original bomb that looked like a scorching sun, and fell under Dihe’s huge body.

Then looked up at Di He and shouted:

“Dihe! What are you doing???”

The roar of v, mixed with Source Power, sounded like a bell, resounding through the sky, and spread across the entire ice valley in an instant, shaking the ten thousand zhang ice cliffs.

When Dihe heard v’s roar, he slowly moved his head that looked like a hill, and looked towards v here.

v Seeing that Di He met his eyes, he shouted again

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