Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2045

“Dihe! Do you remember who I am?”

The last time v and Dihe met was 100,000 years ago. If you hadn’t felt Dihe’s [Destroy Origin] just now, v would not recognize Dihe.

Therefore, when v shouted out this sentence, he immediately exploded the Source Power sealed within the body 5th floor.

Immediately, I saw that the silver white hair of v exudes the light of stars, which is extremely shining.

v I thought Diher would stop attacking after he felt his Source Power.

1207. impossible. . . (under)

However, the reality has exceeded v’s expectations. Starting

At the moment Di He looked towards v, he immediately spread his wings covering the sky, smashed the ice cliff of ten thousand zhang beside him, and flew into the air.

Suddenly, the ice cliff collapsed and the ice valley burst.

But even so, there is still no sunlight shining into the bottom of the ice valley, shining to the location of V, Su Wanjun and the others.

Because at this moment, Dihena is like a huge body like a mountain range, hovering in the high altitude, covering the entire sky strictly.

But at this moment, I saw that Dihe in midair raised the dragon’s head high, opened a huge mouth, and then condense a “primitive bomb” like the sun in his mouth again.

The volume of this original bomb was twice as large as the one just now, and the damage source contained in it was several times larger than the previous one.

If this original bomb falls, I am afraid that the entire northern polar region of the ice continent and even the “lower” Longhuang continent will suffer severe damage.

At this moment, v looked at the “scorching sun” above his head, his expression also became solemn. 〔It’s this small♂Said only♂the fastest updated station♂〕

Although the original bomb that Di He condensed is no match for the full strength under the v5th floor seal, if two powerful forces collide, the aftermath of power that erupts will inevitably affect the creatures on the Longhuang continent.

v Thinking of this, I can only mutter in a low voice:

^I can only find a way to transfer to the realm of the void. j

v After saying this, he immediately closed his eyes slightly, turning his own power under the 5th floor seal to the extreme.

Suddenly, every inch of v’s hair was shining with silver white stars, as if every inch of hair was entwined with Star River.

At the same time, a little bit of stars slowly appeared in v’s body. These stars seemed to emerge from V’s body, extremely bright.

v’s plan is very simple, first use one’s own power to block Dihe’s original bomb.

During the period when the power of the original bomb and v’s own power were relatively balanced, use the afterwaves emitted by the two in the stalemate to smash the world wall, and then seize the opportunity to destroy the original bomb that is enough to hit 2 continents. Transfer to the realm of the void with Dihe.

However, just as v was planning like this, I saw that Su Ji suddenly transformed into a white, huge body, and a 5-claw True Dragon with huge wings. He flew in front of Di He who was holding the dragon head high. To the Dihe who was gathering the scorching sun, shouted:

^Di He! ! What are you doing? ? Isn’t this the world that you have to protect in your life? ? 』

This is the world where Ouji and Dihe meet, this is the world where Ouji and Dihe fall in love, and this is the world where Ouji and Dihe bred a race.

Therefore, Zhu Ji believes that Di He is absolutely impossible


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Zhu Ji never dreamed that Di He, who she loved so much, was also the Di He who had loved her deeply. At this moment, she ignored everything she said, and then used the original bomb that could damage the entire Longhuang Continent. , Banged directly at her.

fimpossible ……j

At this moment, Ju Ji was completely stunned looking at the huge original bomb blasting at her.

1208. I haven’t settled your account yet. (on)

At this moment, Zhu Ji looked at the “primitive bullet” that was constantly approaching her, completely stunned.

She never thought that Di He would actually kill her.

You know, the formidable power of this “primitive bomb” can directly obliterate the existence of all creatures on Longhuang Continent.

If this original bomb radiating orange red brilliance like the scorching sun hits the current Bo Ji, then Bo Ji will definitely disappear from the world completely with scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.


Zhu Ji didn’t believe in everything in front of her. She didn’t believe that Di He, who once loved her deeply, and Di He, who once held her deeply, would want to kill her.

Thinking of this, I saw Bo Ji looked at the “primitive bomb” that was gradually dying out, and watched Di He who hovered high in the sky and blocked the sky.

^Di He! ! I don’t believe you will kill me! ! I don’t believe you will give the world that you used to protect you desperately.

I don’t believe it, Di He will steal the porcelain with his own hands. Xianyue Jia Nian ぷ>Mu Tong Jian Jian

However, when Bo Ji shouted out these words, Di He did not move at all.

At this moment, Di He just hovered quietly in the air, watching

The original bomb, like a scorching sun, quickly approached Naoji.

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