Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2046

Jue Ji watched the elemental bomb approaching herself, and did not choose to run away or resist, but opened her hands and closed her eyes slightly, waiting for the elemental bomb to engulf herself and make an appointment with Buhuan.

At this moment, I don’t understand why Di He treats her like this, or why Di He wants to make an appointment with her.

Zhu Ji only knew that with her current strength, she would never be able to block this original bomb or escape from this original bomb.

Now she can only choose to face death, face her own

Limit fall.

While thinking about this, Zhu Ji waited for the moment when the original bomb swallowed herself.

However, time passed by, but she did not feel that her body was being shackled by the original bombshell.

Suddenly, only a slightly unhappy man’s voice said in front of Zhu Ji:

“I haven’t settled your account with you. Before the dragon soul returns, you won’t fall so easily. j

Su Ji heard the man’s voice and suddenly opened her eyes.

At this moment, a person she never expected, unexpectedly

Standing in front of her, she caught the scorching sun with her body, full of energy aggregates [destroying the origin].

At this moment, the v is fluttering, and the whole body is shining like stars.

And what he hovered up ahead was the one that was enough to lick the pain and lick the fiber.

At this moment, V actually used his hand wrapped around the stars to directly block the “primitive bullet”. p Why save me? ? 』

Su Ji looked at the silver hair floating in front of him, and asked V, who was shining with stars.

“Don’t think too much, I just save your life, I hope you can strip the dragon soul from Dihe’s within the body. Moreover, if this original bomb explodes here, I will be very upset. j

v After saying this, the stars on the body shine more brightly


1208. I haven’t settled your account yet. (under)

At the same time, only tiny cracks were born out of thin air in the surrounding air, just like transparent glass gradually cracking.

At this moment, I saw V slightly turned his head, and then looked at Zhu Ji behind him and continued:

“The reason why Di He did this is probably because of the Dragon Soul

It was not enough to fill his soul, so that he awakened from the incomplete soul. j

Bo Ji hearing this, immediately retorted: pimpossible! Di He’s soul didn’t dissipate much, that dragon soul was enough to fill Di He’s soul! ! ! 』

However, as soon as Bo Ji said this, she heard v scolded: “But the fact is that Di He is out of control and is completely mad! As Di He’s wife, as Di He’s lover, you think Di He will under normal circumstances Do such a move???j

v While saying this, the cracks in the surrounding air gradually extended and became thicker.

Suo Ji heard vthis remark and was speechless.

Because Zhu Ji believed from beginning to end that Di He would never want to kill himself, and wanted to trace the Dragon Huang continent that he had desperately guarded.

Although Zhu Ji did not reply at this time, V already knew from her bright eyes that she wanted to understand the truth.

So, just listen to v and continue to say:

“Whether this original bomb is hardened or left to burst, it will cause heavy damage to the Longhuang Continent. Therefore, I will use my own strength to hold it here at a stalemate, and then use the power emitted during this period to smash it. The world wall, open the realm of the void, and then transfer the original bomb and Dihe to the realm of the void. j

The battle between the apostles is so terrible. If you don’t pay attention, the force of their collisions will shatter the world wall that divides the world.

Upon hearing the plan of v, Su Ji immediately shouted: p What about after that? What are you going to do next? ? “Vhearing this, looked back at Zhu Ji, said with a bitter smile:

“What do you think?j

By now, v had no other way but to beat Dihe so hard that he couldn’t move.

【Free 10084; fee】

【First 10084; send】

【10084; Chase-10084;】


【10084;Help 10084;】

Suo Ji fell silent when she heard the words of v.

Because she herself understands that the only way to stop Dihe from running away is to kill him, and that is what v said.

p If you can, I hope you don’t kill Dihe…

v Hearing this, laughed helplessly, and then said: “If he dies, the dragon soul will also dissipate, so you can rest assured, I will keep him alive. j

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