Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2047

Bo Ji hearing this, looking at the v in front of her, whispered softly:

“Then… Then please…”

After Bo Ji finished speaking, v didn’t answer, but showed a helpless smile.

At the same time, the cracks in the surrounding air finally couldn’t bear the strength of V and Dihe, and the whole burst open.

As soon as the wall of the world broke, I saw V lift up the shining light like a star, and directly threw the original bullet in front of him into the wall of the broken world.

Hong long long ! ! !

A stream is full

And just the next second after the “heat wave” came, I saw V stepped into the air and came directly in front of Dihe, who was like a mountain range, and then grabbed the horns on top of his head and pulled one another. Pulled and threw the Dihe, who was like a mountain range, directly into the broken world.

1209. It’s time to end this battle. (on)

When V was wrapped in a starlight and threw the Dihe, who was in the shape of a mountain range, into the realm of void, the dragon god who stood in the collapsed ice valley and watched all this was completely shocked. Starting

How he didn’t expect it, that implies [destroying the origin]

V’s energy ball was so easily used by V, shattering the wall of the world and opening the door to the realm of void.

And he didn’t even expect that his father, who was huge and stretched like a mountain range, was pulled by V and threw it straight out.

Just when the Dragon God was shocked by the power of v, Su Wanjun hiding behind the ball shouted in horror:

pxiaovv What is this going to do? ? ? How did the air split such a big hole? ? 』

After all, Su Wanjun was just an ordinary human girl. She had never seen the apostles fight, nor had the world wall been cracked.

And the ball standing in front of Su Wanjun heard Su Wanjun’s exclamation, but did not respond. It just sat down on the ground, and then pressed the bear’s paw towards Su Wanjun, indicating that Su Wanjun should also sit down.

The meaning of watching the ball seems to be saying: “Just sit here and wait. It’s all small scenes.”

When the Dragon God heard Su Wanjun’s exclamation, he immediately explained


“The first apostle is afraid that their power will affect the creatures on the Longhuang Continent, so this shattered the world wall and transferred the battle to the empty realm of no one. 』

Su Wanjun was even more confused after hearing Dragon God’s explanation.

What is the pworld wall? ? What is the Void Realm? ?


Su Wanjun had never heard of these, and had seen these, so it was normal not to understand.

The dragon god hearing this, can only heave a long sigh, and then explained: The pworld wall is the wall that divides the Great World and the Small World. Usually the naked eye cannot be caught or touched. As for this Void Realm…”

The Dragon God still has a very good impression of Su Wanjun, so no matter how many questions Su Wanjun has, the Dragon God will not be bored. After all, Su Wanjun has a pair of mountains that the Dragon God can admire.

However, just as the Dragon God patiently explained this, he listened to the Su Ji who hovered in midair suddenly loudly shouted:

psmall dragon! Now is not the time to explain this! 』

The dragon god hearing this, he was stunned for a moment, he didn’t understand what Zhuo Ji meant

At this moment, the battle between v and Dihe has moved to the realm of the void, and the world wall has been healed again and disappeared.

It stands to reason that all they can do now is to wait

However, listening to Bo Ji’s tone now, it seems that some heaven-shaking, earth-shattering major event is about to happen.

In the next second when Dragon God looked up at Zhu Ji with a puzzled face, his whole body was stunned, his face turned pale.

Because at this moment, I saw a spherical object with sarcoma all over the body and an extremely large size, hovering at the position where the wall of the world had just healed, hovering in front of Bo Ji.

No matter whether it was Bo Ji or Dragon God, they could not forget that this huge sphere was covered with sarcoma.

Because this thing is the egg of a void creature! ! !

At this moment, go to v here,

V, who was surrounded by the brilliance of stars, threw Di He into the realm of void, like a bow shot out in a burst, chasing Di He’s huge body, and rushed into the realm of void.

At the same time, the world wall that burst open in the air was completely healed the moment V rushed into the void.

1209. It’s time to end this battle. (under)

At this moment, what unfolds in front of v is a dark purple space. There is nothing in this space, but some nothingness.

However, just the next second after v arrived in this void, he saw the huge Dihe with his neck held high, and a huge horrible “primordial bullet” gathered in his mouth.

Suddenly, the source of destruction, like a scorching sun, dyed the empty space that was originally dark purple into orange red.

Every time the original bomb that Dihe condenses in his mouth, its formidable power is enough to pay off the Nana’s.

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