Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2048

But at this moment, v looked at Dihe in front of him, but only smiled slightly and said:

“Now that I’m here, I don’t have to be afraid of it.

v After saying this, the dazzling brilliance of the body like a star is revealed again.

And that is, at the next moment when the star’s brilliance appeared, V’s whole person flashed directly in front of Dihe’s huge mouth where the original bullets gathered, and then lifted his foot high and kicked Dihe directly in the chin.

Suddenly, the silver light burst, and I saw a boundless galaxy bursting out of the place where v kicked out.

At the same time, I saw Dihe’s chin hit the upper jaw directly, and a loud “bang” broke out.

And the “primitive bomb” that was still condensed in his mouth was swallowed directly into his mouth, and swallowed into his belly.

Fortunately, Di He was born as an apostle, and he was in charge of destroying

“Essence”, so the original bomb full of “destroying the origin” will not cause much damage to his body. [–];”

However, destroying the source will not cause much damage to Dihe, but v will.

In the next second, V’s figure flashed again, and he came to the position of Dihe’s abdomen.

Dihe’s body is extremely large, just like a mountain range, extending several li. And v in front of Dihe is like an ant in front of humans, extremely small.

However, it was this “ant” shining with white light that hit Dihe’s abdomen with a punch, blasting the huge Dihe out like a mountain range.

The silver light burst, starlight filled the sky.

The punched out of v is like a burst of stars, spreading the silver white brilliance to the entire void.

This is the realm of the void, in a dark purple space of nothingness.

Therefore, Dihe got v’s this fist and didn’t know how far he flew.

However, Dihe didn’t at all always let his body fly upside down, but within a few seconds, Dihe adjusted his body, spread his wings, and stopped in midair.

And at the moment when Di He stopped, only 3 “primitive bullets” were quickly condensed in his claws and huge mouth.

In order to improve the formidable power of the original bomb, Dihe slowed down the speed of condensing the original bomb.

But this time, he separates and condenses the original bombs of the same formidable power, increasing the speed of a single original bomb.

In the next instant, three orange red primordial bullets full of destructive origins burst out of Di He’s claws and mouth, and blasted directly towards the v that was shining with silver white brilliance.

v Seeing these 3 original bombs blasted towards oneself together, not at all dodge, but “peng peng peng” kicked out with 3 feet, like kicking a ball, directly kicked those 3 original bombs out.

Seeing that his attacks were not working, Di He quickly opened the huge wings and condense in front of him an energy aggregate that was countless times larger than all previous “primitive bombs.”

However, when v saw Dihe’s move, he just grinned at the corner of his mouth, and then said with a smile extremely confidently:

“It’s time to end this meaningless battle.j

Having said that, I saw v stretched out one hand and condense in his palm a huge “primitive bomb” that seemed to have countless stars rotating around it.

1210. Into a dream. (on)

In the dark purple realm of nothingness, it was lifeless and deserted, without any light.

But at this moment, a huge orange red original bomb,

It actually gradually raised in this dark purple space, just like the rising sun, illuminating Dusky World.

The size of this original bomb is exactly similar to that of Dihena’s body like a mountain range.

From a distance, this original bullet was in Dihe’s arms, as if Dihe was hugging the sun with his huge body.

When the sun is in the sky, the giant dragon holds the sun.

If such a scene were seen by the humans in the Great World, they would definitely be frightened to kneel and bow down.

In fact, it’s not unreasonable for humans to bow down.

Because this original bomb, the size of Dihe’s body, was enough to split up and in pieces all of Longhuang Continent.

And the continent of Elsoa, which is far beyond a thousand li across the sea, will also be swallowed by the tsunami because of the aftermath of this original bomb.

This original bomb full of [Destroy the origin], although not the Peak of Diher’s power, it represents Diherna’s battle strength standing at the top of the world, and it represents Diher’s hundreds of thousands of people have not shaken in the past few years. status.

This huge original bomb, even if it was Jelly Feis, even if it was an apostle like Capasis, was impossible to completely take over from the front.

And in this world, there are probably no more than 4 people who can truly take the blow of Dihe.

Unfortunately, v is one of these four.

At this moment, I saw a shining silver white brilliance, like an energy ball with countless stars rotating around it.

Appeared opposite the giant “scorching sun”.

The original bomb in v’s hand is not big, I am afraid it is not 10% the size of Dihe’s.

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