Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2049

However, as soon as the original bomb in V’s hand appeared, its silver white brilliance immediately overshadowed the [destroy the original source] that seemed to be a scorching sun, illuminating this dark and purple space. 〔♂♂ is ♂ben♂xiao♂say♂the only station with the fastest update〕

And just the second after v condensed the original bomb in his hand, he watched his body rotate, making this one seem to be made up of 1000000 stars, as if it had an original bomb surrounded by a whole galaxy, directly Blasted to where Di He was.

In an instant, the stars filled the sky, and the silver light 4 leaked.

This source bomb condensed by vSource Power, where it passes is the twinkling of stars, like the Milky Way gradually appearing.

Seeing V’s “primitive bomb”, the huge Dihe immediately spread out his huge wings and used his full strength to push the primitive bomb in his arms directly. e

In the next second, I saw the original bomb shining with orange red light and the original bomb shining with stars collided in midair.

Suddenly, the Source Power surged towards all around frantically, constantly hitting the void space, causing small cracks to appear on the world wall of the empty space.

Empty space, like Great World, has its own world wall. As long as the power is too strong, the world wall of the empty space will be broken.

1210. Into a dream. (under)

However, v frowned slightly after seeing the small cracks around him, thinking that something was wrong.

The collision of these two powerful Source Powers should have caused more and larger cracks to emerge from the world wall of the empty space.

But what v now sees is just like hair, very small cracks.

Before v could think about it, the two original bombs collided in the distance had already decided the outcome.

At this moment, I saw that the original bomb released by v, which looked like a star, directly penetrated the orange red original bomb that looked like a scorching sun, and scattered it directly in midair.

Suddenly, the origin of destruction that dissipated in midair filled the entire nihility.

At the same time, it is like the origin of stars condensed e

The bullet had also come to Di He’s body, and directly blasted on Di He’s huge body.


In an instant, the silver light burst, and the stars were no longer.

At this moment, if you look at it from a distance, it’s like seeing 1000000 stars burst at the same time, the scene is extremely spectacular.

And that Dihe, who was like a mountain range, was instantly swallowed by this burst of silver light, and disappeared in the rays of light.

After a while,

When the dazzling silver light faded, and when the bursting stars rays of light dimmed, the entire empty space was radiated with little light like stars.

And that previously hovering in midair, Dihe, who was as huge as a mountain range, was now lying on the deserted ground in a ruined state, without the previous prestige and domineering.

v Seeing Dihe, who fell on the ground and completely lost his ability to move, dissipated the radiance that was like a star.

He sealed it again, then slowly fell from the air and came to Dihe.

Even though Dihe now has lost his ability to move and his whole body is in ruins, but his body is like a mountain range, it still has considerable oppression.

At this moment, if there is a female emperor with giant phobia, I am afraid that she will faint on the spot. e

Returning to v, he looked up at Dihe, whose head was like a hill before him, shook his head slightly and sighed:

“It’s really troublesome, thanks to me being here, otherwise humans will probably start the sixth era of civilization. j

v It is conceivable that if Zhu Ji takes the advantage of her absence to infuse the dragon soul into Di He within the body, causing Di He to run away, I am afraid that the entire Longhuang Continent will be destroyed by Di He. The Continent of Elsoa, which is a few beyond a thousand li, will also be swallowed by the tsunami due to the collapse of the Longhuang Continent.

v After saying this, he walked towards Di He step by step, then looked at Di He’s huge body and continued:

“Now let’s go back quickly and find a way to separate the dragon soul from you within the body. j

v After finishing speaking, I am ready to transport the power, blast the wall of the world again, and open the door to the main world.

However, just when v was about to gather Source Power, he heard the sound of a very depressing dragon suddenly sounded in Dihe’s huge body.

This sound is like the feeling of a human being in a coma when he wants to speak, but cannot open his mouth.

v Looking at Di He who was whispering in front of him, he frowned slightly, thinking that Di He is it possible that there is still his own consciousness, but because of the insufficiency of his soul, he cannot control his body? ? g

v Thinking of this, he slowly put his hand on Di He’s body, and then said to himself:

“It seems necessary to give it a try. After saying this, jv mobilized the “Nightmare Sisters” living in his own consciousness, and activated the magic that invaded the other’s subconscious, [Dream].

1211. Memory that does not exist.

Dreaming magic is activated,

At this moment, V’s consciousness directly entered Dihe’s subconscious and entered the spiritual world in Dihe’s brain.

Here is a scene of ruined walls.

Collapsed buildings, collapsed towers, cracked ground.

What unfolded before V’s eyes at this time was undoubtedly the last word of Longhuang Continent, and it was another end of human civilization.

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