Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2050

v Looking at everything in front of me, not at all talking, but falling into deep thought.

Because he knew that all the things that were unfolding in front of his eyes at this moment were probably not just the scenes imagined in Dihe’s brain, but the real existence.

There were faults in human civilization on Longhuang Continent 4000 years ago. And the human beings living in that civilization must have experienced this kind of sight before them.

v Thinking of this, I looked around all around, as if looking at the dilapidated scenery, thinking of something in general.

v Prior to this, it only appeared in Great World twice.

And when he appeared for the first time, he indirectly said that he was dead.

v I vaguely remember that when he appeared in this world, heaven falls and earth rends, the tsunami churned, and humans panicked for this.

There are fathers who run wildly with their children, and others who stand still

The children crying and looking for their mother, there are also nobles who kneel on the ground and keep worshipping themselves.

Although v immediately returned to the Temple of Apostles as soon as he saw that the situation was wrong, it was because of his appearance that the third generation of humans would later develop extremely destructive weapons until they finally killed each other and disappeared completely in the Great World. Among.

v Thinking of this, I felt deep regret in the heart.

If he could think a little more at the time, he might not bring this disaster to mankind.

However, just as v was thinking about it, a picture he had never had an impression of suddenly appeared in his mind

p Please, let us go! ! I beg you!


At this moment, what appeared in v’s mind was a silhouette kneeling on the ground, the image blurred to the extreme.

But from the voice of the silhouette, it can be heard that this is a middle-aged male.

^Qing let go of at least our 2 children, please, we are the only ones left in this clan. 』

Just as the vague male had just finished speaking, a crying, desperate female voice rang in V’s ear again

At this moment, v saw the fuzzy shape with a female figure

The elephant appeared beside the man who was kneeling on the ground.

v There is no similar impression at all, and no similar memory at all.

But at this moment, this memory actually appeared in v’s mind.

When v watched the two kneeling men and women doing something and so on, only a silver white sharp rays of light flashed by, killing the men and women directly in a pool of blood.

At the same time, the children in the pair of men and women have also been caught in a different place in the sharp Silver Light Slash.


The memory of v is here, making him stunned.

When did this happen, when did this happen? ?

Since I was born in this World, since I have a memory, I have been to the human world twice. When did the memory fragment that just flashed in my mind happened? ?

At this moment, v wanted to pursue the memory just now, but he just closed his eyes, and there was a kind of pain in the depths of his brain from the inside out.

This kind of pain is hard to describe. It is very painful, but it is faint and unable to find the exact location. →Free latest←







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And when v was unable to continue thinking because of a headache, he only heard a loud and very magnetic male voice from behind v


pVellman, long time no see. 』

v Hearing this male’s voice, he immediately looked back.

At this moment, I saw a shirtless, tall and sturdy white-haired man with muscles all over, standing in a ruined ruin.

This man with white hair and golden pupils, with curvy horns on his head, drags a long tail behind him, covered with [the film’s giant tail, it is not human, but Dragon Race.

However, v came out at a glance, this man is not a Dragon Race, but the ancestor of Dragon Race, the fifth apostle named the source of destruction, Dihe.

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