Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2052

In the state of pure consciousness, no matter whether Dihe or Zhu Ji, they do not possess Source Power, but possess the strength of Dragon that they are born with and fuse together with their souls.

Therefore, in this subconscious spiritual world, Su Wanjun, who has a strong strength of Dragon, is completely able to fight Di He, whose soul is incomplete.

v At this moment, he held the Dragon Soul version of Su Wanjun in his arms, and looked at her faintly sleepy face, showing a faint smile

At this moment, V’s mood didn’t know how to describe it, because he didn’t know how he would treat the dragon soul version of Su Wanjun in front of him.

Because it stands to reason that she is the real Su Wanjun. However, the silly girl outside at this moment has been preconceived and has become the real Su Wanjun in v’s heart.

The silly girl outside is Su Wanjun, and the dragon soul in her arms is also Su Wanjun. V is completely confused, and I don’t know how to treat these two girls.

But anyway, the dragon soul is safe now.

Just when v was thinking about it, he listened to Dihe who was standing in front of v suddenly said:

pVellman, take my physical body kitty umbrella, change it for a thorn and send it out! Bad v heard this and immediately replied:

“If I take your physical body to play money, Mo Jiong Rhuangmei will immediately beat Zhiwu.

Bo Ji, the guardian mad demon V, has already been taught. In order to keep Di He’s body intact, and in order for Di He to resurrect one day, she actually stayed in the depths of the ice continent in the northern polar region for 4000 years.

If this is to let her know that she has given Di He’s body to Я to play a trick to make Hao Ci Xian Yue and Zhi Wu. .

When Di He heard the words of v, he immediately showed an expression of embarrassment and said:

p Yes… that woman is hard to deal with. If you let her know that you smashed my physical body, I would like to make a bet!

I don’t know why, v seems to see his deep fear of Bo Ji in Dihe’s eyes. “Ah!!! What the hell that woman is thinking about! If I let Di He resurrect with someone else’s soul, it would be better to let me die completely!!!”

Although he hadn’t met Di He a few times, v could tell that Di He was a very upright person. He would rather fall on his own than take other people’s lives.

I am afraid that this is also the reason why he fought hard to protect Longhuang Continent and this World 4000 years ago.

Can you just tell her these words yourself? ? As long as you say it yourself, Zhu Ji should give up the idea of ​​reviving you. 』

As an apostle, Dihe has no way to resurrect his soul except for filling his soul with other apostle souls. That’s why v said so.


Di He heard this and fell silent immediately.

After a while, I only heard Di He said to himself: p Yes, now my consciousness has temporarily recovered, and I can tell that woman clearly. 』

Before the dragon soul entered Dihe within the body, Dihe’s consciousness was always in a coma, so even if Bo Ji sneaked into Dihe’s subconscious, he could not talk to Dihe’s consciousness. Do not watch the new festival ♂100 ♂ degrees

But now, due to the attraction and complementarity between the dragon soul and the soul of Dihe, Dihe’s consciousness is temporarily restored.

Sue here.

As a result, Di He could completely let Bo Ji enter his subconscious mind, and then speak clearly with Bo Ji.

When Di He thought of this, he immediately said to v: p It’s not too late, you quickly take me back, let me and that woman speak clearly. “. . . . . 』

v Seeing Di He so anxious, he was speechless again.

There are people in a hurry to reincarnate, and I have never seen anyone hurry to die!

“Are you so anxious to fall completely????”

v Finally, he did not hold back his words.

When Di He heard v say this, he immediately hugged his head and shouted: p This is not a question of not falling. If this continues to be consumed, that woman will definitely think of other ways to revive me.

Let me tell you, it’s good to use the apostle soul to resurrect me.

If that woman is to discover that a large number of human souls can also resurrect me, I am afraid that human civilization will come back again. Moreover, she herself will be targeted by the guy “Order”. “……”

v Hearing this, his brows frowned.

Human beings are also creatures of this world, so the body contains extremely

A small amount of original power. Previously, Jelly Fes had gathered a large amount of Source Power in the human body in secret to enhance his power.

Thinking about it this way, if it is a large number of human souls, I am afraid that it can fill Dihe’s soul.

And v believes that Dihe, the guardian madman outside is absolutely capable of doing such things.

“So now as long as I’m completely fallen, no matter how many moth methods that woman thinks up, she will not put it into practice. 』……』

v Hearing Di He’s remarks, I don’t know if he should be praised for his righteousness, not afraid of life and death. It is better to say that her wife is strict and afraid of his wife.

However, after v heard Di He’s this remark, not at all acted immediately and brought Di He back to the Great World, but suddenly looked at Di He very seriously and asked:

“Dihe, before I bring you back, I have some questions to ask you.”

Seeing v suddenly being so serious, Dihe put down his holding head’s hands, and then asked: What’s the problem? 』

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