Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2053

v Seeing that Di He not at all refused to answer his own question, he continued:

“4000 years ago, how did you fall?”

1213. Just tell you~

“4000 years ago, how did you fall. First release.”

v As soon as I asked this question, I saw Di He immediately showed an impatient look, replied: Can you change the question? ? 』

vRejected Diher’s request very seriously.


Seeing that v didn’t mean to give in at all, Dihe smashed his mouth very uncomfortably, and then disturbed his head with his hands.

p was killed by a group of “bees” and a disgusting guy with countless tentacles. 』

v Through the previous dialogue with Bo Ji, it was roughly determined that the “bee insects” and “disgusting guys with tentacles” in Di He’s mouth were void creatures.

However, v really can’t believe that the trifling void creature can defeat the 5th Apostle Dihe who holds the [Source of Destruction].

p Although I fell in the end, yes, I also wiped out the other party! So it is not a loss! Moreover, those nasty guys don’t know why, they have my Source Power, so I was killed completely unprepared. 』

v Hearing Di He’s remarks, he could only laughed in embarrassment, thinking that the steel straight man did not admit his failure.

7 Do you know why those void creatures will master your Source Power? “

When Di He heard v say the 4 words “Void Creatures”, he immediately said excitedly:

^Since you know that I am talking about void creatures, why are you asking me this question on purpose!! Are you trying to embarrass me! ? 』

v Seeing that Di He was so excited, he shook his head and said:

“I don’t want to embarrass you, but I simply don’t believe that the void creatures can master Source Power, and I don’t believe that the void creatures can make you fall.”

p right! Those disgusting things simply impossible make me fall! ! If I hadn’t recovered from the injury at the time, and my strength began to decline again, how could I not be able to beat those things! ! 』

Dihe said this very excitedly, as if someone finally understood him.

When v heard it, he frowned and asked:

Because Di He and Bo Ji gave birth to heirs and created an entire Dragon Race, V can understand the reason for Di He’s decline.

But what is the situation where the injury has not recovered? ?

And when v was full of doubts, he just listened to Di He continued:

p That’s not the reason for having a fight with Lopso’s Birdman! ! 』

Hall had a fight with Lopso? ? “

v When I heard Dihe’s words, I couldn’t believe my ears.


You know, if the apostles do a fight, they will just go to death.

This fight between Lopso and Dihe, why v has never heard of it? ?

When did the mrs fight? “V blurted out.

^ About 5000 years ago, just after the two guys Werma and Capasis finished fighting, Lopso and I went to war. 』

v Hearing Dihe’s answer, he immediately asked:

“Why haven’t I heard of it?” Dihe heard the words of v and glanced at v a little bit, thinking that you, the first apostle, cannot go out of the gate, and the two gates are not open. Where can you go to know this?

But of course, Dihe didn’t say this at all, but continued:

^I don’t know it’s normal. The birdman and I were fighting in the sky, and we went to the realm of the void halfway through the fight, so what was the impact on Great World not at all. 』

After Di He finished speaking, he quickly added:

“Although I was seriously injured, it is true that the birdman of Lopusaw has not heard from him since that time. I am afraid it was caused by me.

The catch fell! ! So, that scene is undoubtedly me! ! s

Although v knows that Lopso is not at all falling, v feels that it is better not to say it at this time.

So, I saw v laughed awkwardly, and then asked:|”What did you fight with pH?” When Dihe heard v this question, his eyebrows were slightly raised, and he asked with interest:

p oh? Don’t you know? ? ? “Vhearing this, replied with a bewildered look:

【. Full-net. 】

【. More-new. 】

【. The fastest. 】

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