Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2054



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Seeing v’s unknowing look, Di He shook his head and smiled secretly.


p is right! You are the first apostle and the most powerful person in the world. You stay in the temple of the apostles all day and cannot come out, so you don’t know that these are normal things. 』

I don’t know why, v always feels sour when listening to Diher’s words.

After Di He finished speaking, he immediately said:

^But well… you don’t know this, it’s probably because the other apostles didn’t want to tell you from the very beginning, so you have been kept in the dark. 』

v Listening to Di He’s sour and babbling words, his face replied speechlessly:

“So what the hell is it??” Di He heard this, there was a silence at first, then, I saw him slightly smiled and said:

“Forget it, I have fallen anyway, and I won’t be hostile to other apostles to tell you. 』


v Hearing what Diech said, he was sure that Jerry Feis and Capasis had deliberately kept the secret from themselves.

As for Celia, it was probably because she was too close to herself that she was excluded by the other apostles. ,

“Vellman, you are the first and strongest lifeform in this world. Have you ever wondered why this world was born? ? 』

v Hearing Dihe’s question, he pondered for a moment, then shook the head.

In v’s mind, this world is born like this.

v I don’t know why it was born, or why I became the first lifeform between this Heaven and Earth.

v I just feel that all of this was born naturally, without a reason.

Seeing v shook his head and said nothing, Di He laughed and continued: p doesn’t know it’s normal, I don’t know why this world


But have you ever thought that this world will exhaust all its energy one day and then disappear completely? 』

Di He tone barely fell, v frowned tightly and said:

p literally means that if there is birth, there will be death, and if there is creation, there will be 婑斓戂湟嗍婍廱绱

You also know that Source Power is needed to maintain the operation between this Heaven and Earth and to sustain the reproduction of life.

If one day all the Source Power between this Heaven and Earth is exhausted, then the world will die. 』

vhearing this, I can’t help but think of Demon Realm.

The reason why Demon Realm suffers from drought and frequent disasters is precisely because the Source Power that maintains Demon Realm, the Small World, is about to run out

And if the Source Power of Great World runs out, I’m afraid that the entire Heaven and Earth will become like a realm of void, with no vitality.

And just when v was thinking about it, he only heard Dihe suddenly say something that shocked v:

If p is less than 30,000 years, the Source Power of this world will be completely exhausted. 』

1214. The war between the apostles.

Without 30,000 years, the Source Power of this world will be exhausted. First

v Hearing Di He’s words, he immediately browsed tightly knit, revealing an unbelievable look.

The Source Power of maintaining the world is exhausted, which means the demise of this World, the demise of this World,

And v can’t believe it anyhow, the Source Power of this World is about to run out in 30,000 years.

However, vimpossible just believes what Diech said,

After all, this world hasn’t had any vision so far, it’s not like Source Power is about to run out.

So, I saw v asking:

“How do you know that the Source Power of this world is about to run out in 30,000 years?”

Deich hearing this, replied:

p You know W Erma this guy? ? Although he is called the “brain of the gods” by humans, what he actually holds is [the origin of time], so he has always had the ability to “see” the future. 』

v Hearing what Dihe said, he immediately remembered the tenth apostle, W Erma in his mind.

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