Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2056

p You now know why the other apostles are reluctant to tell you the truth, right? ? 』

v Hearing Di He said so, I could only laughed in embarrassment.

i According to Dihe, if other apostles want to become the strongest apostles and have the power to detach from this world, they must face v

And they are afraid that if vunderstood is allowed, then v will directly obliterate them before they become strong enough.

Therefore, Olma did not talk to Celia about it at first. And it was for this reason that Jelly Fes was so utterly unwilling to tell the truth to himself.

At this time, v thought of another person, and that was Midison in the underworld.

Midison once said that he wants to be an apostle, a True God who transcends this world.

v I didn’t understand the meaning of Middison’s words at the time, but now I can better understand what Middison said at the time.

However, what does detachment from this world represent, and what will become after detachment from this world, v really doesn’t know how to imagine.

Just when v thought of this, he was suddenly a little confused

looked towards Di He and asked:

“If you tell me this, you won’t be afraid that I will get rid of Zhu Ji and take her Source Power away?j

Di He is hearing this, the corner of his mouth grinned, laughed, and said: P afraid! But I am willing to take a gamble, bet you won’t do it


“Why? Jv looked at Di He coldly and said.

°*Based on my observations of you so far, based on your willingness to spend so much trouble to save this dragon soul little girl. 』


Dihe can see that v loves this World, and v has important people in this World.

Therefore, he will never just look at himself, watching this World 鸬摹

v Hearing what Di He said, he was speechless, only a faint smile appeared.

After seeing the smile of v, Dihe again said helplessly

pVellman, Ou Ji and I both like this World, and are willing to give everything for this World. And it is for this reason that Bo Ji has been thinking about resurrecting me, wanting me to work with her to find a way to maintain this World. 』

When Di He said this, he looked towards the dragon soul version of Su Wanjun in v’s arms and said;

“So, can you stop hating her? Can you forgive her? ? j

Of course, Dihe was talking about the fact that Ouji used the dragon soul to fill his soul.

v After hearing Di He said so, he could only replied reluctantly: “For your face, I won’t care about this matter with her. But whether this dragon soul will settle accounts with her, I can’t guarantee Up. j

Think about the character of this dragon soul version of Su Wanjun, who will fight if she doesn’t agree with each other. I am afraid that when she wakes up, she will directly rush to find Zhu Ji to fight.

Although she can’t beat Bo Ji at all.

Di He was hearing this, smiled bitterly, and said:

^That when the time comes, please help to make a round, don’t let these two women make a lot of trouble. 』

v I felt a headache when I heard Dihe’s words, but after thinking about it, he agreed:

“I will try my best…j

1215.Void Egg

Turn back some time.

Just when V threw the Diher, who was like a mountain range, into the realm of void, just as the wall of the shattered world slowly healed.

A huge sphere with sarcoma all over, hovering in midair, hovering at the last healed position of the world wall.

At this moment, both Bo Ji and Dragon God looked at the huge sphere with sarcoma all over their bodies in horror.

Because this ball of flesh is precisely the [Void Egg] that can breed void creatures.

At this time, I saw Dragon God lifted up the spirit strength, soared into the air, came to Zhu Ji’s side, and asked:

“Mother, what shall we do now? ? 』

At this moment, Zhu Ji looked at the void egg in front of her, her face was full of beads of sweat, and she was obviously terrified to the extreme.

And after she heard the words of the Dragon God, she immediately replied: p destroy it before it hatches, apart from this, I can’t think of another way. 』

After Zhu Ji finished speaking, he immediately gathered the source of green wind in his hands, and condense a flat, sharp and brilliant round blade.

Afterwards, I saw that Su Ji did not hesitate at all. At the moment that brilliant round blade was formed, he directly directed it towards the whole body.

It is the empty egg of sarcoma.

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