Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2057

In an instant, the brilliance was like a blade, and the wind howled.

The glorious round blade that Zhu Ji produced hit the Void Egg in an instant, cutting it off.

“Papa”, “pa ta”

Hearing only 2 sounds like the sound of mud hitting the ground, the void egg full of sarcoma was divided into two parts, and it fell directly to the ground.

After Yu Ji put away the shining round blade that turned back, she quickly fell from the air and observed the void egg that was cut off by her.

However, she had only just landed, and her complexion suddenly turned pale.

Because at this moment, the void egg that was supposed to be cut off by her and cut into two halves, unexpectedly hovered on the ground intact.

However, this is not the main reason that makes Aoji’s face pale

What really frightened Bo Ji was another empty egg hovering aside.

That’s right, after the previous void egg was cut into two halves, not only did it not die out, but instead it became two.

^ 1 01

The Dragon God looked at the cut off in front of him, but turned into 2

The egg of the void, really dumbfounded.

He knew that the void creature had the ability to differentiate into new individuals after being severed, but he didn’t expect it. When the void creature was still in the egg state, it possessed this terrifying ability.

And just when the Dragon God was surprised, he only heard Su Wanjun say:

p This…what is this? How disgusting!


Su Wanjun looked at the sarcoma all over her body, and the Void Egg that was still sticking to her, and she hurriedly shrank behind the ball in shock. However, neither Zhu Ji nor Dragon God paid any attention to Su Wanjun.

At this moment, I saw Zhu Ji once again gather the origin of green in front of her, and then condense a huge spiral cone.

In the next second, after hearing a loud sound of swelling, the huge spiral cone burst into the air, with waves of air blasting towards the 2 void eggs.

After all, these 2 Void Eggs are in a state that has not hatched yet, and they do not have any power of action.

Therefore, the huge spiral cone that Zhuo Ji released, as easy as pie, hits these 2 void eggs and pierces them directly


However, this huge spiral cone filled with the origin of the wind, formidable power is more than just passing it through.

The spiral pattern that keeps rotating is like a sharp blade that keeps rotating, shattering the 2 void eggs from the inside.

Suddenly, the meat flew across the sky, and the blood filled the sky.

In this way, the two void eggs were stirred by the spiral cones released by Zhu Ji, until they burst open and exploded into frothy flesh.

At this moment, I saw Bo Ji stepped on the meat i splashing to her feet, and then said coldly: p disgusting insect! 』

However, Zhu Ji had just finished speaking, and she was immediately shocked by the sight in front of her.

At this moment, the flesh i that burst open and splashed out grew rapidly at a speed visible to naked eye, until it finally became the [empty egg] with sarcoma all over the body again [. Full-net. 】

【. More-new. 】

【. The fastest. 】



【,. /. ,】

At this moment, what was displayed in front of everyone was a densely packed Void Egg, which looked extremely permeating.

The Dragon God looked at this scene, and the whole person was stunned. And Su Wanjun was shocked by the disgusting scene in front of her.


As for Zhu Ji, she frowned tightly, and then said to the Dragon God behind him:

psmall dragon, take good care of that girl and that panda! 』

When the Dragon God heard Zhu Ji’s words, he knew what his mother was going to do next.

Therefore, Dragon God 2 didn’t say anything, and immediately picked up the spirit strength of the whole body. In front of himself, Su Wanjun and Qiuqiu, a deep blue spirit strength barrier was condense.

And just in the second when the spirit strength barrier was condensed and formed, I saw Bo Ji lifted up with one hand, and condense in his hand a huge “primitive bullet with a diameter of ten people and a thickness of ten people, exuding the radiance of green.

~However, after this original bomb was formed, it did not at all-maintain its huge size, but shrank a little.

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