Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2058

As for Zhu Ji, she was also full of sweat on her face at the moment, which seemed very difficult.

Because Zhu Ji gave birth to an entire race, Source Power was all dispersed.

Therefore, although she is the 4th Apostle, at this moment, the shrinking original bomb is already her full strength.


The longer the time is, the more the formidable power of the original bomb in the hands of Zhu Ji will pass.

Therefore, without waiting for the next second, I saw Zhuo Ji forcefully throw the huge original bomb out.

In an instant, I saw the emerald green source bomb full of the source of the wind blasting towards the densely packed void egg in an instant.

It burst out in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, the origin of the wind drowned everything in front of him, destroying all the 10000 things in front of Zhu Ji.

And even if the Dragon God stood behind Zhu Ji, he tried his best to resist the aftermath of the origin of the wind.

After a while, when the breath of the origin of the wind slowly dissipated, and when the brilliance of the emerald green gradually dimmed, the dragon god was slightly relieved.

However, at this moment, the spirit strength barrier he tried his best to maintain was already covered with huge cracks and was about to break.

Source Power is so overbearing. Even if the strength of Ji Ji is not as good as before, the formidable power of Source Power is still much stronger than spirit strength.

Even if it is a source of 10000 spirits as strong as the Dragon God, in front of Zhu Ji, he can only barely resist the explosion of the “primitive bomb”.


At this moment, I saw that Zhu Ji, who had exhausted all his strength, sat on the ground, gasping for breath, looking at the green light that had not yet completely dissipated.

Zhu Ji firmly believes that the full strength attack that she had just overdrawn was enough to wipe out all the Void Eggs.

However, when Cuigreen’s brilliance completely dissipated, Zhu Ji froze there.

At this moment, not only did those Void Eggs not get hurt

Had, instead, it kept beating, growing and getting bigger.

^This…this impossible…j looked at the scene in front of her, Zhu Ji was completely stunned. And the moment when Zhu Ji said this, I saw a void egg bursting open from the inside out.

I am afraid that Bo Ji never thought that the first void creature was born.

1216.Locust from the Void

The moment the void egg exploded from the inside out, Zhu Ji hurriedly propped up her slightly weakened body due to the overdraft, and barely stood up.

Because at this moment, she knew very clearly that the battle was about to begin.

At this moment, I saw a 2 meter long and dark egg crawling out of the void egg that burst open. The skin of the whole body was dark and purple, and the body shape looked like a “locust” monster.

However, the locust is just a metaphor, and this thing is not a simple creature as “locust”.

And this can be clearly seen from the countless tentacles born from the 2 sides of his abdomen.

Its tentacles dancing on the 2 sides of the abdomen are densely packed, just like a group of dancing snakes, which is chilling.

And what makes the scalp the most numb is that each of the tentacles has a row of suckers with sharp teeth.

Ju Ji looked at the newly hatched void creature in front of him, without any hesitation, immediately condense a green wind origin bullet in his hand, and then went directly to the locust.

The green glow shone, and the wind howled.

The original bullet of the wind with green rays of light swallowed the newly hatched void creature in a blink of an eye, obliterating it directly from this world.

Looking at the void creature disappearing in the green glow, the gasping for breath Bo Ji finally saw hope.

It seems that unlike the eggs of the void, the hatched void creatures can be destroyed.

Even if they also have the ability to regenerate and divide, as long as the power is strong enough to obliterate them to the point where there is no dust left, they can stop their differentiation and regeneration.

As for why the egg of the void has not been destroyed.

But now it seems that waiting for these void creatures to hatch one by one, and then obliterate each and everyone of them, is the most correct choice.

Thinking of this, Su Ji spread her hands, and in the air around her body, condense countless wind origin bullets the size of a human head.

Suddenly, the dazzling green rays of light dispersed the darkness in the broken ice valley and spilled the entire valley floor.

Although these original bombs are not big and don’t contain much Source Power, they are enough to destroy the previously hatched “void creatures”.

At this time, a void egg burst open again from the inside out, and from the inside crawled out that disgusting monster that looked like a locust but had 2 rows of tentacles.

After seeing the birth of this void creature, Bo Ji

He immediately controlled a Primal Bullet around him and smashed it directly at the newly born void creature.

Immediately, the green glow shining again, wiped out the void creature that was just born.

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