Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2059

However, this is just the beginning.

In the next second that the Void Egg burst open, countless Void Eggs similar to it also burst, and a void creature identical to the locust just crawled out of it.

Upon seeing this, Zhu Ji held her breath, and in an instant she threw all the Wind Origin Bullets around her, smashing them at every void creature that had just hatched extremely accurately.

Suddenly, the countless wind origin bullets flying towards the void creatures were like green meteors, piercing the air, leaving one after another gorgeous trajectory in the sky.

Su Wanjun, who was hiding behind the ball, looked at the gorgeous trajectory left by the original wind bomb in front of him, and couldn’t help but stare at the round and beautiful eyes, and said idiotically:

°*Good…so beautiful…j

The dazzling brilliance of this one after another Wind Origin Bullet is undoubtedly extremely beautiful.

However, the battle situation was not as beautiful as Su Wanjun’s eyes saw.

At this moment, the Void Egg is still bursting, and one after another Void creatures are constantly crawling out of the Void Egg.

However, Zhu Ji’s power was obviously almost reaching its limit.

At this moment, the elemental bullet of the wind she had condensed was completely unable to keep up with the hatching speed of the Void Egg. →Free latest←







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Seeing this, the Dragon God hurriedly condense one after another deep blue spirit strength by his side, and then, learning the way of booji, ejected the spirit strength towards the void creature that had just hatched.

However, the spirit strength of the Dragon God was shot, but it could not hurt the void creatures at all.

The void creatures only flinched a few steps after the spirit strength bombed in their bodies, and then as if nothing had happened, they spread their wings and flew into midair.

Upon seeing this, Zhu Ji immediately said to the Dragon God: p Your strength can’t hurt these insects, take advantage of these insects to open, you quickly take that girl out of here! 』

When Zhuo Ji said this, her face was already incredibly pale, and she was obviously unable to hold on any longer.

However, the dragon god hearing this said:

^Mother, you also hurry to leave here with me! These locusts cannot be dealt with by you alone! ! 』

The Dragon God knew that if Bo Ji continued to stay here, he might end up with Di He in the end.

However, Zhu Ji hearing this gave a wry smile and said: ^Now I am the only one who can suppress these insects, such as

If I leave here, these insects will fly out of the ice valley. By then, these insects will be all over the place, and I am afraid that even if Vellman comes, they will not be able to kill them. 』

If this kind of void creature releases the ice valley, it will fly to all parts of the world without a purpose.

Until then, unless it is wiped out on a large scale, there will be no way to kill it at all.

And if these void creatures are obliterated on a large scale, then human civilization will also suffer severe damage, and it is even possible to disappear from this world together with these void creatures.

Therefore, Zhu Ji must do her best to stop these void creatures in the ice valley and guard this World that Dihe once guarded.

However, in the second after Zhu Ji finished speaking, 7 void creatures were actually gathered together, and then the whole body was shining with the radiance of emerald green, and a emerald green was condense in front of them. The origin bomb of the wind.

The next moment did not arrive, the source of the wind projectile fired in the opposite direction, directly blasting towards the direction of Zhu Ji.

Upon seeing this, Zhu Ji was stunned for a while, and then hurriedly condense the same strength of the wind origin bomb, and intercepted the wind origin from the opposite direction.

Two wind origin bombs collided in the air, and brilliant green rays of light suddenly burst out.

And at the moment when these two wind origin bombs collided, I heard that Bo Ji Man was helplessly said:

p As expected, these insects also have the same Source Power as mine. 』

When Dihe was dealing with these void creatures, the power they controlled was the “source of destruction” that Dihe possessed.

Thinking of this, Zhu Ji smiled coldly, then floated up in the air, bursting the power of the whole body to the extreme, and shouted at the void creatures:

^My mother, let you insects see what is the true origin of wind! 』

At this moment, Zhu Ji’s half-length Dragon Transformation, pure white dragon tail dances, is extremely beautiful. And her whole body is shrouded in the radiance of the emerald green, extremely gorgeous.

At this moment, Zhu Ji undoubtedly used all the power she could use to completely overdraw her body.

However, at the moment when Zhu Ji exploded to the extreme, her expression was stiff on her face.

Because at this time, a void creature shrouded in silver white light appeared in front of her.

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