Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2060

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1217. Sit down quietly and don’t panic.

p This…this is impossible! ! ! 』

At this moment, Ju Ji looked at the void creature shrouded in the silver white brilliance, her face was full of horror.

You should know that the shape of Source Power is different, and the colors displayed will be different.

Like the [The Origin of Wind] controlled by Zhu Ji, its appearance is the brilliance of green. And Dihe’s [Destroy the Origin], what is presented is the brilliance of orange red.

Zhu Ji knew that this void creature in front of him controls Source Power 4000 years ago, so no matter what Source Power they show, Zhu Ji will not be surprised.

However, Zhuo Ji never dreamed that the power displayed by these void locusts at this moment was the same as V [Star Origin].

[Star Origin], that is the most powerful force in Source Power. It is the most basic and primordial power to maintain this World and maintain this star.

At the same time, this power is also the first lifeform in this world, which is the power held by the first apostle.

How powerful v is, Zhu Ji is very clear in his heart. It’s just that she absolutely didn’t expect that she would face the void locust that controls the [Star Origin].

However, she hasn’t waited for the fear of Bo Ji to take over her body completely.

, Those void locusts have gathered together, and under the shroud of silver white brilliance, condense a source bomb full of [Star Source] power.

“Oops. ooj

Zhu Ji looked straight at the silver white original bullet, with a helpless smile on her face.

In the next second, I saw the silver white original projectile burst out, with a little bit of star brilliance, directly blasting towards the location of Zhu Ji.

At this moment, Zhu Ji has no time at all, nor the ability to condense the original bomb of the same power to intercept it, so he can only evacuate to the side at the fastest speed, avoiding the attack of the silver white original bomb.

Suddenly, I saw this silver white original bomb with a little bit of starlight, stroked shatter void, and went straight into the sky. Finally, it exploded in the high air and spread the brilliance of silver white all over the earth.


At this moment, Ju Ji fell into deep silence looking at the original bomb exploding in the sky.

Although this white original bullet is not as good as the one that v hit him earlier. However, in terms of intensity alone, it is completely equal to the self who burst out with all strength.

In other words, only by using all her strength, Zhuo Ji can barely take over the original bullets of these void creatures.

However, those void locusts don’t just let go of their original bomb.

At this time, most of the void eggs have hatched, and those void locusts have already densely packed all over the ice valley.

Although some void locusts are not yet fully formed, they cannot condense Source Power.

But in terms of their previous growth rate, I am afraid that within 3 minutes, these newly hatched void locusts can release an attack equivalent to the power of the original bomb just now.

Imagine what a terrifying picture would be if the void locusts in the entire Ice Valley were condense at the same time, full of [Star Origin].

Just as Zhu Ji was trembling thinking of the picture, he saw another white original bullet, which burst at Zhu Ji.

Upon seeing this, Zhu Ji, of course, was impossible to pick up this original bullet, so she could only dodge it sideways, and then hurriedly used all her strength to once again condense countless shining green radiant wind origin bullets.

If you want to fight those void locusts that have grown to completion and possess the power of the “Star Origin”, I am afraid that Zhu Ji is not an opponent at all.

Therefore, Zhu Ji decided to obliterate the void creatures that had just hatched first to reduce the number of adults.

But at the same time, I saw one group after another group, it was over

The fully formed void locusts gathered together and released the original bullets shining with the silver white brilliance to Bo Ji.

In the next second, I saw Zhu Ji constantly changing her body shape in the air, shuttled back and forth among the silver white original bombs one after another, and attacked with extremely precise, the Green’s “Wind Origin bomb” “Shoot at the void locusts that just hatched.

At this moment, the sky above the northern polar region is constantly bursting with the brilliance of silver white, just like fireworks, dazzling.

Do not watch the new festival ♂100 ♂ degrees

In the ice valley, the emerald green primordial bullets are also continuous, like a dense rain, obliterating all the void creatures that have just hatched.

However, Zhu Ji’s power alone is limited. Even though she has exerted all her strength to eradicate these locusts, there is still a fish that escaped the net and escaped her attack.

At this time, I saw 5 fully formed void locusts flying to the Dragon God standing behind.

Upon seeing this, the Dragon God immediately mobilized his full strength, condense a huge spirit strength bullet in front of him, and directly blasted the 5 void locusts.

However, just as before, these void locusts simply are not afraid of spirit strength.

The Dragon God’s full strength attack could not hurt them at all.

Seeing that his attack was not working at all, the Dragon God walked tightly knit and took a step back, preparing to incarnate as True Dragon, and leaving with Su Wanjun and the ball.

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