Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2061

However, before the Dragon God began to act, he saw the 5 void locusts gathered together, and condense a “Star Origin Bullet” shining with silver white brilliance in front of them.

Seeing this, the Dragon God immediately yelled badly. He turned around and grabbed Su Wanjun’s wrist and the ball’s paw, ready to escape.

Although the Dragon God himself knew that at such a distance, even his incarnation as True Dragon would definitely not be able to retreat.

However, he must do so now.

Because apart from this, other things are different.

But just when he was pulling Su Wanjun and the ball to escape, the ball stood in place, pulling the Dragon God who was about to get up and take off.

Upon seeing this, the Dragon God immediately yelled at the ball:

4 Oh, this beast! Do you know what is going on now? ? 』

If the Dragon God just got up and took off and turned into a True Dragon, their three people might still survive.

But now that the ball is pulled like this, Dragon God has missed the best time to escape.

In this way, what awaited them was the only part that was swallowed up by the original bomb and finally disappeared.

However, when the ball is hearing this, it raised the bear’s paw and waved his hand leisurely, signaling the Dragon God to sit down quietly and don’t panic.

Dragon God looked at the movement of the ball, but he didn’t react to it.

What do you mean.

At this moment, the 5 void locusts, together with the origin bullets of the condense, had already drawn the shatter void, and blasted towards the ball and the dragon god.

When the Dragon God saw this original bullet bursting out, he immediately shouted in horror:

p blame you for this evil creature! ! Now we are all dead!


Although the Dragon God yelled like this, his body had already stopped in front of the ball and Su Wanjun, and used his full strength to release an extremely thick spirit strength barrier.

But just the next second after the spirit strength barrier on Dragon God’s side was formed, I saw the ball hit the Dragon God and his barrier directly with a bear paw, and then stood head-on in front of the “Star Origin Bullet”.

In the next second, two types of black and white Law Power burst out of the ball, and then he lifted it up with a slap, and directly shot the oncoming “Star Origin Bullet” out.

The Dragon God, who was flew aside by the racket before, saw this situation and this scene, suddenly opened his mouth, completely dumbfounded.


1218. Catch the ball game.

At this moment, the whole body turned into a black and white two kinds of Law Power balls, standing in front of the void locust, awe-inspiring CC, full of domineering, no sense of fear.

And the silver white “Star Origin Bullet” that was slapped and flew out by him fell into the place where the locusts gathered in the void in an instant, and then exploded.

Void locusts alone cannot condense the original bombs. For them to condense the original bombs at the level just now, they need at least 5 to gather together.

Therefore, when their strength is not gathered together, these void locusts simply cannot withstand the blow of the original bullet.

At this moment, when the silver white Source Power burst, all the void locusts around it turned into clouds and disappeared in place.

^Why…what’s going on? ? Vellman is back? 』

Seeing the scene in front of her, Zhuo Ji couldn’t help being stunned for a moment, and then quickly looked around at 4 places.

But unfortunately, after looking around at 4 places, she didn’t at all find the silhouette of v, but along the trajectory of the bomb from the origin of the star, she saw the ball whose whole body turned into two kinds of law power black and white.

“Heaven…Heaven and Earth Law…Is this panda originally Chaos!” ? 』

When Bo Ji looked at the black and white Law Power on the ball

After that, he immediately exclaimed.

This world was born by Source Power, and when Source Power was built into a world, between Heaven and Earth was full of Law Power.

Some of these Law Powers fall into the abyss of Nine Nether and become Yin Qi

Some were born out of water, wood, fire and earth, and turned into elemental magic.

Some of them are transformed into Wind, Rain, Thunder, Lightning and become part of nature.

However, when these Law Powers were all allocated, there was a small group of remaining powers that were too mixed to give birth to pure gods, and they could not be part of this nature.

As a result, this force gathered together and became the later “chaos”, which is now the ball.

However, the Law Power mastered by the ball is not so much Heaven and Earth Law, as it is all the laws of the world.

Because the laws of this world are all mixed together, they are collectively referred to as “Heaven and Earth Law”.

And when Zhu Ji was surprised because the ball was chaotic, Su Wanjun, who had been hiding behind the ball before, immediately raised her small hand and stared at 2 big eyes with golden light, clapping and excited. Shouted:

The p ball is awesome! ! The ball is so handsome! ! 』

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