Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2062

Su Wanjun didn’t expect anyway, the naive panda in front of her could transform into a black-and-white arrogance.”

Divine Beast”.

what is this? ?

This is Heaven and Earth Divine Beast! !

It’s so handsome! ! !

And just as Su Wanjun applauded the ball while applauding, she saw that the ball blushed, watching Su Wanjun behind him wave his hand and let out a few cute beast calls.

The Dragon God who was standing by heard the beast calls of Qiqiu, and suddenly shouted very calmly:

^You call these “little meanings”! ? ? This is the Source Power of the First Apostle! ! 』

Just now Qiuqiu watched Su Wanjun’s beast calls,


Is saying:

“These all are trivial, nothing. 〃

Qiuqiu’s words seemed to be nothing in its own eyes, but in the eyes of Dragon God, it was completely unrealistic.

p This is impossible! ! Absolutely impossible! ! ! Source Power is far better than Law Power. Although you were born from Heaven and Earth Law 〃 Chaos 039; but the power you have is still only Law Power, it is absolutely impossible to rival Source Power! ! even more how, this is the “star origin” of the first apostle!

Dragon God looked at the ball in shock, whispered to himself.

At this moment, Qiuqiu looked at the Dragon God and made a few more beast calls.

Dragon God hearing this, immediately translated with horror:

“You…you said that compared with Vellman’s full power, it’s like a shudder, tip of the iceberg? ? ? These original bombs are not as powerful as the Source Power when Vellman and you were playing catching? ? ? !

After the Dragon God translated it here, he was taken aback for a moment, and then said:

p wait! ! Catch the ball? ? ? Do you usually play catching games with “primitive bombs”! ! ! ? ? 』

As soon as the Dragon God said this, a star’s origin bullet shining with silver white brilliance was blasted toward the ball again.

However, the ball didn’t even look at the Yuanyuan bullet. He lifted the bear’s paw and slapped it with one hand, and then shot the silver white shining star Yuanyuan bullet back.

Upon seeing this, the Dragon God was completely dumbfounded.

This is the origin bomb of the star! !

This is the power of the First Apostle Vellman! !

How do you call it back? ? ?

At this moment, I saw the ball that flew the original ball, and made a few cold beast calls.

It roughly means:

p If you don’t use the original bomb to catch the ball, what do you use? ? 』

Although the “Heaven and Earth Law” controlled by the ball is not as powerful as Source Power, but in the 100,000 years of getting along with v, I have become accustomed to v那烀鸬氐那見罅αjun

In addition, v and the ball are usually used to play the catching game with “primitive bomb”, so the ball has already mastered the skills to deal with the primitive bomb.

Although it is said that the ball cannot really receive the original bomb through its own strength, it is still possible to fly it back through skill.


At this moment, I saw the ball standing on the spot, facing the one after another oncoming “Star Origin Bullet”, raised his paws without panic, and shot them all one after another back.

Suddenly, one after another silver white brilliance bloomed in the ice valley, obliterating all the void locusts that the brilliance touched.

However, this move of the ball immediately attracted the attention of the void locusts.

As a result, countless void locusts gave up attacking Zhu Ji, and instead concentrated their firepower on the ball.

Seeing this, Ji Ji, who had been dodge the original bullet in the air, let out a long relaxed breath and said to herself:

pdidn’t expect this “beast of chaos” even has this ability

After Zhu Ji finished speaking, she relaxed her body a little, and eased

With a sigh of relief, he immediately reunited the Source Power of his body, and said:

“If I don’t work hard, I am afraid that even a panda will be better than me!” 』

After Zhu Ji finished speaking, he once again condense countless emerald green’s wind origin bullets and shot them at the void locusts that are still continuously hatching from their eggs.

In an instant, green glow and silver light intertwined, stars and storm entangled

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