Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2063

At this moment, under the bombardment of Source Power, the entire Ice Valley is already shattered and completely unrecognizable.

And just when Zhuo Ji and Qiqiu competed against those void locusts

I saw a shadow with pink hair quietly appeared on the cliff above the ice valley.

1219. It’s over.

“nice shot! ! ! The palm of the ball just now was so handsome! 』

While shouting, Su Wanjun jumped up gently and waved her arms, cheering for the ball that kept flying back from the “Star’s Origin Bullet”.

And the Dragon God standing next to Su Wanjun was staring at the two ups and downs of the “ball” on Su Wanjun’s chest and said:

“A good shot…really a good shot…”

This ball looks white and tender, crisp and soft, and it is a rare top grade shot in the world.

It’s a pity that the ball can’t be passed to him after all.

When the Dragon God thought of this, he couldn’t help but sighed.

With this breath of sigh, the dragon god can feel endless sadness from the sound of that breath.

Su Wanjun heard the long sigh of the Dragon God, and immediately stopped shouting to cheer, and looked towards the Dragon God and said:

“Lord Dragon God, what’s wrong with you? 』

When the Dragon God heard Su Wanjun’s words, he quickly pretended that nothing happened, replied:

“No…nothing, nothing. 』

This can’t let Su Wanjun know that she was sighing because she couldn’t get the 2 balls in front of her.

However, the two sentences of Dragon God “Nothing” made Su Wanjun think that Dragon God was deeply self-blaming for not being able to help.

So, Su Wanjun looked at the Dragon God and said:

“Lord Dragon God, you 10000000 don’t feel guilty for not being able to help! Otherwise, let’s cheer for the ball and your mother together! 』

The Dragon God was hearing this, his expression was stunned for a moment, then looked at Su Wanjun and said:

“You…you said I can’t help? ? 』

When the Dragon God heard Su Wanjun’s words, his heart suddenly became unhappy.

He is a dignified dragon god!

Is the ancestor of 10000 spirits! !

It is the foundation of spirit strength! ! !

But now this little girl is said to be unhelpful and tired! ? ?

This is simply irritating! !

However, Su Wanjun was not at all aware of the displeasure in the dragon Divine Heart at this moment, but turned around to look at the ball and the position where Zhu Ji was, and shouted again:

“The ball is so handsome! ! Master Zhu Ji is great! 丨! 』

Every time Su Wanjun yelled, she would jump up gently, and every time she jumped, it would cause the trembling of the i Peak of the Snow White Mountain.

洁#Nen, towering into the clouds, white and soft, like tofu, like steamed buns, like snow, like mountains, like the best thing in the world.

At this moment, when the dragon god looked at this beautiful human world in front of him, the whole dragon was purified.

And the irritability, those unhappy, those unhappy in his heart, suddenly turned into clouds, and went with the wind…

If you can’t help yourself, you can’t help.

What’s so angry? ?

Spirit strength itself is not as powerful as Source Power, it is normal that it cannot help

Like a ball, the monster that can fly the original bomb with only Law Power is impossible in this world to find the second one.

Thinking of this, the Dragon God stared at Su Wanjun’s up and down ball, while shouting perfunctorily:

“Go ball, come on… Mother, come on… You guys are great…

The Dragon God probably didn’t expect in his dreams, but he would stand aside willingly, being a waste who can only cheer for others.

Back on the battlefield,

Qiuqiu and Zhuo Ji have already exerted their full power and wiped out a considerable part of the void locusts that covered the entire ice valley.

However, they are exhausted at the moment, all of them exhausted.


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