Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2064

The original brilliance of the condense coming from Zhu Ji at this moment is obviously dimmer than before. If it was the brilliance of emerald green before, it has become the brilliance of dark green.

And the number of original bombs floating around her is greatly reduced.


Previously, the term “numerous” might be used to describe it, but at this moment,

It’s a quantity that can be counted with one palm.

As for the ball, his previous arrogant Heaven and Earth Law Power, at this moment

It was also greatly reduced, as if it were a flame about to be extinguished, and it was at stake.

As Bo Ji said earlier, the terrifying place of the void creatures is not the Source Power they control.

Because even though they have mastered the origin of the first apostle’s star, they are still brainless creatures in the final analysis, and they can’t really exert the power of Source Power.

The place where they really terrifying is hiding the sky and covering the earth, endless numbers

the amount.

At this moment, I saw that Bo Ji dropped a little in height, hovering in the air not far from the ball, while continuing to bombard the newly hatched void creature with the original bomb, he asked the ball:

“How long can you hold on? ? 』

When Qiuqi heard Zhu Ji’s words, he first slapped the star’s origin bullet that was shot at him, and then watched Zhu Ji let out a few weak beast calls.

Jue Ji heard Qiuqiu’s answer and smiled bitterly, replied:

“is it? I can’t hold it anymore, but we still have hope, as long as your host comes back. 』

Hearing this, clicked nodded, and agreed.

The ball knows how strong the power of v is. As long as v can come back, destroying these locusts is just a matter of effort.

Thinking of this, the ball rallied again and improved the Power of Heaven and Earth Laws.

Upon seeing this, Zhu Ji also overdrafted her body again, re-illuminating the dimmed original glory.

However, just as these two people were preparing to fight another battle, the densely packed void locusts stopped the action of condensing the original bombs, and turned into a dazed appearance.

When everyone saw this, they quickly stopped their movements and looked at the void locusts in confusion.

Regardless of whether it’s a joke or a ball, they are actually almost reaching their limits.








If these locusts can stay still and wait quietly until v comes back from the void, it would be the best result.

However, before the next second came, reality shattered everyone’s illusions.

At this moment, I saw that the densely packed void locusts were all gathered together, and all the tentacles on the 2 sides of his body were connected.

A large group of disgusting tentacles mixed with something that resembled an insect was so disgusting.

Seeing this scene, Zhuo Ji felt her scalp numb and her heart was startled.

When Su Wanjun saw the disgusting scene in front of her, she turned around and spat out.

However, this nausea is not the reason that makes Bo Ji feel the most fearful.

What really frightened Ji Ji was that the Source Power of these void locusts had once again increased at this time.

And when Zhu Ji realized this, the body of the mingled void locust turned from dark purple to silver white.

At the same time, their entire body was shining with the dazzling original brilliance like Star River.

You know, even if it is v, if you want to condense this as the original glory of Star River, you have to unlock the 5th floor seal.

At this moment, these void locusts rely on the number to reach the strength under the v5th floor seal.

“Finish……. Ruined. . . 』

At this moment, when Zhu Ji looked at the void locusts that were constantly condensing the original bullets, she knew that everyone had no way to escape.

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